Denzel Washington Attacks Meryl Streep And Goes After The Hollywood Elite!

Hollywood’s creme just got to be at another event they created themselves so they could have one more excuse to bully the rest of America with their holy truthfulness and unmistakable life narrative. Naturally, they as they are turned to bully the average American for ever considering picking Donald Trump. However, there are exceptions such as the great actor Denzel Washington who took upon himself to slap his fellow show business people with the unaltered truth.

Show business people such as Meryl Streep and Jimmy Fallon tend to look at themselves as the highest point of the societal hierarchy. However Washington implied they’re dead mistaken. It’s the everyday Americans who work around the clock to make America what it is.

Those are the same everyday Americans who chose to vote for Donald Trump because they had enough of the elitist stigma dominating America or people such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, and many more.

He then urged them to seize the whole elitist aura and realize that they are not the ultimate truth in the world we live in.

“…people say: ‘Oh, the difficulty of making a movie.’ I’m like, listen, send your son to Iraq–that’s difficult. It’s just a movie. It’s like, relax. I don’t play that precious nonsense.”

Instead of them being utterly obnoxious in the persistence to lead and tell the rest of American what to do, feel and say, Washington told colleagues actors need to be beyond thankful for those same Americans making the able to be where they are.

“Making a movie is a luxury,” he insisted on the truth. “It’s an opportunity, and most importantly, it’s a gift. Obviously, everybody here is talented enough to do that, but don’t get it twisted. It’s just a movie. It ain’t that big a deal.”

We can not believe, but are eternally grateful that such a person emerged to tell the raw, without makeup truth in Hollywood.

Are you too? Tell us in the comment section bellow!


  1. what these people forget that us regular people can make or break their career, if we don’t like the movie or their attitude they are sunk. This is all of our country and every one has the right to live their life the way they see fit, so don’t go snubbing you nose at us because we think different than you

  2. Denzel is correct. Are the liberals forgetting the American people can vote for whom they want? This is still a free country. The liberals are acting like the brats that they are. Enough already….I thought the majority of them were leaving the country? I guess they know which side their bread is buttered on… Morons…

    • That is fake. Just words taken from something else!

    • Good for him!! I always thought he was a GREAT actor, now I think he is a GREAT human being. Much respect

    • It’s about time someone in Hollywood stood up and said something you go denzel

    • Americans can vote for whomever they want. They also have a right to criticize whomever they want. This is called Freedom of Speech. But you can’t take just criticism, can you? You can only tolerate those, who agree with your belief system, right? And you expect others to just shut up when you won’t? Shame, shame 😉

    • Besides, Mary it’s not nice to call people “morons” just because they have a different outlook than yours. How would you feel of someone who called you a moron, just because they didn’t agree with you?

    • First of all the American people did not vote for Drump, Russia did! Get that staight moron!

    • You have that correct ! Brats.

    • Correct. They have to have us, We don’t need their FILTHY movies of Sex and Murder. They have helped create crime and Rape.

    • They did. She won!

    • And who is he telling all this to. A news program, twitter, facebook or on the radio and in a newspaper. No source is listed.Looks like what they call FAKE NEWS.

    • Right on! A great Actor &
      American. Sick &
      Tired of these inane self serving elitists who can’t possibly believe that many Americans can’t agree with their agenda. And who was using their power to address their agenda Meryl? Can we say hypocrite?

    • Well said!

    • More people voted for Hillary, to stat, secondly someone needed to tell the emporor he had no clothes. Meryl was right to put it to trump, im disabled same as that reporter, and disabled people vote. Thanks again Meryl, i used to like and respect Denzel, no more, he is as deplorable as the rest of the deplorables.

    • Just like all of you were when President Obama won two terms! Don’t like the mirror image? The GOP shouldn’t have started it!

    • Amen…… who do they think helps pay their salaries

    • Denzel is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you Denzel for seeing (and saying) it ad it really is! WE the people are who made Meryl and her “elite friends”) who they are, something she seems to not care about at all! WE the people CHOSE to vote for Trump because WE the people have had enough of the BS politicians and WE the people who want change! GO DENZEL! AND THANK YOU!!

    • really? your going to get exactly what you ask for! don’t be crying about it! if you want to see a Moron look in the mirror! you didn’t elect him you idiot! the Electoral College elects the President! so get over your stupid self!

    • Just in case you haven’t noticed, LIBERALS are not running this country! THAT is the problem! Look at all the past republican administrations and what disasters were created by them–from Nixon, Reagan, the bushes– to say nothing of the mean-spirited and inefficient, ineffective slobs in congress that PROMISED OBAMA they would not let him do ANYTHING while in office–compare THAT with all Obama accomplished ANYWAY!

    • You’re exactly right Barbara! I’ve always liked and respected Denzel. But it’s 100% more now!

    • I have watched Mr. Denzel since the beginning of his career and I believe that he his loved by many and there are some that may not care for him. I myself believe that he will go down in the entertainment world as a great actor, however he also knows that he is not the person that he is acting, I also believe he has it right when he tells the self serving lesser actors the blind truth. Thank you Mr. Denzel. I am sure at the end of your work day you become the person you really are and you are wanting the best for this country and a person that doesn’t care about money and a person that is for the people and not him or herself. Again thank you for speaking up for what is real.

    • There was a time not that long ago when “Show Biz Folk” consisted of Lute Players, Knife Throwers, Sword Swallower’s, Geeks and Magicians ( to name a few specialties)…….Then there were the ACTORS and ACTRESSES who carved out a special place in the world of “Glitter and Make Believe”, they brought with themselves, AGENTS, and PRODUCERS, DIRECTORS, Make-Up Artists, Grips, and the like and a WHOLE INDUSTRY was created just to help ENTERTAIN THE (DULL ) MASSES and in doing so made a “Cottage Industry” out of PERFORMING and creating “ILLUSIONS” that were outrageously BIZZARE, Intrinsically LEWD, and LACIVIOUS, in the extreme !!!!! The mere EGOTISM that exists in the World of the “Gifted” thespian is off the charts in relations to the rest of humanity. More “Talent” has been wasted to the HORRIBLE ADDICTION TO DRUGS and ALCOHOL by the SHOW BIZ MORONS, that might indicate they ALL should be locked up for OBSERVATION for their own good. ofThe WORLD has been FUCKED UP EVER SINCE !!!!! They DO NOT set any great EXAMPLES for the younger generation of America, (Nor do Politicians for that matter) but GLORY of being an ACTOR or a ROCK STAR has become somewhat of a STATUS SYMBOL for the weaker minds of our generations. The one’s who generally take to the streets of America “Protesting” the lack of OPPORTUNITY they do not have in having MILLIONS of DOLLARS without having to WORK FOR IT !!!!!

      So at this time of the year, when HOLLYWOOD throws ENORMOUSLY LARGE and EXPENSIVE GALAS Celebrating THEMSELVES (o course) and their (questionable) contributions to the Art of Entertainment., let me suggest that , We the PEOPLE ……. BOYCOTT all that GITZ and GLITTER and instead CELEBRATE those in our Society who DESERVE the THANKS and PRAISE of EVERYONE OF US !!!! Yes, The Members of the UNIFORMED SERVICES of AMERICA, Police, Firemen, EMTs, Nurses, MILITARY UNITS, First Responder’s and every person who dons a Uniform to HELP MAKE AMERICA GREAT !!!!!! For THAT, I can get excited !!!!! But for the “STARS” who do nothing but BASH AMERICA, I say, “SAYANORA LOSERS” !!!!!!! You have sealed your own DOOM !!!!!

    • e is 1 of the best actors in Hollywood ,Yes he is right who are they that sit in thier mansions to tell the working class AMERICANS what we need or want,They dont no what it is like to have to struggle,I love denzel he tells the TRUTH, as for meryle and all the other actors and actresses that are on their high horse,never get so high you dont fall,we want to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.SO SHUT UP.

    • Thank goodness my life does not revolve around movies. Someone forgot to tell them it is make believe and it is time for them to all grow up. I am sick to death of them

  3. I Love Denzel, i always have! I now have even more respect for him and i will go out of my way to see every movie he is ever in! 😀

    • Republicans can’t debate without calling people who don’t agree with them names anymore. That won’t work on the world stage. Likely will get is into an unnecessary war. I have loved Denzel for decades. Things change.

    • Yes! He is the class act. Love him in any movie. He does not put himself on a pedestal!

    • Exactly how I feel. Always loved and respected him, now even more so.

    • The more I adore Denzel Washington! A man with principle!!!!

    • Denzel Washington Is my favorite actor! He Always has had Good, decent, down to earth, loving, head on his shoulder.
      He’s also very smart, full of wisdom
      God fearing Man!
      Not like phony men like fallon, George lopez, Robert De Niro,
      GOD HELP US!

    • I had a lot of respect for Meryl Streep but at this point I’m sorry to say I will never watch another movie she is in. Denzel Washington is right in what he says and the liberals, Democrats, Rich and Famous must realize they lost and Donald Trump is our president and it’s time to accept it and deal with it. We did not go out of our way and throw tantrums and protest when Barack Obama won 4 years ago for a second term, we accepted it, we lived with it and now it’s time to move on.

    • I agree! I’m with you, I was looking forward to so many of the elitists leaving the country! They are so wrapped up in their own self esteem they think their shallow opinions even matter to us! Thank God Denzel spoke out. He is an honorable man! Looking forward to his next movie!

    • Go ahead DW can talk all he wants but he is a big part of the hypocrisy, while he is making his millions. While you pay 15 bucks to watch an overrated actor pushing his agendas via his craft. The US will suffer under this new administration and you will suffer while you watch it happen good luck and God Bless you hypocrites who would never let the current administration get way with half of what is happening now.

    • I totally agree Julie Healey, and Barbara Moto… Couldn’t say it better… Proud of you ..MR.DENZEL WASHINGTON.d.bonkowski

    • Agreed. I tried to understand where she was coming from and listened openly – let`s be honest many people do make emotional and philosophical connections with those they idol including actors, actresses and musicians. Seriously, she makes movies, it is entertainment that people spend far too much money on. I am right there with Denzel, she needed to step off that high horse.

    • I will also do the same. I’m protesting these liberal move stars. Who do they think they are. Let’s hit them where it hurts. When no one watches their movies and the producers can’t make money on them. They will lose their careers ane at a time. Who wants to hire a washed up actor who can’t get someone except a liberal to watch their movies. Liberals watching liberals. That would be a kick. We m still protesting football because of kapernick. The NFL did nothing about his field antics. I hope they go broke also. They don’t understand their our entertainment. We can turn them off as fast as we turn them on. They are not as special as they think.


    • Excellent response from Denzel!

    • Awesome statement…Nothing but the truth and a man that is not blind by his success. Now we need more politician with at least half the common sense Denzel has and maybe this country might be much better place.

    • He is first class!!! I own many of his movies, but best of all he is a real man who thinks for himself!!

    • Julie Healey…I feel the same. Thank you Denzel….

    • My exact sentiments!

    • I’ve been a fan since he won an academy award the same night as a certain black actress who went on and on about how she had done it for all the black women, ad nauseum. When it was Denzel’s turn, he said, Thank you. Without all the bull about the downtrodden. He’s a class act.

    • Agreed! He said his peace with class so many others need to follow his example!!!

    • I won’t…….actions mean more then words…sorry he just doesn’t act that humble in real life

    • I agree with you hun. Well said

    • The Hollywood Elite forget that we the people with our pocketbooks are the ones who pay for their fast cars, their $1000.00 an inch ugly hand sewn dresses that they wear once and their 250 dollar per day cocaine habit. Without us they would still be milking cows on the dairy farm they were born on in Nebraska or cutting firewood on the cabin grounds where their Mom & Dad have sacrificed to send the to school so the could learn to cry on direction. They are not Elite, yes they are rich because they have been lucky. Without that luck that just happened to find them that one time they could still be waiting tables in a diner in Modesto while someone else with the same talent have their job their house and the cocaine habit. None of them are that pretty or that talented. I have lived longer than most of those sanctimonious brats that are standing on stage trying to tell the people that they are wrong on whom they have elected for president and that they are going to strike because of it. Well Merle and Jimmy and Floyd and the rest of you non- talented ass holes put your houses up for sale and let the leases on your cars go and hope that California Medicaid has a good plan for drug rehab because that is where you are headed cause we the people don’t give a tinkers damn weather you go on strike or not because Mickey & Goofey will still make better movies than you ever thought of making.

    • Amen!

