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Recent Investigation Shows That Obama Took Part In Another Election Fraud


Even though former president Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were constantly whining about the Russian hacks, new information popped out that claims that Obama’s administration produced their own kind of election betrayal. While Mike Pence was still governor, Obama administration attempted to hack into the election system …

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Architects: Obama’s Building Project Might Cost $1.5 Billion


According to architects hired to create Barack Obama’s presidential library, the project might need $1.5 billion of financing, and that is three times more than the cost of George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, that was opened in 2013. Architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsiem, said that while the former …

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Rex Tillerson Is Firing Obama People From The State Department


According to a report by CBS News, several eminent seventh-floor staffers, who worked for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor office, were fired on Thursday. This happened while Rex Tillerson went to a G-20 meeting in Bonn, Germany. It’s the second round of firing …

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