Ben Carson Drops Explanation On Gender Identity!

Ben Carson doesn’t hold himself from saying whatever comes to his mind. His words are always corresponding with his thoughts and beliefs. In an interview, Katie Couric asked the neurosurgeon about his opinion on gender identity. So, you don’t have to be a doctor to differ men from women. It’s …

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FDA Admits: Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

Finally, the FDA took the plunge to confirm that chicken meat sold in the United States contains arsenic, a carcinogenic agent. It appears that this dangerous, poisonous chemical is fairly present in the feed of the chicken. An FDA research found that the arsenic added to the chicken fodder, really …

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Nordstrom speaks out about the boycott of IVANKA’S FASHION BRAND!

Many department stores very unprofessionally and ignorantly have chosen to discontinue Ivanka Trump products, but Nordstrom is not one of them! @Veteran4Trump @muzikgirl11 @Nordstrom @IvankaTrump @Mediaite who would boycott that dynamic woman? SMH — l (@lou527mpcoleo) November 26, 2016 They have announced that they are not about to let politics …

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