BREAKING: Angela Merkel Calls For Burqa Ban! ‘Refugees’ Will Not Endanger The Free World No More!

In Germany the national elections are due sooner than we think, so one thing is certain and that is that Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing to need to pull many rabbits out of the hat in order to fight against the rising populist tendentious of the right in her country.

So no matter her constant pushes of the idea of open borders when millions of Muslim asylum seekers and migrants have already crossed Europe, it seems like Merkel had altered her stance away from the initial all inclusive political correctness and now she calls for a ban on niqab worn by some Muslim women.

The announcement came to be when she spoke in front of the delegates at her Christian Democratic Union Party convention, where she also said that she will keep Germany’ back from future unpredicted and sudden migration and intended to paint a picture of her party as one that is stable enough to protect Germany from the Muslims.

Merkel with her speech initiated cheers and applause from the hearers in the moment she called for a ban of the niqab, stating a valid point, “We show our faces. Full-face covering is not appropriate with us. It should be banned.”

As reported by the U.K. Telegraph Merkel said the burqa needs to be banned “wherever possible” in the country and in the same time she promises that there will be no such thing as another migrant wave if she gets the position again.

“German law takes precedence over Shariah,” she proclaimed to the standing ovations. “The full-face veil should be banned, wherever legally possible.”

According to Fox News, very predictably, Merkel’s comments were criticized without a valid reason from the leftist people with no brains whatsoever as “Islamophobia” and also from Muslims all around the world, even on our soil.

“We believe everyone should be free to wear the clothing of their choice and that laws targeting the tiny minority of Muslim women who wear face coverings are an expression of increasing Islamophobia in Europe,” stated Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the radical-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“Freedom is about making personal choices, not having a decision imposed on individuals by the state. Growing anti-Muslim bigotry should be repudiated, not pandered to,” the CAIR representative added.

Even though Germany is a bit late on the bandwagon, giving the fact the fully covered variety of Muslim hijabs niqab and burqa are already banned in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, it is surely a place to start from when fighting irrational liberalism and endangering the free world!

Isn’t that right? What do you think of German Chancellor Angela Merkel calling for a permanent ban on full-face burqas? Tell us in the comment section bellow!