    • Denzel speaks his mind regardless. I like that in a person. Yes he is an excellent actor but like he says. So what. It doesn’t make him better than anyone else. I can have an opinion just like anyone but Feel the need to discuss it especially on TV when no one ask me. Thank you Denzel. I loved you before I admire you more

    • Yes I love him too he is his own person and does not let Hollywood control him !

    • ME TOO.

    • Thank you Daniel ! Love your movies 🎥

    • Me too!!
      Finally someone with the guts to speak out in that Fairytale life they live in. They live in the same make believe world like the movies they make. Only this is Real Life with Real tragedy for many of color and race, or a cop that becomes a target,, or a child that is raped and beaten. They live behind walls and gates! They have security to protect them daily. Normal Joe, lives in real reality, actors don’t Good for Denzel for speaking up the Truth and Reality that isn’t a Screen play for the average people

    • I will enjoy putting him on my buy-cot list. I already boycott most in his industry so it’s good to have someone in movies I can support!

    • DITTO !!!!! The liberal Holly-weeds think they are so much better and their opinions really matter to us deplorables…… WE DON’T CARE WHAT THEY THINK. Sooooooo just “put on your big boy pants and get over it already !!!!!

    • I always loved Denzel too. I will watch his movies. There are a lot of celebrities I will humor soend another dime on their movies

    • I am with you, Julie. I have always respected him as an actor; he is one of my all time favorites, up there with Danny Glover and Morgan Freeman, but he certainly rose in my esteem for being so transparent and acknowledging that they are blessed to be able to make movies. Men like Denzel Washington and Clint Eastwood help us to realice that there are two groups in Hollywood.

    • I’ve alwayz loved Denzel Washington…he’s a truly gifted actor! But what he’s said, is not only “important, but the absolute truth”, thank you Denzel for honoring “Americas men&women” who protect this great nation, but also us, the hard working people that also “love” this great nation!❤

      Kathy Todd
      Grand Rapids, MI

  4. I can’t believe how bitter and ugly Meryl Strreep was at the Golden Awards event. She is no longer an
    actress I will go to see. There are many people who could be an actress or actor having support people
    who make them look good, if given the chance. I go to movies to be entertained, and that is all that
    Hollywood is, entertainers and unfortunately are paid far too much for what they offer!

  5. Yes Denzel Washington has always put it straight love it he did this time!!

  6. Trump supporters need to get serious about the Hollywood stars who have chosen to use their name to bash Trump. We DO NOT need to go to their movies and watch their sitcoms or buy their CD’S or DVDs!! There are way too many other stars, movies and shows to support. I am no longer a Meryl fan…how about you?

  7. All his statements are true. What would be better is if he said this after the award show a few days ago. He said this long before Ms. Streep got on stage and offered her opinion.

  8. it would be wonderful if all the “actors” had denzels good mind…we love you are so gifted and aways do such a wonder job…i always thought that of meryl streep..but just because she knows she is good at reading a script…don’t mean she is good at knowing what the everyday level of americans needs..we live it and we know..miss meryl..sure you have no problems have a wonderful meal or a cruise or anything you want…but..we got a $4.00 raise on. s.s. this year..nothing last and groceries ..everything went up…they just raised the prices of your tickets at the boxoffice…you income didn’t change….sorry…live our circumstances and then tell us to vote for the complete crook hillary…i wouldn’t wish her to rule over a herd of cattle ..much less humans…you can have your own opinions but PLEASE KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF UNTIL YOU WALK IN OUR SHOES

  9. Thank you Denzel Washington. You are a phenomenal actor and obviously a phenomenal person too. I can’t wait (as usual) for your next movie or for any personal comments regarding OUR United States of America.

    Trump only likes BLOND people!!!!

  11. What a classy gentleman!! Have always loved him but have so much admiration for him!! He knows how he got where he is today. From everyday people going to see him do what he apparently Loves!! What a wonderful actor and a true Gentleman. Thank you !!

  12. Thank you, Denzel, for putting things in perspective for your industry colleagues.

  13. I think Denzel is the bomb, one of the most patriotic, people person, celebrity I have ever seen, I have always like him, I grew even more impressed when he was touring a VA Hospital and ask one of the administrators how much it cost to build another hospital, when the gentleman told him , took our his checkbook and wrote an check for a new VA Hospital. WHAT A MAN. NOT A BAD ACTOR EITHER.

  14. Denzel, we should have more people in Hollywood like you. Support you all the way.
    It’s to easy when people get money to think they are better than anyone else.

  15. I agree with Densely Washington. ..if it wasn’t for the basket of deplorables who pay their hard earned money to go watch their the DVDS..and videos…they wouldn’t have their luxury homes..furs and diamonds! I used to like Merle but because of her asinine comments the othe rtf night I will never purchase or go see anything else she is in! I know a lot of the “lesser” Americans feel the same way..and ther will be a boycott against the Hollywood elite! WRONG will always come back and bite you in the ass!!

  16. I love Denzel always have. Watch all his movies. I am very proud of him.
    Get over it president elect is our new president. Deal. Enough is enough. So some respect. Didn’t your mother teach you anything

  17. Mr Washington, I love your movies, and I appreciate you and your comments. The Golden Globes was ruined by all the political put down of our next President of the United States! We need to respect the office of our newly elected President. If Hillary Clinton would have won, I would have respected her. The Hollywood Elite think they know best who should be President, and won’t even give Donald Trump a chance! We the people that voted for Donald Trump are hard working folks, that love their families, love our God! We want to live in a safe country, where we still help our neighbors, love our community. Denzel, keep making movies for the common man to enjoy and escape in your movie for several hours. Life is short, let’s get along and love our country! Thank you..

  18. Thank you Denzel Washington…for your non-judgemental truthfulness and mending Fences.😄

  19. I totally agree with Denzel Washington. I prefer to enjoy these people in a movie, a book or a play. I have no interest in their politics and do not appreciate their need to comment on mine.

  20. Absolutely agree. Thanks Denzel for telling it like it is. All citizens have a right to choose. Just because some didn’t vote the same way they did doesn’t give them the right to lash out at Trump or those who voted for him. Grow up and stop whining because your making yourselves look pathetic. We should all be together right now standing behind our President elect. No wonder we are in a mess. Please come to your senses and let us all stand together for America.

  21. May God bless you always!! Go get ’em tiger you hahe God and the truth behind you. If HE is for you who can be against you…Certainly not Streep or Babs!!! have

  22. This is insane. Those comments were even in reaction to what Meryl Steep said! So unprofessional to make up a story like this.

  23. Well, he can say whatever he wants about “movie stars or making movies, the bottom line is that Mrs Streep was totally correct in her speech and did it very smartly, i must say…

  24. Love Denzel… but disagree with this per too much generalization. All actors are not elitist… don’t believe anyone should speak for others. All Americans had a right to vote for who they want. All have a right to their opinions… not their own facts, however. Actors are workers too.. Meryl has a right to speak for herself, her opinion.. as she did.

  25. I saw his face when Streep was talking and I saw something happening in him. I thought to myself we will be hearing from him. I appreciate him thinking and expressing exactly what I was feeling.
    Humility goes a long way and helps us heal from all the hurt and division. Thank you sir for helping us and seeing this for what it really is. Refreshing!

  26. I love Danzel but he is wrong on some of this. I am a self employed wood craft maker, grandmother, housewife who is helping to raise grandkids with my daughter and my husband. We are your everyday people. And he needs to remember as many others need to we did not vote for Trump. He did not win with the people’s vote. We voted for Hillary who did not tell her supports to beat people and offer to pay their legal fees if they did. She did not make fun of a newsman’s handicap. From all I see actors are just like the rest of us. They work hard, raise families, pay taxes, and hopefully vote. So they to are entitled to free speech. And Streep was just telling the truth like it is.

  27. I wonder if the voting for best actor/actress, best movie, etc. were left up to the American public instead of their peers, if some of these actors would remain mute about how they think America should be run. They are actors who play parts; I don’t want Rob Lowe operating on me.

  28. Denzel, my favorite actor speaks the truth!!

  29. “Attacks Meryl Streep”? Nothing in what he said attacked her specifically. I wish he would have, but what you put in your article was very general. The only one that mentioned Meryl Streep was you.

  30. Denzel talks about the rights of the American people, he is right in that respect. Where he went wrong is intimating that American voters chose Trump because they were tired of the “elites”. WRONG, if Trump is not an “elite then who is? Trump is part of the group of elites who pull the strings of the politicians who in turn step all over us the public. Trump conned them by telling them he will drain the swamp and he then filled it with greater terrors. He won the trust of the voter by lying to them and then he told them he did not need them anymore. Yet they still swoon at his every word, bullshit or not.

  31. Are you kidding? Elitist? You are talking about a new president that would prefer to fly his own plane because it is nicer. ( Hand to face, shaking head)

  32. Its time to separate us from them , liberals need to be hearded to the west coast and the rest of the country for the rest of us

  33. He’s the best.

  34. They can only blame themselves for Trump getting elected. The average, above average, and many more very intelligent people were sick of hearing from all these people who considered themselves to be head and shoulders above everyone else in the country. Believe me many of the “stars” are good at their craft but so are MANY people that make America work are too, they are not THAT INTELLIGENT!!

  35. Meryl should be ashamed of herself! She thinks she is high and mighty, but she is not! Because she is an actress doesn’t mean everyone should think like her. I will never watch a movie that she is in. I hope she falls down and can not get back up in her career again!

  36. Thanks Denzel, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  37. There would be far more unity in this world if we all had the humility and common sense of Denzel and recognize that we are so insignificant in the grand scheme and only exist by the grace of God.

  38. God Bless Denzel for his brave stand to what is the truth. We all have choices and the American voters across the country who came out for Trump are to be congratulated and blessed too. We love our country, as does Mr. Washington who is obviously embarrassed for his fellow actors and their pathetic approach to the new President-Elect . . . we all need to get behind Mr. Trump and help him make America Great Again . . . he is our only hope as we all know Clinton would have been more Obama. . . . and that would have meant “no more america” . . . how scary is that I ask you?????

  39. Meryl Streep has no idea how many fans she lost when she got up and made that ridiculous speech….. instead of being grateful and accepting her award she had to go like it was another DNC convention!!! I used to love that woman and watched everything she’s ever made but as of Sunday night I have lost all respect for her because she used the wrong platform to tell how upset she was, I’m so sick of the Hollywood actors trying to be politicians! !! You want to say something……make sure you have the right venue and you better come off your high horse and make sure you have all your facts right Meryl Streep!!!! You did not mention one thing about those four kids that beat up a special needs young man. ……can you sleep at night about that? I guess it was okay that he was nearly killed because he was a Trump supporter “huh Meryl”
    Thank you Denzel Washington, you are the best in Hollywood!!

  40. How Streep’s speech was so dishonest and biased to satisfy a crowd of Hypocrites. Never once did Trump say he wanted to put a stop to all immigration. Not once. Funny how they all clamor on cue when social issues are mentioned. Gay issues APPLAUSE . Black issues APPLAUSE. These people Black ,White, are so blessed and fortunate that they should be thanking those millionaires for their ridiculous salaries. Where do these AIR HEADS think the money comes from? It comes from filthy rich investors most of whom are Republicans.
    Her rant was beautifully delivered and I think even Trump is sorry for the retarded comment. I was Horrified as well and had to reconsider voting for him. I know there were conservatives there too afraid to voice their opinion. There were a lot a bullies to cut them down, but they were there.I love how these so called liberals are so against Bullying. But is that not exactly what they are doing.

  41. I only hope that 1/2 of all of the liberals that are making disparaging and insulting remarks toward Trump every day on Facebook will truly listen to what Denzel Washington is saying..
    Hollywood is fake, the actors are fake and they should really stick to fantasy because that is what they are good at…Leave politics to the every day working American who is striving to make this nation better than it is..

  42. I’ll be going to Denzel’s movies more also. He makes sense, big-time. Never was a big fan of Meryl’s, even less now. Hollywood has no idea how the rest of us live.

  43. I have always enjoyed Meryl as a talented actress, but after hearing her remarks, I have lost all respect for her. There is a time and a place. The election is over. Grow up. We had to put up with Obama for 8 years. No whining allowed. Just tolerance.

  44. Thank you Denzel Washington!! It is refreshing to hear this from you. Donald Trump does not have to be the president !! And these people need to realize this important fact. He is doing this very difficult job so that we can be safe and have some time left in a country that has lost it’s greatness. These elites don’t see this, but when it’s gone from them, it’ll be too late for them to get it.

  45. Washington has always supported Democratic candidates but won’t sink to the level of bashing Republicans, to not be like them. Also, he did not “attack” Meryl S., or anyone else for that matter, in his remarks. You guys are trying too hard to see whats not there. Cheers!

