America Launched Fresh Air Strikes On Assad Forces In Syria

Fox News was told on Thursday by some officials that the American military fired a fresh air attacks against pro-Assad forces in Syria.

Ever since Pentagon launched 57 Tomahawk missiles on the Shayrat air base near Homs, the US attacks were the first against Bashar al-Assad positions. The attacks were confirmed on Thursday and were considered to be first aiming at the Syrian force.

The defense official said that the coalition attacks aiming pro-Assad’s units working in the surrounding area of At-Than, which is close to the border with Iraq. The attacks were organized as soon as the force’s attempt to stop the pro regime was disregarded.

Fox News were told by a senior US defense official that, “The coalition commander assessed the threat and after shows of force didn’t stop the regime forces and those forces refused to move out of the deconfliction zone, the commander on the ground called for the air strike as a matter of force protection.”

The official added that the strike on the forces does not cast back on the escalation, “There is no change in policy.”

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