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Hillary Tipped Off The Wiretapping On Trump Tower!

On Saturday, President Donald Trump wrote a tweet in which he accuses his predecessor for wiretapping the Trump Tower in New York City during November’s presidential election. Previously, it was reported by TGP that the first demand from FISA came moments after Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton …

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BREAKING: A SECRET VIDEO Was Released Of Clinton Fundraiser


Believing he was next on Clinton’s hit list, the businessman Johnny Chung heavily contributed to an illegal Clinton campaign financing plan. He had the key role of channeling money from dozens of Chinese firms into Clinton’s account during Bill’s reelection run. While Chung was still hiding, he recorder his testimony …

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See What Kind Of Deal Hillary Had With Russia

On Tuesday’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Peter Schweizer the Breitbart editor and author of the “Clinton Cash,” suggested a launch of a federal investigation on then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s approval of a Russian uranium deal after her Foundation collected $145 million from shareholders of Uranium One. Referring the Clinton’s speech …

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Hillary Clinton Team Blames Obama For Her Loss

Probably this is the most surprising thing that happened so far this week. Long story short, Hillary Clinton blames former President Barack Obama for her loss on the elections last November, because his administration didn’t fight enough with the media on her email scandals and reportedly the hacks led by …

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