  46. Sorry, this an addition to a past comment but I forgot to say. I used to really like Meryl Streep. Not so much, nope not at all now.

  47. another stupid, click bait, misleading, bullshit headline/article. Denzel made a good point, but said ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING ABOUT Streeps comments.

  48. This is a man worth listening to. He lives in the real world and I’m convinced he is truly
    A good man. A wise man, not a foolish eleteist.

  49. I really appreciate Denzel Washington and other celebrities who are willing to think for themselves and not just go along with the Hollywood elitists. He is able to separate reality from fantasy and make a decision based on common sense! Just because you are a good actor doesn’t mean you have the wisdom and moral foundation to dictate how the rest of America should live and vote. Too many of these celebrities feel too self-important and arrogant because of their fame and wealth. They had better realize that they depend on the “deplorables” for their livelihood!

  50. Kieran Chapman Denzel did say this, but it was not an attack or response to Streep’s speech. He said it last month:

  51. Denzel, you are the true actor, the true human being. Wow, your words are so perfectly said. Thank you.

  52. Thankfully Denzel has his head screwed on correctly what a breath of fresh Hollywood air ! The self absorbed actress Meryl Streep stood up and gave a standing ovation for roman Polanski who raped a child but this narsistic woman uses this type of forum to slam our president? She is insane and her so called fame has gone to her head remember Ricky movie she made? Good grief get a grip on your self

  53. Wow is he spot on
    I love the reference to “making the movie
    He says “sending your son to Iraq…. that’s hard ..”
    What a patriot, what a hero he is for standing up to those rich elitist
    Most of whom have no idea what it’s like to get up early and go to same grind every day. He feels priveledged and lucky to be making a movie???!!!!!’ What courage and what honor to stand up to them

  54. Thank you Mr. Washington.

  55. This was good thank you Sir. And God bless you.

  56. You idiots DO realize that the president you’re defending is a member of the Hollywood elite, right? That racist, woman-hating, ignorant piece of gutter trash you just elected is nothing more than a reality TV star. Grow up, idiots, and finish school.

  57. Your writing sucks.. I can hardly understand your point.?

  58. Koodo’s to Denzel W.
    As a Canadian, with extended family in the USA.
    I’ve never cared about politics until this year’s.
    I can be objective. There was a lying theif, possibly a child molester and you have a president that is a con man, theif, liar. What idiot wants them???
    Then you have Trump!!! He seems to have a good, set of morals. The American people want and deserves a leader that doesn’t come in and financially steal from you. He is owned by his wife and family. No other government or cons .

  59. Thank, Thank you Denzel Washington. God bless you.

  60. Denzel Washington has always been a true, kind and gentle American from the start. I will always “PAY” to see a movie of his, he has a wonderful skill called acting and it’s a good thing he knows his pay check dosen’t come out of thin air from the plain folks of America that goes to the movies. Thank you Denzel for being that special someone whom Americans love to see on the screen. Your obviously a fine person no rubbish in the tabloids or press you obviously cherish your wife & family that in today’s time is so refreshing.
    Love you❤️💕 And your values

  61. I saw a bit of Streeps comments and the look on Denzel Washington’s face tells it all. I’m glad he felt strongly enough to speak out. Always a class act!

  62. Denzel is a man who does not go around flaunting his generosity, he is a real mans man and I love him in everything he does. I love him even more for standing up.

  63. Mr Washington is right. Stop telling us how you seem to insist that we conduct our lives. The Globes is supposed to be a prestigious award affair — Not a political platform. Very bad show, Streep! Get back to making fiction and leave the hard reality things to those of us who don’t cry and whine. Remember, you supported a person who should be in jail for exposing national secrets.

  64. What a terrible article with a clickbait headline. Denzel made this comment over a month ago; it had nothing to do with Meryl Streep. Further, Denzel voted for Obama and has consistently backed liberal causes. This website promotes trash journalism.

  65. Thank you Denzel. You are wonderful to stand up to those snooty, think they know it all & are so arrogant that they live in a world with rose colored glasses instead of reality.
    I really appreciate your integrity. I respect you too.
    Love, prayers & hugsss

  66. Where did this “interview” come from?

  67. Denzel Washington is always a class act

  68. Way to go Denzel loved you before love you more now they should not put politics in any award shows they should just keep opinions to themselves

  69. Denzel is right. Why do the so called movie stars think that their opionsatter more then the regular America. What Obama did to this country is deplorable. We finally have a president who cares for all Americans, and is going all out to rebuild our country. I might nm ot make movies or have as much money as some of those movie stars, but my voice matters. And I’m tired of those people bad mouthing our president. A lot of them said they were leaving the country. Well why are they still here? Leave , antiamericans are not welcome in our states. GROW UP PEOPLE. Your not as special as you think you are. I don’t watch 90% of any of you on any show. Your old news. One day you will be forgotten and no one will listen to you. Make a mends for your ignorense. Support our president. Or leave our country. I’m a tax payer and support our president Donald Trump.

  70. I would like to Personally Thank Mr Denzel Washington, for standing up for what he believes in !!
    Mr. Washington, I was pretty upset watching the Golden Globes, this year , I was truly hoping to watch & have a good evening, you see I have a lot on my plate lately, I have a Marine son who is suffering from severe PTSD, who is in & out of the VA Hospitals to many to count & I have a brother who the very night just before the globes came on admitted to me, That after 25 years of serving in the military has PTSD . Its a Horriable terrible HELL, I would not wish on anyone !! We have 22 VETERANS committing Suicide every day, And these very people who have everything you can ever wish for pull something like that ..
    I also have a son , Jeremiah, and I pray you Remember his name because you are his favorite actor ..who worked a job in High School. He worked ..84 HRS IN ONE WK, the next day he couldn’t even stand to get out of bed & was diagnosed w a rare disease called Guillian Barre’, he had to learn to walk all over again Graduated high school got a job & just before his 6 month evaluation got it a second time worse the the first this time he almost’s extremely rare & it’s extremely rare to get it the second time so close together..The whole time he was in rehab & working to get better I bought him, EVERY MOVIE I COULD FIND WITH HIS FAVORITE ACTOR..YES ..ITS YOU , He calls you , ” M y Man, Denzel..” I just laugh..because I know how much he loves you !!! We love you !! If people like the ones who i think ruined the Golden Globes would just realize how very very lucky they are, maybe they could keep their mouths shut.. I would like to Thankyou Sir for being a VERY GOOD, STAND UP GENTELMAN, You are a Hero to my son & you got us through some Very Dark Days.THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH, All my love A very Proud Marine Momma & sister of a Army Hero, and my Amazing son Jeremiah who cheated death twice !!
    Lu Anne Englehart ♡

  71. Thank you, Denzel Washington

  72. Thank you Denzel Washington

  73. Abusing an event as a platform for a grinding stone smacks of an surrealistic pillow she’s slept too long on. Put me to sleep. Trump was wrong and an apology warranted. Golden Globes was just plain inappropriate. She has the juice to contact him direct. Appears she didn’t have the guts.

  74. Thank you Denzel Washington you are the Voice we are America and we together will make America strong again God bless you God bless America

  75. Thank you Denzel for speaking out for the regular people. I wish all of the others that think the same would speak up and then maybe the elitist ones would get the point.

  76. Michelle Sepulveda

    Denzel Washington is a wonderful actor and a righteous man, and I couldn’t agree with him more.
    Denzel and Clint are THE MEN, love these two… True Americans to the core. 😘❤😘❤😘❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  77. Felicito a Denzel por su manera de ver la vida. Dios lo bendiga

  78. So what kind of a voice do we hard-working people have? I love you Denzel but why are you inserting yourself here? Who do you think you are speaking for? Not me .. part of hard-working America. I listened to her speech .. and she spoke truth .. she was the voice for my thoughts. I read what you had to say and I was disappointed. You added nothing to the conversation. You gave no voice to anyone .. you put down the one who did. But why?

  79. Thank you! Hollywood,or some are going to turn us against them.Yes we voted,for change.
    Who does Meryl Streep think she is.
    Thank you Denzel for standing up.This whole thing is upsetting,
    How do we look to the rest of the world?America is our home and I’m a proud American.My precious husband served in Vietnam and I’m so proud.God bless all of us.Hollywoods luster is not shining,so bright

  80. I’ve always liked Denzel Washington. I would spend my last dime to see one of his films. It’s men and women
    like him that belong in the US that we love. Those other fake flakes need to go and film somewhere else
    and live there also, like Iran or N. Korea so they REALLY know what freedom is!

  81. You are right. I am a retired baby boomer that has gone back to work. I have gladly paid my taxes to help carry the bulk of my country’s expenses. But, I am tired . Everybody has freedom to vote for their President. The Liberals are not my choice but I have had to endure the last 8 years. Now we have a smart Conservative that is in the process of surrounding himself with highly qualified people to contribute experience and knowledge to his Administration. Give him and them a chance to create greatness for our country and quit whining and crying. Disappointed that celebrities impose their opinions on Americans just because they can.

  82. denzel got a point.The same clowns who voted for Donald Trump is in for rude awakening when he becomes President Jan 20th 2017.america will regret it trust me

  83. Denzel – the majority of Americans did not vote for Trump – it is just the stupidity of having an “Electoral College” (which was instituted to protect “the old ways” and not allow the states with newly freed slaves with a vote change the staid norms of the country. The United States (which fights for freedoms in other countries to ensure the voice of the people is heard) is the only “Free World” country that does NOT listen to the voice of the people when elections happen.

  84. Well said, Denzel Washington. Will buy a ticket to your movies any day. 🙂

  85. I’m so relieved to discover that there is one superstar whose feet are still firmly on the ground! God bless you Denzel Washington for calling out Meryl Streep and Jimmy Fallon.

    Majority of Americans may not be superstars but we have as much right to vote for the candidate of our choice.

  86. Good for you Denzel! From a hard working American!

  87. Thank God there are people like Denzel willing to stand up for the average American person.

  88. Too many Hollywood actors have god complexes and have the audacity to think that they can speak for us. I have spent 16 years in the Marine Corps and did two tours in Iraq. I now suffer from sever ptsd and have a hard time functioning. I was sexually assaulted twice and suffered other severe abuse as well, I’m not talking about the standard boot camp crap. Yet I’ve had to pay for a big portion of my medical treatment when we are now footing the bill for prisoners to get sex change operations. Tell me how that makes sense! I’m fighting the VA and will eventually win but in the meantime I’m flat broke! I didn’t get much for my kids for Christmas but at least bills got paid. In fact they got things they needed, clothes and shoes. I feel like a complete failure in everything. But these entitled actors think they can speak for me! They do absolutely nothing for those in need.

  89. The Hollywood elites also seem to forget whom they work for. If we don’t buy movie tickets they don’t get paid. Meryl should think about that .

  90. Denzel is one of the few who get it. Thank God for him and Kurt Russell, also Mark Wahlberg. Give it to them straight…maybe the blinders will come off and they will see that they are no more special than the rest of us. Thank the Lord for the special talent you have and for the rest of the people who each have a special place in this world. If it weren’t for the rest of us, Meryl st al wouldn’t have their fancy clothes, houses, cars. Get a life Tinsel town…you have no concept how the rest of us live. Thank you Denzel for speaking out.

  91. I do not believe Denzel wrote this. Denzel is an intelligent person.

  92. I’m sorry, but this person obviously didn’t listen to Meryl’s speech. The idea that actors are lucky and privileged to be able to do this job is exactly what Meryl said, and I see nothing in Denzel’s words that are contrary to that. Once again, a gross misrepresentation by a writer with an agenda.

  93. You go Denzel!!! I respect you and your statements! I support you! Meryl Street is like Cher, Whoopie,Barbra Streisand, Joy Behar, and the others who have said if Trump wins, they will move to Canada! Well, they made their $$ here, let’s see who leaves this country…none! They just need attention. I will not support their films or show…sore losers and they all made asses out of themselves… especially, Meryl!!!! All immature brats! Oh, Robert Dinero…”punch him in the face” ….OMG!!! I guess when Hollywood doesn’t get their way, they throw a baby tantrum!!! Bully!!

  94. Denzel is one amazing down to earth person
    I go to all his movies. He is not only my all time favorite actor but also he is a very good and smart man.

  95. Get your facts straight and don’t twist someone else’s words to benefit you! I agree 100% with what Mr. Washington is quoted saying but if has nothing to do with Ms. Streep’s speech!

