Daily Archives: April 17, 2017

Syrian First Lady Asma Get TERRIBLE NEWS After Posting This

British born, Syria’s first lady was given an ultimatum by the British lawmakers to stop supporting her husband’s “murderous” regime, or otherwise, she will lose her UK citizenship. According to The Telegraph, which collected a copy of the a letter sent by members of Britain’s Liberal Democrats party, they sent …

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NASA With New Proofs Of Alien Life In Our Solar System

NASA’s recent announcement made everybody think about possibility of life on other planets in our universe, and when you think about it, aliens may be closer than it seems. According to the UK Independent, this week they said that there were some elements on Saturn’s moons that may show possible …

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Trump’s Approval Ratings Boosted To 50 Percent!

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have skyrocketed lately to an astonishing 50 percent as seen on a fresh Rasmussen poll. This marks the primary time the president’s general approval rating has been back on track in the 50s in almost a month. Merely days following his inauguration, Trump’s overall approval …

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