Bill O’Reilly Says Farewell To Fox News!

It has been reported that Fox News has made a decision to say its farewell to Bill O’Reilly.

The breaking news was reported by Gabriel Sherman in New York Magazine today. The high ranked cable news host’s exit will leave a huge void not only in the Fox News lineup, but additionally in the whole cable news outlet. The ex CBS News reporter and host of Inside Edition is one true representative of the “opiniotainment” host.

From the moment New York Times reported that $13 million Fox news wasted on settling several lawsuits about sexual harassment against O’Reilly, he has been caught in massive controversy.

Namely, the scandal triggered several advertiser to boycott the news outlet, which led to an unexpected vacation, and now, the departure of Mr. O’Reilly’s from Fox News.

This whole situation had to have been a drastic and unwilling change for the Murdoch family, who owns Fox News’ parent outlet, 21st Century Fox.

Prior to that, Sherman reported that Rupert Murdoch was not letting O’Reilly go and he negated the NY Times report.

However, one corporate ethical norm implied that harassment is a not a thing that can easily be disregarded, particularly when so close to Roger Ailes’ exit from the network due to lookalike allegations that segue to escalate.

At the time of the O’Reilly’s sudden vacation, his replacement hosts, which have incorporated Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, and Eric Bolling, have not had the equal viewership as O’Reilly, and ratings dropped 25% without him.

The single anomaly in the pattern is Ms. Perino, the ex Press Secretary during George W. Bush’s presidency, who was capable to bring up the ratings on Monday, April 17th.

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