  96. Way to go Denzel, You do your family and your roots proud!!! Big Ed would have been proud of you home boy!!!

  97. Thank you, Denzel Washington, for putting things in perspective. Hollywood people do tend to get full of themselves.

  98. Aagiardino giardino

    A great actor and a great American. Always respected him!

  99. Now that’s an American

  100. Washington made these comments way before the Gloden Globes. He is not attacking MS….Wish he was, but it’s not the case with these quotes.

  101. So glad somebody in Hollywood had the gall to tell those actors there,who believe the average American is so beneath them,,that All Americans matter and not just them….Wouldn’t it be great if all us lower class citizens ,as Hollywood’s thinks we are,would stop going to the movies,,,maybe if they didn’t have all that money,that the average American has enabled them to have,,and walk a few miles in our shoes,,let them try living from paycheck to paycheck and not know if they would have enough to pay all bills,and then they would understand why the Average American voted For Trump. ,We voted for him,,hoping things would be better for all and not just The upper crust…..Thank goodness someone in Hollywood has some compassion..

  102. Thank you, Denzel Washington, for being the kind of person who tells it like it is!

  103. As I watched Ms. Streep talk, I observed several of the audience/- not all were in her corner. I’m proud of Denzel Washington!

  104. tell me what he said..not what someone believes he implied !

  105. Thank you Danzel, someone who appreciates what this free country has done for you! At least I can still go to your movies, don’t need the other ones the crying liberals are making.

  106. Denzel is a wonderful man and I thank God for him and others like him. Hollywood needs to wake up or shut up!

  107. This is why I respect and admire Denzel Washington. He has keen insight and understanding of the people of this country. He has a heart as big as a mountain and is one in a million. Too bad more in Hollywood can’t get off their high horses and follow his example. They would earn a lot more respect than they do shooting off their big mouths

  108. Right on we voted him in now it is up to him to do the great job we voted him to do just get out of our way as we did with Obama and let him fail or do good on his own and let’s get on with putting our country first instead of all the rest

  109. If your article wasn’t so full of OBVIOUS typos, omitted words, and horrible grammar, I might actually be interested in this story. Unfortunately, seeing how poorly written this article is, I cannot put any faith into what this article is proclaiming.

  110. Denzel Washington is a great man. I have so much respect for Denzel Washington for standing up for we the people and letting Hollywood know it’s just not about them. If it wasn’t for us they wouldn’t be the stars they are today.

  111. And I will go out of my way to avoid any show that MStreep appears on or any movie she is in, and I will find a list of those that sponsor the award shows, and let them know that if they don’t put a muzzle on the political commentary, I will avoid their products too.

  112. Speak with your feet people! Stop patronizing these elitist pigs. Draped in jewels and designer threads. Limosines and staff and estates and woopdeedoo…what blatant inflated crap! Most movies are poor quality of subject matter and plain stupid. I’m not going to the theater. I’m not buying any movies. I’ll not be complicit any longer to support Hollywood stars luxurious hypocritical jet set lifestyles!!!

  113. They need to shut up and set down….we don’t need you asses… need us to buy your movies and cd’s…..remember that!

  114. I agree some
    Of these Hollywood elites think they are wonderful ,you guys don’t have any idea what real Americans are.We’re the ones who put you there. I guess you think we’re stupid.We deal with real life,work hard to take of our kids,we have families who fought to keep your big mouths so you can attack us.You free beca use an ordinary man/ woman fought for you
    Our policemen, our soldiers are fighting everday to protect us.

  115. Mr.Trump’s antic was indeed childish; however, the fact still remains that Meryl Streep, acting like the female Colin Kaepernick, chose to hijack an occasion to promote her own political agenda.She – and Colin- could have paid her way to organize an event where she express her ideas.

  116. I remember Denzel and Howie Mandel from the 80’s T V show St. elsewhere. Even in that earlier time, I knew both would be around for the long haul. When someone who has been around La La Land that long and still is that grounded, I commend them!

  117. Everytime I hear a celebrity voice their opinion on politics I scratch them off for supporting them by watching their movies/show. If every person that voted for Trump did the same then maybe the haters would stop. No support for them would mean no money. It’s the voters that pay their salary.

  118. Thank you Denzel, and d one others sloway coming out of yhe woodwork supporting the American an people and the decision they made.

    What bothers me the most is the fact that Trump is not President yet, and these people have him doing all these Negative things. No one really knows what he and his administration will do so why be so critical, give the guy a chance, and then bitch.

    How about looking at Obama without the rose colored glasses on and seeing him for his poor leadership qualities. I say this based on the fact that after 8 years we now have black vs. White issues worse than ever, how is that possible with a black president? Analyze that honestly.

    Last but not least to all the entertainers that BRAGGED THEY WERE GOING TO LEAVE, why say it if you are not ever intending to do it. It just shows how really dishonest and full of crap they all are.


  119. Thank you Denzel for speaking up, even though you may get shunned by the industry. Mark Samberg has spoken up about this too.

  120. Denzel… smart guy … that goes far away from the ego
    of his colleagues and can realize the truth of what is life

    Celebrities… ja ja who made them celebrities? And now
    think they can rule the life for everybody…because they become wise coming from the mediocrity of their environment
    Como down to earth and try to be good people that sacrifices for the rest not in the opposite side because you made the money that gives you comfort and confidence you better
    Of the rest of us ! Listen … to human beings like DENSEL
    and learn to be wise and .humble…!!!

  121. “Making a movie is a luxury,” he insisted on the truth. “It’s an opportunity, and most importantly, it’s a gift.”

    He’s right: “Making a movie is a luxury.”

    Making a statement, however, is a right – one that’s extended to all citizens, even performers.

    Love both actors, will continue to see their performances, and may or may not listen if they climb on a soap box. I don’t know anyone in my personal life I agree with 100% of the time; I sure don’t expect it from strangers.

    Ms Moto – As you stated “the American people can vote for whom they want”. It may behoove you to remember that close to 3 million more voters chose Clinton over Trump. But since the electoral College is currently the method for selecting a president, the concept of one voter, one vote does not apply. You should read Trump’s diatribe on the EC from 2012.

  122. I agree with Mr. Washington. If Hilary and the rest had been paying attention they would have realized this. I have no idea what kind of President Mr. Trump will be, but it won’t be any worse that the rest of them.


  124. Thank you so much Denzel. I’m really sick of the bias media, the lies, and all these shows and events getting ruined by celebrity’s thinking they need to interrupt the performance to push their agenda. Thank you for speaking for us. I have the utmost respect for you. I’ve always loved watching his movies. My favorite is Man On Fire (I’ve watched at least 6 or 20 times, lol) or at least it was until Fences, that was awesome.

  125. Denzel told it like it is & I love him for that & I love his movies!

  126. I always liked Merle Streep! I always liked Denzel Washington! The remark, Merle felt she had to make was her thoughts ! Her opinion to criticize Donald Trump! Get over yourself… do your movie and Shut up 🤐 You actually think we care what you think? Your life is nothing like the working Americans! You are not affected by any of this! You have a great life because you can make a lot of money!! The people who voted for Trump hope to get rid of wealthy people who feel superior to others! Those who act superior and think they have a clue what our life is really like, and criticize how someone who goes to extremes to get his point across … is it a good way to communicate? Not always, but did people pay attention???? Case closed!!

  127. Denzel, You just skyrocketed your Career! Someone in Hollywood finally spoke the TRUTH!

  128. Hooray for you Denzel you are absolutely right. Perhaps now ordinary people will speak up and demand our government do the right thing. A politician will get elected and the day following the election start working on their next election. They don’t care about the average working man. Thank you Denzel you have it right.

  129. Thank you, Denzl, for being a patriot! Meryl Streep made herself look and sound like 3yr. old!

  130. I agree that was no place to do that . She showed her trashy side and they sh is a lady !!

  131. I loose all respect when entertainers get on their self righteous pulpit. It just shows me how out of touch they are with the average person, who keep them employed! They wouldn’t know how, or have forgotten how to live on an average families income of $42,000-$125,000/year!! Get over yourselves, your a disgrace!

  132. I a lot of respect for both actors. Each actor had an opinion and stated it. Meryl Streep chose to express her opinion during an acceptance speech for an award given by the press. Denzel Washington chose to give his to a reporter, probably when asked what his opinion was. I personally do not like it when “stars” use their time to accept an award to make a political speech. The fact that the press said she gave an eloquent speech and then just now said Denzel “attacked” Meryl, is showing just how one sided the press can be. All he did was state his opinion. I would like to say I did not vote for Mr. Trump but he is our elected President now. Ms. Streep has enough money to pay for an ad in the papers to express her opinion instead of using someone else’s dime.

  133. I think you are getting your undies in a wad over nothing. If you want something to be upset about ask why we are still in Afghanistan after a dozen year!

  134. Denzel speaks for a lot more stars than you might think. He may be one of the finest actors ever and commands respect. Hollywood needs Denzel more than he needs them. Because of the respect he commands he can say what’s on his mind without fear of reprisal. A lot of the marginal stars do not have that luxury. If you have not seen the movie Fences please do. A great movie. Ms Streep should have spoken out about the young man that was abused by those thugs but it did not fit her agenda. Listen to Denzel’s wisdom and ignore her rehearsed rant.

  135. My Washington is a good Thank you sir🇺🇸

  136. I have said that for years. So Proud of Denzel Washington for saying it out loud. Hollywood stars do not
    live in the real world. There is a lot of us common people that would like to put our opinions out there, but
    we don’t have the platform that the ” stars” have to voice our opinions. I knew I have always like Denzel
    because he hasn’t taken for granted his life. Thank you.

  137. I agree. The every day people that go to work in factories and jobs that are so tiring and work 10 12 14 hrs. To bring home a paycheck and probably get paid $400-$600 a week if they were lucky with overtime and have to feed a family on that money. So arrogant to even star in tv shows about their life and people actually watch them!! Then treat people that way.
    You don’t hear Physicians that save lives every day
    putting themselves on a pedestal and dont make the money these crybabies do.
    Shame on all of them☹️

  138. i will make sure i have every movie that denzel and mark wahlberg is in…

  139. Yes well you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to
    Agree with Denzel. Many liberals like me refused to
    Cast a vote for Hillary , and for me saying fuck you
    To the Hollywood elte was number one reason. Fuck those bubble livin bitches. Bernie was our man and The DNC screwed him so we let Trump win .

  140. There is separation of church and state. There should be separation of Hollywood and state

  141. This is a fake story dumbasses

  142. I also agree with his statement but this and other articles I get over you are deceiving the reader. Why is Meryl Streep being mentioned, he made these comments weeks before the Golden Globes. So, I’m really confused. Secondly, stating that these word were an “attack” is also misleading. If you listen to everything that was said both before and after his statement. I feel this article is misinterpreting the context which he made the statement.

  143. I agree Denzel its about time someone in Hollywood tells it like it is. Thank you Denzel.

  144. Thank you Denzel. You are quite an american man.i liked your remarks about the media in a fog.Making a movie in my hometown, pittsburgh. Actually mckeesport, an old steelworking town. Second largest city in allegheny county. Thanks for being you!

  145. Thank you Mr. Washington. You called it correctly. I always thought you were a stand up guy. Now I know it.

  146. Thanks Denzel. Thanks for being you. Liked your post about the press. You have the confidence to be yourself, great. Youre making a movie in pittsburgh. My hometown is 15 miles s/e mckeesport. Old steeltown. U would love to meet you. Im 61.

  147. Spot On …Denzel
    I applaud your ..”stand up and speak up” in tegrity

  148. He happened to be one that I was trying to read his face as she spoke. I hope this is true. If it is then it tells me that he is a very intelligent man.
    President Trump did not do what she accused him of so it makes her and anyone that agrees with her look extremely ignorant. Research your facts lady. He mimicked a confused or forgetful person which he has done on at least 2 other occasions in the same manner and those 2 people were not disabled. He DID NOT mimic or make fun of the reporters disability. Seems like it doesn’t take intelligence to act.

  149. Denzel Washington, said it in a but shell !! I have the utmost respect for him
    I also respect Meryl Streep, I honesty believe that there’s a time and place for everything and that was not the time nor the place. Some may disagree saying she’s entitled to Freedom of Speech.

  150. Meryl Streep needs to get over herself. She says “If we all leave the country all we’ll have left to watch is football and boxing. Seriously if they all leave other talented people will replace them. Remember they make millions. Do they really think there aren’t other talented people. So if you can’t accept President Trump, then leave.

  151. Denzel has an opinion like everyone, who is he to speak on my behalf. I know Meryl told the truth, trump mocked a disabled reporter and that is very ugly. that’s it! who here thinks that is all right to do? WHO?

