United Nations Funded And Produced ‘Together’ Ad


UN released a new video that clearly unveils their true intentions for immigrants. “Together” is the name of their program and it focuses on changing the views of the west on immigration, hoping that they will transfer all of the refugees from war-torn countries to developed nations like the United …

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See What Kind Of Deal Hillary Had With Russia

On Tuesday’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Peter Schweizer the Breitbart editor and author of the “Clinton Cash,” suggested a launch of a federal investigation on then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s approval of a Russian uranium deal after her Foundation collected $145 million from shareholders of Uranium One. Referring the Clinton’s speech …

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WikiLeaks Revealed! CIA Intervened In 2012 Elections In France


Before their 2012 presidential election, human and electronic spies from Obama’s CIA targeted all of the French major political parties for seven months. Today, WikiLeaks released a document in which the operation is detailed: Wikileaks, Specific tasking concerning his party included obtaining the “Strategic Election Plans” of the Union for …

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