100 000 $ Can Be Yours If You Help Police To Arrest THIS Refugee!

The Tunisian national the main suspect of a deadly truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market has been on constant counterterrorism officials’ watch list for months, and who had been denied asylum in Germany this summer and was waiting to be deported.

A 100,000-euro bounty, or about $105,000, is offered by German police for  Anis Amri, who has no less than six aliases and three nationalities. He has been in hiding since the Monday attack, which took the life of dozen people.

Amri has been living in Berlin since February, and came to Germany not too long before.

An investigation has been begun by Berlin officials against him in March after they received a tip from federal security agents, alerting them that he might be planning a to purchase automatic weapons for the solely usage (attack).

It has been showed by surveillance that Amri had something to do with drug dealing in a Berlin park and with a bar brawl, but no evidence were present at the time to support that claim.

German authorities rejected Amri’s asylum request in July but officials could not deport him because he didn’t have a legit ID with him.

As stated by the interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state, Ralf Jaeger, he was due to be deported at the time of the attack.

Counterterrorism agencies went through the data base information to find something about Amri multiple times, as recently as November, Jaeger, stated.

No less than dozen people were killed and 48 more were injured when a hijacker possessed a cargo truck and plowed into a hectic Christmas bazaar next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Monday. Police sources stated the assaulted truck driver, from Poland, with all of his strength tried to fight off the attacker and stop him from crashing into the crowds, but didn’t manage to do that.

Not long after the attack, police arrested a 23-year-old Pakistani man found less than a mile away from the market. However it was established that he had nothing to do with the attack.

Couple of German media outlets reported Wednesday, without showing their sources publically, those authorities are now in the hunt for a Tunisian man whose identification documents were found in the cab of the truck and who the main suspect became.

Even though ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that the man who took care of it is “a soldier of the Islamic State,” the terror group did not identify the suspect.

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