  152. Thank you, Danzel. God bless America. Most of these Hollywood elite never fought on a battlefield for our freedom. My dad invaded Normandy. Thank God for sending us a man who truly loves this land and is willing to put his life on line to help save this country with the Lord’s help. We need God back in schools, courtrooms.

    These elitist need to study American history and Germany’s Hitler to see where we are headed

  153. Many in Hollyweird have the same thoughts as Mr.Washington grand actors long time actors with respect for the arts, those who go to the box offices across America and buy DVD’s and most importantly America ,
    America’s political and legal system most importantly respect the peoples choice of
    politicans they voted into office reguardless of their political views.
    Wish for one time as representatives of Holloywood conservatives would as Mr.Washington let Americans know they are with the true backbone of America,

  154. These libreals are nothing but a bunch of crybabies. And why are they still here in America?????.. I thought they were leaving if Trump won the election.

  155. Denzel you made my day. I’m so proud that you stood up and told those so called high fluting people who look down their noses at us poor americans who send our sons and daughters off to protect them and give their lives for them to have the freedom for them to make their movies. We work hard to have the right to vote however we choose and just because they cater to their rich friends doesn’t mean we have to. They put on their pants just like I do one leg at a time. Denzel I would be proud to have you run for president. Thanks for standing up for us average american.

  156. I have a question for any of the folks here who have voted for Mr. Trump. I mean this most respectfully, and I hope you will answer in a respectful way. I assume everyone here is equally intelligent and may be considering the possibility that Mr. Trump is lying to all of us, that he is either a spy for, does business with, hopes to do business with or owes huge sums of money to Russia or China and that one (or both) of them is controlling him and his cabinet choices and ambassadors, etc. with plans to cripple the American government, rob it’s Treasury, sell it’s natural resources and enslave it’s people. If this turns out to be the case, my question is, what do you think should happen and when should it happen?

  157. Many in Hollyweird have the same thoughts as Mr.Washington grand actors long time actors with respect for the arts, those who go to the box offices across America and buy DVD’s and most importantly America ,
    America’s political and legal system most importantly respect the peoples choice of
    politicans they voted into office reguardless of their political views.
    Wish for one time as representatives of Hollywood Conservatives they would as Mr.Washington let Americans know they are in tune with the true backbone of America,

  158. Thank you Denzel for not being afraid to share what half of Americans feel, specifically the half that voted for Donald Trump. Even if Meryl Streep got up there on her award night and decided to demean Hillary Clinton I would still think that’s wrong.

  159. Most Hollywood freaks can’t even take care of themselves, their children, or stay faithful to one person. How many so-called marriages? Have another drink. Smoke some more dope. Snort some more coke. Hire a personal trainer instead of learning how to work out. Listen to some psychologist instead of using your own mind. Pay someone else to do all of your work on your property. Useless F-ing morons.

  160. Meryl Streep did not say people couldn’t vote for who they wanted to. In fact people voted for their candidate and Hillary got the poplar vote, so voting was not her issue. Her issue with Trump was his behavior as President Elect in mocking a disabled reporter verbally and making rude jesters. It was caught on tape but Trump continues to deny it happened. That is the problem.

  161. I believe that she should not have expressed her self in that way. I love Merill Streep as a person and a amazing actress but this was a special event! I hope that maybe she could give Trump a chance when he’s in office. Nobody knows this until he’s in there and see what he will do. But as an actress she’s very talented!

  162. Place your comments below – you mean after the vulgar inappropriate ads that you force everyone to look at as soon as click the link? Not ok!!

  163. I applaud Densil!! The “actors” better get off their high horses…..all of them!!…I use to LOVE DiNiro!! Until he said that IGNORANT statement about punching him in the face BS!! That was Ignorant, How can Actors bow down to his hinghness DiNiro!! what a Crop of Crap!! I’ll watch a Movie of Densils before I’ll lower myself to watch a DiNiro and Streep movie…..I never liked her movies anyway…..Streep, put on your puppy coat and bow wow outa here!!

  164. You are sooooooo right, Denzel. PLEASE keep on talking. You are just a fraction of the sane Hollywierdos. They will have to answer for their self-righteous selves.
    Wish they would leave us to our own lives to lead, not their fantacies.

  165. I like Denzel and he tells the truth to a certain point. Not all Americans know the real candidates. They only go by what they hear on media. So far I didn’t like either trump or hilary. They made a spectacle of the road to presidency by fighting like kids but with a mature mouth of profanity. I hope trump does a good job but I don’t think it will come out that way. For one congress has to approve of a lot before the president can make it happen.

  166. I love Denzel Washington , he speaks the truth , I respect him , He Loves America and Jesus May God Bless him and his Family

  167. So much respect for Denzel!! A man who cries and feels for others and shows this on National TV. And I’m not talking movie’s I’m talking real Life. Thank you Denzel!! Can’t wait to see your new movie. God Bless !

  168. Soldiers fight for our freedom of speech. Meryl honored that.
    Over half of America voted AGAINST Trump.
    Meryl spoke for them.
    No hard working middle class Americans have the ear of do many.
    Meryll spoke for them.
    Denzel spoke his opinion that actors aren’t the experts. His belief didn’t include himself, I guess.

  169. Such class on Mr Washington’s part. He shows what is really important. I may never see another Meryl Streep movie again and I definitely don’t watch Jimmy Fallon anytime. I never have thought he was funny. Mr Washington on the other hand will get my meager movie dollars. I am retired with disabilities and on a very fixed budget, so I have a limited amount I am able to spend on entertainment. But he will receive as much as I can.

  170. Cindy Miltenberger

    Shoot I’ll act half the pay the other actors are being payed… I just want a clean safe home, ( not a beat up falling apart black mold trailer I am living in now) I want the best education for my children, that acting would pay for it all… I’ll do it just for my children… I don’t care about being famous I just want a better life for my babies…

  171. Thank thank thank you once again you have got it right. I used your address that you gave to a college (sorry can’t remember the college) when they said you can’t use God in your address and told them, at the end of your speech to get on their knees to looks for their slippers to thank God every morning. You are one great American, thank you for understanding the plight of the middle Americans that seem to be forgotten by the Hollywood people.

  172. Right Denzel, they are insulting the very people who buy tickets to their movies and contribute to thier TV ratings.

  173. Denzel I love you now more then ever! Thank you! This is my take….How about we stop going to the movies that those actor’s who think I’m nothing, you know the Basket of Deplorables! Let’s see when they start hurting for work, they learn something! Know how long that would take, realistically, many many many years, but NOT impossible. It’s a challenge, and it would hurt, BUT NEVER NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE the power of the pissed!!!!!!

  174. Right because without us, there is no one to watch the movies they make or pay for the tickets that makes them millions. Like Denzel said, don’t get it twisted. They work for us just like everyone else. Everyone works for the average American consumer in the end.

  175. Those sound like the words of an American Patriot. Can I get an Amen?


  177. I think another factor in Trumps victory is that regular folks became tired of being preached to by Hollywood celebs. Nobody cares what Rosey or Debra Messing have to say….I would rather have a beer with Denzel…Mark Wahlberg and Clint Rastwood….then have to listen to the patronizing..self-righteous dribble of most of these Hollywood types….
    And why are the likes of Whoopie, Samuel Jackson, still here..I thought they were leaving for Canada….

  178. I love Denzel too and I have great respect for him as a man. Meryl Streep was wrong to use the Golden Globe Awards as a platform for her politics. No one cares what her opinion is. It was wrong and lacked class. I’m sure there were a lot more dropped jaws in the room than Mel Gibson. You could tell he was shocked that she would bring up politics in that forum.

  179. I absolutely adore Denzel his movies his honesty his love his gratefulness and his glory to God to be able to say what he has said to us on this Facebook I know this mess is mostly entertainment but this I honestly believe came from this wonderful person that came to allow certain ones that disgrace is just that disgrace and the Globe Awards were totally disgraced Sunday night 1/8/2016 according to this Facebook a lot of people didn’t watch the show Jimmy Fallon started out destroying it but Streep totally destroyed it so be happy be full of your self because of you I watch Fox News movies that have real people like Denzel Washington Morgan Freeman used to be Whoopi but she showed herself on the view so God bless all of you that were leaving but are still here pray you learn that God made us ALL no color only people I do believe God blessed America with Donald Trump as the next President of our United States of America God bless America in Jesus name amen love

  180. Love this honest man. So down to earth. I would vote for him if he ran for office.

  181. Denzel Washington has always been one of my favorite actors but now I find that he also has his head on straight as far as giving perspective to the movie industry. It is obvious that both with dealing with TV as well as movie stars, that they are shaken to the core and in total disbelief that the rest of the country did not look to them as the authorities in analyzing and recommending the appropriate POTUS. I give less credence to a celebrity than I do the neighbor grocer, pharmacist or farmer. These are the people that are making this country run, not celebrities. Thank you Denzel, for speaking up and giving them a wake-up call!

  182. How can anyone not respect and admire this man. An honest superstar for a change.

  183. Well spoken my wonderful brother!! It is the people of America that makes this country what it is. I worked hard for fifty years in warehousing on my feet all day. Finally able to retire at 65 . I like so many Americans of all colors all races voted for Donald Trump!! I want change I want to see America great again. I long for the old days growing up I want a better world for my grandson and my family! It’s men and women like you Mr. Washington that I respect. God Bless this great and free Country we call America!!

  184. Thank you Denzel. I’ve lost so much respect for so many others that I’m wondering who else will stand tall with you. It seems the majority of the Hollywood Elite are still whining. It’s time for them to move out of their disdainful country or get on board.
    Isn’t the platform designed for acceptance?
    Thankfulness? Encouragement for fellow actors?
    Hoe horribly rude & thankless ms Streep

  185. I love you speak the truth. Hollywood lives in a bubble and the Americans chose this man and support him. Sorry Hollywood…you work for the people….you have it twisted. Love you Denzel. Thank you for taking a stand.

  186. Something’s not right here.

  187. Thank you Denzel Washington!

  188. He was a lot more polite than I would have been…he left out a lot of well-deserved 4-letter words that they so richly deserve.

  189. If this is true, I applaud Mr Washington for what he said. Hollywood doesn’t speak for the average American. They live in their partying, drug filled la-la land and think the world revolves around them just because they’re famous. Well here’s a news flash…. it doesn’t! The REAL Americans spoke November 8th, 2016 so get over it or do what you promised us and leave our country!

  190. Good for Denzel Washington…………we need more people like him. When I watch an awards show I certainly don’t want to listen to someone talking politics. Or, worse yet, putting down our president-elect.

  191. Americans should boycott Hollywood.

  192. Thank you Denzel Washington for your courage to speak the truth in front of all your Hollywood peers!
    I truly am disgusted with Ms. Streep and all the other celebrities that think they know what is best for the average American!
    We the people voted for President Elect Trump!

  193. I appreciate your efforts and would like to re-post but this article is poorly written and shame on the editor who approved it.

    I’ll try to find a similar article with better grammar.

    You should be embarrassed.

  194. So much respect for him. Finally a realist out of Hollywood

  195. I have always liked Streep and will continue to watch her movies!!! However understand…. She is an actress… She pretends to be someone else for a living and is paid for doing this!!! She has not found the cure for cancer.. She has not fought for her country….actually what has she contributed to her fellow man…???

    She made some movies??? REALLY??? Although I agree with Denzel….. He has heart… She has her movies….He should not waste his breathe on Streep…. I think Streep and so many more have forgotten who put them where they are…. YEP… The deplorables !! Lololol

  196. He ,Denzel Washington ,cut right thru the cheese. He put it all in perspective. I trul admire him. Not just as a great actor but as a human being thst he truly is. God bless u.

  197. Thank you Denzel Washington for having the courage to speak the truth!
    I am very disgusted with Ms. Streep and all the Hollywood actors that presume they know what is best for the average American citizen!
    We the people have spoken!
    Welcome President Elect Donald Trump!

  198. Sooooo true. Denzel has a lot of common sence. Everyone who didn’t vote for Trump are still so shell shocked. They forgot about rural and blue collar AMERICANS sitting back watching all the BS. Than on November 8th all those rural and blue collar AMERICANS had to go to WORK before they went to the polls to vote against lies and empty promises ! Caught everyone off guard, hahaha, would have loved to see their faces but I went to bed, said a prayer and left it to God…..😁

  199. No actor is more politically more impotant than the factory worker, the car salesman or the hopital nurse. Money earned is what you do, your opinion is soley your opinion, no more important than the next.When you use a bully pulpit to voice your opinion remember there is always another side just as valid. Streep may have sounded good to her fellow peers, but to us on the street working stiffs, she sounded elitist and condescending!

