Are you a smoker or have been? Mix This With Fresh Orange Juice Every Morning So You Can Flush The Nicotine Out Of Your System!

Naturally the time frame it takes for nicotine to be completely removed out of your body is 48-72 hours. That sort of thing can be very difficult for those who are trying to reduce the constant cravings.

Luckily, there is a way you can utterly remove nicotine from your body with the help of cream of tartar! Remarkable, isn’t it?

Cream of tartar is a powder known as hydrogen tartrate. It is a byproduct of the winemaking process, and is non-alcoholic sediment. The ultimate best thing regarding using cream of tartar is for 1 week you will spend one-quarter of the cost of a Nicorette pack! Pretty awesome, we say!

Take a look at the list of the health benefits of the cream of tartar:

  1. Help you quit smoking

Cream of tartar is not only optimal for removing the nicotine from your body, but it can also trick your body into hating the taste the cigarettes taste. Because of that if you are trying to quit smoking, and you want to get the utterly best results, you should mix cream of tartar and freshly squeezed orange juice.

The orange juice is an important segment due to its ability to increase the levels of vitamin C in the body.

It is recommended that you mix half a teaspoon of cream of tartar with a glass of orange juice, and drink this every single night for 30 days. This is the thing that will bring you to quitting!

  1. Reduce arthritis pain

It is claimed by Dr. Sircus that magnesium is a mineral which “modulates cellular events involved in inflammation”. Two milligrams of magnesium are contained in 100 grams of cream of tartar. This makes for the fact that the cream of tartar can help you to lessen the arthritis pain.

Add 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt and 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar to your bathtub and fill it with warm water. Soak in it for 40 minutes then rinse with clean water. The pattern of 1-2 times a day will help you immensely!

  1. Relieve urinary tract infection

It is claimed by that the cream of tartar can alter the pH levels in the urine, thus treating urinary tract infections. This will create an environment which will remove the bacteria that cause the infection.

Be sure to add 1 and a half teaspoons of cream of tartar into a cup of warm water. After that, add a few drops of lemon juice. Take this cocktail 1-2 times a day and you will see major improvements.

  1. Clear acne

Theodora Pennypacker, in her article for informed us that cream of tartar has powerful acidic properties and it is an amazing acne-fighting and cleaning agent.

Instead of applying cream to your face, you should mix 1 teaspoon of tartar and 8 ounces of water or orange juice and drink this beverage. After consuming this every day it will get you to the clear face and regained confidence.

  1. Reduce blood pressure

People with low potassium levels in the body, have increased risk of experiencing high blood pressure issues. Good news for you, the cream of tartar can help you with this problem too. 100 grams of this cream has 16,500 milligrams of potassium!

But, you should visit you doctor first in order to find out whether the deficiency of potassium is the cause of your high blood pressure. If that is the case, it is recommended to consume a mixture of cream of tartar and a glass of water, every night, before going to bed. The changes are going to surface in matter of days.

Take a look at the VIDEO that shows 10 Uses of Cream of Tartar!

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