Bernie Sanders

Here’s What Bernie Had To Say About The Virginia Shooter!

James T. Hodgkinson has been identified as the shooter of numerous Republican congressional members and their staff. As seen on his Facebook page, he has been a pretty vocal endorser of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and a devoted insulter of President Donald Trump. But, the doubts of “Why did he …

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Bernie Imposes A Religious Test On A Trump Nominee!

It is evident that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is facing difficulties with understanding the Constitution, and this concrete difficulty has a religious nature. At the time of a confirmation hearing for an Office of Management and Budget nominee on Wednesday, Sanders was evidently attempting to go through with a religious …

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Trump Hired Marc Kasowitz As His Personal Lawyer For Russian Probe

President Donald Trump wants to keep Marc Kasowitz as his personal lawyer to appear for him in the federal investigation into supposed connections between his campaign and the Russian government, as some media houses reported. According to reports by Fox Business and ABC News, President Donald Trump will take with …

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