  200. The woman is sick. Her acting ability is good but her common sense is out the window! I will not go to any movies she is in.

  201. I know about the “freedom of speech” and all that, but I think it was inappropriate of Ms. Streep and others to take advantage of the event to express her feelings. She could have just mentioned President-Elect Trumps name because everybody knew who she was referring . This whole bashing has gone on long enough. I said it before and I’m going to say it again. IF you all don’t like our new President to be…. Then damn it, leave the country like you promised!!!!!

  202. I make aerospace parts.. I’m a machinist.. Parts for our military.. They know nothing about work.. # dirty jobs

  203. Way to go Denzel!!! You speak the truth and I like that in a person.

  204. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, two true stars!!!!

  205. I totally agree and am glad to here Denzel and other celebrities Speaking Up. Thank you Mr. Washington. I am proud and encouraged that you and others are speaking against this childish behavior.

  206. You are a hero and rock !! Thanks for setting the elitist straight!!

  207. Truth is always irrefutable!! Thank you Denzel for being a man of honor and truth!!

  208. Ummmmm-trying to see where Denzel called out Meryl at all. This article is a stretch at best. This seems like super sloppy reporting to me. Real quotes – real time. Did he say this yesterday or 10 years ago? #ConservativeClickbait

  209. Thank you Denzel. Who did she think she is…ur right we voted for trump because we want a better USA…thay all can go to hell in Hollywood..

  210. No! What Meryl Streep spoke of is basic decency which is missing from our President-elect. Washington’s comments are tangential and off-point to Streep’s concerns about a lack of moral compass and the potential for it to trickle down throughout our society.

  211. Denzel Washington took to the “SOAP BOX” cause he lost the Golden Globes award for best actor in a drama. He needs to be heard, another politically unsound celebrity pouting as Donald “the chump” Trump does on Twitter. Trump’s not going to run this country behind the “Resolute Desk” but on his phone through Twitter cult. Danzel take a Xanax and get on with your life.

  212. Thank you Denzel, nice to see someone from Hollywood brave enough to speak out.

  213. Thank u Denzel.. I do not understand why they are always whining.. it is really getting old.. I have voted both ways & sometimes hubby & I would vote different.. Why are they doing this….it is so childish… u win some & u lose some.. we had 8 yrs of Obama, 8 yrs. of Clinton ( who was worse) let the man have a chance … we always gave our new president a chance.. but they keep digging & digging.. people there are two sides & one side won….. please get over it & stop dividing the country…. remember ALL LIVE MATTER & ALL BABYS MATTER & ALL ANIMALS MATTER….. WE ARE A COUNTRY .. STOP TRYING TO DIVIDE US.. & STARS OF MOVIES U SHOULD GET YOUR AWARD & STOP making your platform for getting a award & ruining it… no respect for u … especially when years ago u stood up & clapped for a rapist (have the video) anyone can look it up.. He is in Europe & cannot enter USA Roman Polisky or something like that .. & oh way did u not say how awful it was for 4 black people to torture a special needs man becuz he was white & they made him drink our of a toilet & said u voted for Trump.. he did not even vote… Streep this is 10000 times worse than what Trump did.

  214. Thank you Denzel. You put things in perspective.

  215. Where are you to go Denzel! Thank you for speaking up to those @in the industry of Hollywood ” who don’t work pay check to pay check because of there “deserved status.” Where is your momentum to to help and work WITH underpaid and under privilege US citizens when yotmodel millions of dollars in jewelry, $100,000 in clothes, shoes and “gifts” that got broadcast to all of America! Do what YOU can for this country!?


  217. Hollywood has forgotten that if the working class people didn’t buy the ticket to the movie and shows they wouldn’t have the money or think they are better than the rest of us.
    For some reason hollywood acter and actress think they are better than the rest of us, they need to remember where they came from and how fast they could be one of use if people stop buying tickets for there shows.
    We don’t care who they voted for and don’t want to hear them, no one is paying hard earned money to get a speach on who we should have voted for.
    So they need to do there jobs just like we do every day when on stage.
    On there own time they can say what they wish but not on the time and money i spent on there ticket.

  218. Agreed! He make his point with such class. Many others need to lead by his example!!!

  219. Thats one guy id love to meet n person and shake his hand these actors have gotten way to big for their britches like wat they do affects our lives there all paid puppets there to make us happy they’ve forgoten that we pay their grossly over paid salary and that with out us they dont exist

  220. Good for Denzel! It’s the everyday man and woman who go out and work 8+ hours a day, that our nation is built on. Not Hollywood. It was the everyday, hard working American that elected Trump. Deal with it. They now want to go on strike. Fine, just do it. But all those cameramen, coffee getters, make-up artists, set changers, costume seamstress’, etc., will be out of work. Thus not able to pay their bills. All while you still enjoy your millions and probably fly to some exotic location while “on strike.” Enjoy your bully pulpit. Hope it works as well as leaving the Country does.

  221. I agree! Denzel we love you and thank you for your opinion and not going along with the Hollywood elite. You, sir, are the Hollywood elite that helps make America strong and proud. Wish there were more like you.

  222. Thank You Denzel, for speaking up to these people who all said if President Trump became President they would leave the Country. I say these same people are acting like little spoiled brats who didn’t get what they wanted. They all need to start acting like ADULTS again, the world doesn’t revolve around them. This is America and everyone should be treated equal and with respect, if your not HAPPY here in the United States, leave, no one is forcing you to stay. There are Men and Women who are serving our Country who deserve everyone to stand beside them and America. These insults of our New President is getting to be boring especially coming from people who we USE to LOOK Up to. I’ve lost a lot of respect towards these Actors and Acttresses who THINK THEY are better than anyone else. Have they ever Thought by acting like children that it will change the results of the Election. President Trump needs the opportunity to show the people what he can do for America just like all the Presidents before him. God Bless America and Thank You to our Servicemen and Women 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  223. If I remember correctly, the majority of people voted for Hillary? That would be your everyday working class person!

  224. I think Denzel Washington hit the nail on the head.. I’ve always admired his work. The first movie I saw of his was GLORY.. I cried.. I love this man.. And he’s right.. The more people put Trump down the more it pisses me off.. Jimmy Fallon is just flat out two faced.. I’m happy your standing up for what a lot of hard working Americans believe in.. Thank you

  225. Love the man God Bless him and his family

  226. But last I heard Ms Streep is an American citizen and has a right and duty to stand up for her beliefs. It is never wrong to stand up against bullying, racism, hatred; maybe more people should do it!!!
    Ms Streep is fortunate to have an opportunity to speak out for the MANY people who feel this way, but have no way to make their voice heard. I personally am appalled and ashamed that so many have stayed silent!!

  227. i respect restraint and disipline–which mr washington is praticing;when you have fame and fortune you would probably tend to feel important;like believing your own press agent;or your press–if you will;but to realize the truth that joe the plumber -or-wayne the electrician have opinions and feelings that they develop in their reality-their everyday life;their reality is more common then rich stars from stage and screen;there’s many more joe’s and waynes then there are denzels and merels—so–unless you assume working people are just robots without any brain at all—that yiou need to tell them what their truth-their reality is;so if you feel that the stars are endowed with great genius in the field of human politics—which isn’t their profession -no more then it is joe-or-waynes;WHY WOULD THEIR OPINION BE ANY MORE VALUED?YEAH–I’M TALKING TO YOU –BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN–ROBERT DENIRO-BARBARA STREISAND-TOM HANKS-SALLY FIELDS-WE HAVE OUR COMPUTERS NOW WHERE WE CAN PICK-UP MUCH MORE INFO THEN ANY PREVIOUS GENERATIONS;WE CAN CIPHER THIS THRU OUR MINDS–SORT IT OUT–THEN VOTE;IT;S VERY CONDESCENDING TO THINK WE’RE JUST STAR STRUCK FOOLS WHO WILL BLINDLY FOLLOW THE BLIND;ONLY YOUNG IMMATURE LEFTY’S AREN’T IMMUNE TO YOUR CHARMS;

  228. The vote by the American people, the popular vote was won by Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes. Trump won with the Electoral College votes. Same way we got Bush.

  229. Denzel…here id my wallet

  230. You are a true gentleman Denzel. The people in Hollywood that are against Donald Trump should back up and look at what they are doing to this country. It is tearing it apart. I may have voted for someone other than Obama but I have kept relatively quiet and survived the eight years of Democratic rule. Now it’s time for Republicans and we all need to support him !

  231. Denzel…here is my wallet

  232. Right on Denzel I Hope you make more movies and GOD Bless you real good for your stand!!!

  233. Thank you, Mr. Washington! You’ve been a favorite of mine for many years and I’m glad you are one of the few to speak out against the hypocrisy of these Progressive Liberal “celebrities”. We are as sick of them as we are of the whole elitist government that is supposed to be serving us instead of trying to make us their mindless robots.

  234. So glad Denzel was not afraid to say what many felt. My respect for him grows ever more.

  235. Wow. Respect him even more now

  236. It’s shocking when someone speaks the truth! We have some really good actors in Washington, making life and death movies in real time.

  237. Denzel, I loved you in the Preacher’s Wife—-when you played the angel! Thanks for living up to and walking out your great convictions with courage and dignity–blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God~~~revlkreedy/beacon of hope/wsyd~~~

  238. He’s a class act! I feel the same, those people are there to accept awards, they go up and say thank you and appreciate those that voted them to have the award then get off the stage.. It’s that simple! If they want to get on a soap box take it to their personal social pages!

  239. Denzel spoke unvarnished truths. I am so greatful that he had the courage and character to say this. I hope the youth of America hears and reads it as well. There media elites like Streep, Dinero and so many others need to remember their place. They are not great teachers and they’re not political experts. Streep said nothing that even tended to unite America. It was more leftist propaganda that people who are not paying attention to what is happening in America and low-information voters will soak it up as gospel because she’s a movie star. She was an opportunist

  240. Hollywood stars believe they are above us ordinary citizens of America. They forget that without us patronizing their movies, and buying their records, they will be nowhere. I’m thankful for people like Denzel, and Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell and others who are not afraid to be vocal and who are not afraid to stand for the majority.

  241. It happens in spiritual things, just like this article, which has nothing to do with Denzel saying anything about Trump. Read the quotes, just the quotes, and then you’ll see the article is implying something not said, tilting his words to support their agenda; In spiritual things, people don’t read the Bible, what it says, and they are tilted by preconceived notions and false prophets. Read the text, analyze the Apostle’s writings, and they will show you salvation. #FiveSolas

  242. Miss Streep, you were voted in because you won an award. It seems you did not appreciate any recognition that was all yours. I wanted to hear from your mouth thank you, oh my, oh gosh, thank you so much for your support and love! I, for one, was so happy for you!! But NO, you chose your speach to bash the President-elect. Congratulations for choosing the wrong platform to vent your anger on…even though it appeared to me like most of your smiling audience was “hanging onto your every single word”. Some of your TV viewers saw a rare and different side to how an ego goes to some folk’s head. I’m thankful that you can take a raw character part and turn it into someone that has soul. It’s like you become someone else with that person’s mind-thinking when you role play. To me, you should have been in character of someone else (or were you) when you pitifully accepted the appreciation of your voted award? I believe you are a wonderful actress. I’m glad you won the recognition you deserve. Thank your God he gave you the talent. Otherwise, you’d be just like the rest of us deplorables.

  243. Thank you Denzel for what you said!! You are a great actor, which is really nice but you are also a Christian and see the world with open eyes! That’s so much more important than being a great actor! Thank you for telling it like it is.

    Keep the Faith!
    Your Sister in Christ,

  244. Thanks Denzel for having the courage to speak up against people who are so full of themselves. . Where was the media when you spoke ? You are the man of the hour at the Golden Globe.

  245. Thank you for speaking out I sincerely appreciate beyond words.May God Bless you

  246. Their problem is that they cannot see how ridiculous they appear to the rest of the world.

  247. That was refreshing to hear, thank you Denzel we at our house have always been fans of yours. Now we just adore you.

  248. Denzel is fantastic, thanks for staying non political! Now I will anticipate all of you next movies.,

  249. Denzel is one of the very smart actors left in Hollywood today. I appreciate that he was brave enough to come forward and put all those Hollywood prima donnas in their place. Thank you Mr Washington.

  250. I agree with Meryl Streep we need a leader who demonstrates class and honor in all his/her actions. Mocking someone for something for which he has no control is despicable! She didn’t say making a movie is more important than other professions.

