Near East

BREAKING: China Just BANNED Muslim Names!

This month China banned number of Islamic names – incorporating “Mohammad” and “Jihad” – in a try to help “curb” the “religious fervor” that has become loud in the Communist country’s western area of Xinjiang. A document labeled “List of Banned Ethnic Minority Names” mentions no less than two dozen …

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North Korea Arrests One More American Citizen!

As done previously, the North Korean dictatorship has arrested a US Citizen who was there teaching at a university in Pyongyang. The US citizen, -a Korean-American professor called Tony Kim – was apprehended at the airport as he was getting ready to leave the nation. Additionally, he was a professor …

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Netanyahu OPENS UP about His Thoughts On Trump’s wall!

Liberals took two big hits this couple of days solely and we can not decide which is more devastating, the temporary immigration ban President Trump signed through an executive order, or his first steps towards the building of the wall. No matter which is the winner, they both keep our …

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BREAKING: North Korea Threatens To Wipe Out DC On Inauguration Day!


They Are Readying NUKES! According to the juvenile regime of North Korea, Friday’s inauguration is the perfect occasion to draw a little attention by throwing a tantrum over Washington DC. The brutal regime stated they are “readying two intercontinental ballistic missiles” to “nuke” Washington, D.C. during Donald Trump’s inauguration. Even …

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State-run Chinese tabloid Global Times made a point aimed at U.S. President-elect Donald Trump that China would sure go through with “revenge” if he turned his back on the one-China policy, just hours after Taiwan’s president made an unexpected stopover in Houston. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen met senior U.S. Republican …

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