  251. Give em Hell……Denzell!

  252. michaelene berger

    you are Aces Denzel….you speak the truth!

  253. Have conservatives forgotten that the man they just elected is a Hollywood celebrity who was the host of his own show? Hypocrisy much?

  254. Am sick of hearing these TV and movie people trashing Trump. They think that because they are on tv or on the big screen that they can just say anything and be applauded. Are they so blinded by their self-righteousness that they fail to realize that many Americans do not share their views? They should learn how to respect the choice of others even if they are just ordinary Americans. Insulting Trump is also insulting those Americans who voted for him. And for goodness sake, give the man a chance to lead.

  255. Stephanie G. Petersen

    Please edit your remarks: Below, not Bellow….

    Please correct this sentence, it doesn’t make any sense: thankful for those same Americans making the able to be where they are.

    Re-read your piece and correct the typos. This looses it’s impact with the lousy grammar, and typos.

  256. Denzel told the truth as it should have been told to these Hollywood idiots. It is much harder to send your son to Iraq. Try sending two of your only children to Iraq to fight for these Hollywood idiots to spew the crap they spew. Where are their children? Hiding behind mommy and daddy. Thank you Mr. Washington

  257. We all have a right to vote for whom we believe to do the best job, I was very disappointed the Meryl’s Streep decided to use the time dedicated to say thank you for recognizing her years of work in her industry to use as a political platform. Not cool at all. I admired her work as an actress , now I’m not sure what to think. No class .

  258. I love Denzel for ALL he’s worth. He’s a great actor and from what I perceive of him, he’s a great man with great integrity. Shame on Meryl Streep for taking a cheap shot at President Elect Donald Trump when it was suppose to be about the Golden Globe Awards. This made me infuriated! So many showed some class by not standing up, mock her & embarrass her! I could tell by some of their faces some Celebrities didn’t really agree that this was the appropriate time & place for her to discuss her views about politics. Meryl Streep can cry us a river, we don’t care, get over it…..Hillary lost!

  259. Denzel, is one of my favorite actors and I am happy he spoke out. Thank you Denzel! I heard him talk on an interview on TV about his son, who I believe was either in the military or going into it. I could be mistaken because it was a long time ago.

  260. Sheila LaVaughn House

    I am so happy to see that there are some actors that live in the real world. It’s time to get out of the acting world when you can’t see the difference between the parts you play and who you really are.

  261. Denzel Washington is tired of hypocrites people. His tired of people lies, he wants the truth to be spoken.

  262. Denzel Washington is tired of hypocrites people. His tired of people lies, he wants the truth to be spoken. As GOD’S Word said that “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

  263. Those arrogant idiots think they are important. They are way over paid and most of them do not have a clue. Thank You Mr. Washington for putting them in their place. The liberal idiots do not have a clue what a real Americans life is like.

  264. Thank You Denzel for telling it like it is. These liberal cry babies need to STFU. They do not live in the real world.

  265. Denzel , so well spoken. Thank you as one of those Americans they are putting down. I’ve worked since I was 15 and got married too at that age. We’re what they say is middle class. To me that means we barely make it but we have worked hard all our lives and know as we enter the senior part of our lives we still struggling. Insurance is outrageous and we can’t afford not to have it. It’s not a game to us,it’s survival. Thanks Mr. Washington for standing up for us and speaking truth. Our soldiers are our heroes and their families.

  266. Denzel thank you for standing up to Hollywood liberal jackasses

  267. Denzel just impressed the hell out of me. I’ve always enjoyed his movies. He is one of the most talented actors making movies these days. And he is also correct about the elitist snobism the actors and actresses display. He told it like it is.

  268. It’s lovely and wonderful to hear someone who doesn’t believe his own publicity! New respect for you, Denzel, as well as Mark Wahlberg.

  269. Finally,Someone in hollywood with. sense. They are just over paid little children. Who think matter. We’ll they don’t.

  270. Yes 1000% correct well said mr Washington is not only a great actor, also a man of content value solid thought a real American. People should follow his example, America is still a free country and should know that at the end of the day we are all American and should stick together united and strong. Let no nation dare touch America or let no egotistical ego maniacs touch or try and influence America.

  271. Always refreshing to know that some people see it as it truly is. Donald Trump was voted into office…..let him do his job and stop with the drama already. Drama is for the stage and screen. Meryl Streep, in my opinion made a fool of herself. Amazing that she feels she has enlightened us all.

  272. Denzel is so so right !!! She just try and try again to impulse the rest of the people to think like her, that create violence !!

  273. Well said Denzel ,actors are talented and very fortunate that God has blessed them with the good fortune that comes with that, unlike your average citizen , who works hard only to hear these self ritious wealthy people complaining.i to disagree with Trumps seemingly callice behavior.The problem is people KILLARY FOLLOWERS are the biggest loosers and just can’t except the best person won and I truely believe in time will prove he’s doing this strenuous task of leading our country because he truly love the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤❤God Bless us ALL🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  274. Absolutely CORRECT. I TOTALLY AGREE. I think it is high time for someone like Denzel to tell it like it is. America spoke it’s mind. It’s DONE. Get over it!! Move on and stop bad-mouthing our President elect. No matter HOW you feel at this point, it is what it is!! Exactly, making a movie IS NOT like sending a child/family member to war, etc. Let’s put things into perspective here….You go, Denzel!! Tell it like it is and THANK YOU for standing up for America!!!

  275. Love Denzel…he is the resl deal💖

  276. Denzel Washington hit the nail right on the head. We “common folk” do have a voice and we used it. These Hollywood Elite should remember that they would be nothing if people stopped watching their movies. How long would they be remembered then?

  277. It’s about time some let these spoiled brat “actors” that no one but other liberal “actors” give a crap about their political oppinons. Shove your awards where the sun don’t shine.

  278. Meryl Streep should be ashamed of herself and all the other people that are acting out over the election. Never have I seen other parties act so childish. One day a lot of people are going to have a lot to answer for. Trump and Denzel Washington have my respect, not M Streep. That was not the place or time for her to give her little speech. The movie The Devil Wears Prada sure shows who she is. 😢😢


  280. Denzil is a very rare stand up guy he is without doubt one of the finest actors on the planet he should stand for president

  281. This article is so poorly written. What did Denzel really say? Full and accurate text is required here.

  282. But “send your son to Iraq” is what they will do

  283. Denzel is not one of the best. HE IS THE BEST… I have always liked him and I always will. Any movie he is in, I will watch.

  284. Finally a movie ⭐️ star that realizes that we make our own decision! We are smart! We don’t need Hollywood or even some of the government such as Jerry Brown to tell us we voted for the wrong people! We are intelligent people! If we could we’d move out of Southern CA! Due to health reasons and Family we choose to stay here!! We know we voted for the right people! We want change not the same old same old! We want to be heard! Meryl Streep and her buddies live in a fantasy world like the movies they are in!! We choose who we want!! It’s not dishonest Hillary or Obama! We can turn you off but we can’t a president that we can’t trust!! Respect our choice!!

  285. The real sad part is the influence that the Hollywood Elite like this have on the public. Life for most people is hard. Not because it has to be, but because it has been instilled in them from their experiences in life. More than 2/3 of the American population has been paralyzed by circumstances they were not taught how to properly deal with. The movie industry has capitalized on that by giving the populous somewhere to escape to. And now that they have your attention, some of them want to influence you to believe they have real life answers that they truly don’t when it comes to another individuals life. Because, come Monday morning, for most people it is back to reality.

  286. The mental disease that many elites in Hollywood exhibit is classic narcissistic disorder. After years of fame and fortune, they actually believe that their words spoken to the masses off the screen or stage have relevance. They need to have all sharp objects removed from their presence because when they reach the point that they discover they are no longer relevant on the stage and screen, they are in danger of harming themselves or others.

  287. I am, of course, commenting on the words of Meryl Streep and not Denzel Washington. Mr. Washington apparently does not have this mental disorder. He is not not a wonderful actor, he is an honorable man.

    • I seem to have unfortunately made an error in my comment. Mr. Washington is not ONLY a wonderful actor, but an honorable man.

  288. 100% respect for Denzel and several other celebrities but 0% respect for Meryl Streep and Jimmy Fallon and 80% of the rest of Hollywood fucking dumb ass freak’s

  289. Bravo Mr Washington you put it straight out and add nest and I thank you for that you are one special person God bless you

  290. Very honest and straightforward !

  291. THANKYOU Denzil. For speaking out

  292. anita stonecypher

    the world would be just fine without hollywood, without movies, television, AND without sports (although I do love sports). The TRULY important people – the ones this world would be in even sadder shape without are the farmers, truck drivers, teachers, janitors, day-care operators, medical professionals, and most important of all….sanitation workers. how much credit and respect do THEY get but how horrible things would be without them.

  293. Whoever wrote the above should stop trying to play with words, and learn to write basic clear English. One really had to work a get their meaning. And (I know you’re not supposed to start a sentence with and) yes I’m very glad for and admire Mr. Washington’s clarity and COURAGE.

  294. Thank you Denzel Washington for standing up to those people in your profession that have lost a grip on reality. Most of the actors in Hollywood are paid large amounts of money to do what they do and so many of them seem to think that that gives them the right to tell the rest of America how they should feel involved when it comes to our politicians. I am a 61 year old male who has served his country and I have a son also that has served his country. And for me personally I’ll take it as a slap in the face for these pukes that are called actors and actresses to think that my country is not worthy of Donald Trump! Donald Trump won the election fair and square and now he is the 45th president of the United States and the rest of America needs to wake up and give the man a chance!

  295. Obviously there are some real people in Hollywood that realize that the American people and real heros are the ones that live everyday life! We the majority that elected Donald Trump are the real backbone and support of this Country! How great it becomes is our responsibility, do not ever forget that! Denzel made a very good comment and it is true. Keep praying for our leadership and do not be afraid to speak up for God, truth and compassion. Compassion for others is the most misunderstood strength and the most sought after emotion Hollywood seeks. At the same time the ones that think they are better than us will never find it! God bless the talented that want to share it for our enjoyment! God Bless Donald Trump for without God’s intervention we will never succeed in our efforts!

  296. Did you even proofread this article? I’m embarrassed for you…

  297. Never going to Meryl Streep movie again.


    SPEND a Year or two on $30,000.00 / yr income and then talk…

  299. Thank you Denzel. Hollywood is fake. Their whole existence is based on Drama and Fantasy. Do we really want these people writing government policy? We would be in a world of hurt.

  300. I love Denzel. What class. My DVD and music collection keeps getting smaller and smaller. I refuse to be bullied by entertainers.

  301. The college electorate selected Trump as president, when you say the average american well, they selected Hillary, with an over 3 million votes difference! the popular vote/the average American was against Trump regardles of your personal opinion and this is an undeniable fact

  302. As usual…your byline is another example of ‘bait and switch’………Danzel DID NOT ATTACK Meryl Streep for her rant at the golden Globes nor did he GO AFTER elitists about anything. He expressed his opinion about his profession.

  303. We the people are tired of working our entire lives and having people like Omaha, the Liberals (all of them) tell us how to make America great.
    They have all but Destroyed our America while living in their make believe worlds.
    We the hard working Americans know who makes America great. It’s our Men and Women in Uniform who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us and our Freedoms.
    It’s the people go out and work until their worn out, trying to support themselves and their families. The people who believe in our Constitution and Second Ammendment.
    The people who believe you measure the worth of a person not by the Color of their skin but the content of their character. It’s people who are willing to stand up for good and condemn Evil when it is present. People who don’t allow Hollywood to set our Morals or Values.
    People who believe in God and the 10 Commandments (Which is what our laws where based on.)
    I could go on and on but you get the message!
    It’s the Average Hard Working, God fearing and family oriented America that makes America Great!!!
    So thanks for standing up to to Liberal Elites of Hollywood.
    Denzel you are a a man upon men. Thank you!
    God Bless you!

  304. I see, only comments that agree with your views are being published, “moderators” 😉 You must know by now that you make mockery of an open, public discussion forum, so I’ll save you from my further bitter words. Yawn….

  305. They think they are so special, above the rest of us. They are the pretty people that make their living with a skill they do well. They are not surgeons, war heroes, social workers, small business owners that are the true heroes of our life. Their profession could be halted tomorrow and our lives would still go on. Maybe we should show them the power the public has one ticket at a time. Just STOP feeding the bottom feeders, one ticket at a time.

  306. I watched the show and I could tell by the expression on Denzel’s face that he did not like what Meryl Streep said. Good for him.

  307. Well said Denzel. People like Streep and Fallon and tho rest of the Hollywood’s liberals need to find a real job and remember where they came from. We need to boycott and boycott hard any of the Hollywood liberals efforts to ” entertain” us.

  308. Lot’s of grammar errors in your article. Please edit to give yourself credibility.

  309. Thank heavens for people like Denzel Washington who are realistic logical truth tellers. There are far too few of them in Hollywood. Sick and tired of the ones who think their opinions are so important that we absolutely must pay them total and complete attention. You’d think they would learn from this last election that we don’t care what they think. We just want them to do their jobs and entertain us and shut up about politics.

  310. D W a great actor who makes great films …I just hope they don’t try to blackball him for his options

  311. Denzel is and always will be a class act!!! I love all his movies and respect his views. In my opinion, he is one of the best actors of our time. God Bless DW, love your new movie, you and Viola did outstanding performances, Its another one I will add to my collection of my Denzel Washington library… which I may say, I have them all Sir

  312. Thank you Denzel for putting things in perspective. Accepting an award is not a platform for stating your political views. As if anyone cares what you think. Keep your political views to yourself Merryl Streep. If you don’t like what you have in this country, please feel free to leave.

  313. I love Denzil for doing that for what I told them go live with the homeless for awhile and try and make it off of min. Wage America can go with out our million dollar actors or actresses for their movies don’t pay our bills, tell them to go to Iraq for awhile they wouldn’t last 1day. This really pisses me off that they think they are better than other humans because when it is all said in done when we are all under the ground we are all the same in God’s eyes so they can ride their high horses and ride it back to where they came from. Finally Trump is taking care of us first. I see the homeless in real life and most are vets that fought for them to be here so God help you selfish actors and actresses. Thank you Denzil for sticking up for the hard working people

  314. Red's Dad, Arizona

    MR. Washington IS a man of integrity, honesty, most important a man of great faith in God, humanity… Would that others in his profession shared those attributes…
    Thank You Denzel For The Words, Tone & Courage to Speak Up For those Of us Who have ALL TOO LONG have been without voice… I applaud Sir…

  315. Union paying member (I.B.E.W)

    That video came out months ago it wasn’t a direct response to her..#stopthefalsemediareporting

  316. Timothy V. Kumler

    Denzel’s stock has risen tremendously with me. He’s hit the proverbial nail right on the head. Although these massive egos in Hollywood do indeed wield influence ……..most intelligent people realize they’re totally out of touch with the common citizen of the U.S. Maybe there’s still hope for Hollywood too.

  317. I agree with him wholeheartedly!! Could not have said it better myself. I work to support the military which means I go overseas a lot. It’s very hard on my family. I am tired of hearing the elite (especially actors) go on and on about how they think things should be. They are completely out of touch with reality. I am glad that Denzel was able to use this platform to say what many, myself included have been thinking for quite some time.

    Hey, I’m supporting this fundraiser, please have a look – ‘Journey of a 1000 miles..’

  318. These actors forget we can also get chimpanzees to go in front a camera and get a reaction. Animals win oscars as well as children. Tell them to go back to their ivory towers and let the real people do their jobs and run the country. Go back on TMZ and pretent your offended by being photographed and having your name in the paper when your next movie comes out.

  319. Streep is getting old. She thinks she is all important and that we actually care about what she says or does. Truth is we don’t give a rats ass. She has a big mouth and little brain, thinks she is important. She could disappear tomorrow (oh please do!) and wouldn’t be missed. A younger, smarter and prettier actress would be happy to step in and replace her. She is one of those who thinks they and their ideas are so important.

    There are a few like Denzel who are down to earth and tell it like it is.

    Streep, do us all favor please, take the lying warmonger with you and jump off a cliff, you would finally be doing something worthwhile and ridding this world of shitbags.

  320. I too have always loved his movies ,but now more than ever love the man he is. To bad there are not more people like him in Hollywood. Maybe that is why so many of them die so young or end up brook. God is watching and I believe he has had enough already.

  321. Personally I now boycott any movies, TV etc. from people in Hollywood who think we are stupid for those of us who supported Trump being tired of the crap. As far as I am concerned the real idiots are people like Rosie and Whoopee do da day that think they can shove their agenda down our throats. Used to be a big Whoopee and Fallon fan but they are now on my personal boycott list for being stupid motor mouth cry babies.
    I am not a celebrity chaser like so many people these days as I don’t think they are any better than anyone else and I am sure they put their pants on just like the rest of us. If people would stop putting these jerks on pedestals they would go away forever!

  322. Thank you Denzel for restoring my faith that there are still humble people in Hollywood. After all, movies are for entertaining and taking us away from reality for awhile. Nothing more. Your talented in what you do and I respect you for that. I do, however, don’t want to listen to your political agenda on the main stage. Everyone has an opinion just don’t think everyone has the same as yourself. Attacking others by using your power to persuade is just wrong.

  323. Michelle Davidson

    Denzel is a top notch actor, he is also an eloquent speaker. I liked him before he spoke up against Merrill Streep, I’m even more impressed with him now. Thank you Denzel for always speaking the truth. Mrs. Streep, you should join the real America, the one whose children (3 out of my 4) join the military to defend your right to free stupid speech. Your welcome for watching your ridiculous movies and helping you to make a hell of a lot more money than I ever will. But that stops now. Mr. Washington, I look forward to paying to watch your next movie and every one after! Thank you sir!

  324. We thank God, for people like Denzel! May God bless him and every level headed person like him!

  325. Denzel is truly a blessing! God bless him!

  326. have love Denzel movies for a long tinme. Now see how smart this manis. herealizes that then nineto five people and our young people in army are the real life living people. And he is right he deserves all our respect. the others like Meryland Opra have lost all of my respect because theyrhink just because they are rich entertainers they know more about real life. , they don’ t.

  327. What makes a great actor a stellar human being. Denzel I believe knows ultimately who to thank for all our successes.

  328. I love you Denzel thanks for telling the truth, your AWESOME

  329. The Hollywood movie makes think making a movie is hard, try doing some of the very Percision work some people have to do and if a mistake is made it could cost the company they work for 10’s of thousands of dollars and maybe there job. That’s hard, not making a movie.

  330. Denzel Washington, I admire your courage to stand up for your convictions in speaking out against the Liberal Hollywood Left. Those with celebrity status seem to equate “Vogue” with President Elect Trump bashing. Meryl Streep elaborated, ad nauseum, her contempt and disgust with Trump’s alleged mockery of a handicapped reporter. She never censored or criticized the kidnapping and torture (via Facebook) of a special needs, White, adult male by a gang of Black thugs.

  331. The Hollywood liberals are acting like the spoiled little brats they really are. I used to really respect Meryl Streep but no more. She didn’t even thank the people that gave her her award she just ran down the next president of the United States. I thank God for people like Denzel Washington a real American who puts his love for country over his love for play acting.

  332. Socrates should practice what they preach. Quit crying about the fact Donald Trump won. Accept it. Get over it. Respect the president and the American people who chose him.

  333. Denzell Washington Is a true American, I’ve always admired him as a personal being and a movie actor, God ,bless him in his adventures

  334. I will not watch any of these UNAMERICAN people who think they are so special, NOT SO.
    Thanks Denzel, I’ll watch for anything your in.
    Just don’t do anything with the likes of Merle Streep, Please !!!
    I hope they go on strike so we don’t have to look at
    Them 😂

  335. He did not get the most votes so the majority did not vote for him.

  336. We can all vote for who we want to.. Denzel is right (Meryl) u are an actress and blessed to make the money u do in that field……But we as Americans can vote for who we want.. we do not need u to (at awards show) dictate your opinions on us…….YOUR SPEECH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REASON U WERE THERE….GET OVER YOURSELF

  337. Great stand Mr. Washington!

  338. Danzel is a true American and I am so proud of his stance. He is also a wonderful actor. I will support him in any way I can.

  339. As the Hollywood elite down talk the Americans that voted for President Elect Trump, they should be reminded the those very people they are degrading, pay their wages.
    I would encourage those of us who feel disrespected by those beautiful people simply stop attending the movies they produce or act in. Boycott if you will.
    It is a shame that performers like D. Washington and other conservatives in Hollywood can’t stand up for their beliefs without reprisal.
    I am proud of you Mr. Washington.


    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT !!! I always really liked Streep, but after that speech I was totally disgusted with her and EVERY other celebrity that spouts off about politics ! they’re ACTORS if I want to hear about politics i’ll watch Meet the press ans what about all the “others” that were supposed to leave the country ??? If they cannot show a ounce of respect for the President elect of the United States then get the hell out !!

  341. you go Denzel!!!

  342. Joyce Christopherson

    Thank you Denzel. Yes Americans are struggling. I go to work mon-fri and make 11 bucks an hour as a caregiver. My husband makes RVs for rich people making 10 bucks an hour. We pay our bills, have no health insurance for 30 years. Now we watch our kids struggle. Derek, my son in law is a struggling actor trying hard for a break. He does commercials, auditions constantly, takes whatever he can get. He was in 2 guns with you. Thank you for not being arrogant, like most stars.

  343. Thanks Denzel Washington, you totally understand how the “people” feel and live. We watch the movies but really don’t give a dam what their opinions are. They have themselves on a pedestal and don’t realize they put themselves there not we the movie goers.

  344. I highly respect Denzel Washington. I used to think highly of Meryl Streep, but she sadly disappointed me and I’m sure others with her speech on Golden globe Awards.I was in schock and diappointed by what she said. Sad!!!!!!!!!!

  345. Pure unadulterated truth!

  346. I have always loved Denzel,it looks to me he cares about what the people are thinking and how a lot of us are he also knows without us he wouldn’t have to life he has.for her to keep that crap up is so wrong and she has lost my respect,he won the votes and now it’s time to try to help him ,not nock Trump down.i do hope he brings all of together as we should be.its time for us to work with each other and keep our kids safe.we need to respect each other.

  347. Yeah Denzel!!!!! That’s the truth. Working class America took back our country. I don’t agree with all trump says but seriously he knows how hard most of “the flyover zone” of the country work. And you know what, doesn’t make any difference if your female or male, gay or straight, Christian or muslim, or black, white, asian, native amercan ( didn’t include Hispanic because I consider that a culture not a race) if your a hard worker trump is for you. He is not perfect, but only GOD is perfect!!! For goodness sake trump even took majority of votes in Detroit and other urban areas. I am sick of the majority of hollywood, politicians, athletes, TV evangelists. They are all out of touch. I LOVE GOD, JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT , my family, my friends, my country and will help anyone in true need.

  348. Denzel , understands the work ethic that most Americans have ,and that is why DonaldTrump won.
    I was taught and ,also passed on showing respect for the UnitedStates President .Can’t we all try to do the same?

  349. Louetta Huddledon

    Yeah for Denzel Washington for his stand and spot on comments! The audacity of some of the performers in Hollywood to assume to tell the American people, who in the majority voted Mr Trump into office, in effect, that we are brainless buffoons for electing him into office instead of their puppet Hillary Clinton. They may have been “with her” but the majority of working America were not! Suck it up Hollywood or start supporting yourselves and don’t expect any of the working public to support you any longer.


  351. I so agree, Thank you Mr. Washington for your insight. This is something my brother-in-law posted on Facebook.
    “Dear Hollywood celebrities and actors you only have a place in my world to entertain me. That’s it.
    You make your living pretending to be someone else. Playing dress up like a 6 year old. You live in a make believe world in front of a camera – and often when you are away from one, too. Your entire existence depends on my patronage.
    I’ll crank the organ grinder; you dance.
    I don’t really care where you stand on issues. You see, you aren’t real. I turn off my TV or shut down my computer and you cease to exist in my world. Once I am done with you, I can put you back in your little box until I want you to entertain me again. I hope you realize that the only words of yours that matter are scripted. In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment.
    So, shut your word hole and dance, monkey!”

  352. I really love Denzel and really happy he spoke up. I have a lot of respect for him to do that. He is a superb actor. As for the others, I will not be going to any of their movies. They were suppose to leave….why are they still here. Idiots. Concentrate on your acting. I don’t need you to preach to me about politics. We pay you to entertain us…..remember that!! I didn’t vote for Obama but I had to respect him as our President. I would think it works for those who didn’t vote for President elect Trump. The people have spoken so stop acting like spoiled little brats that didn’t get their way. Grow up!!! Stop the whining already! Be a proud American or leave the country! Wishing our President to fail will only hurt our country and everyone. Don’t be stupid!

  353. Denzel, thank you so much for standing up for the little folks outside of the movie world….there is no actor out there any greater than you and I have lost a lot of respect for actors who think they cannot be replaced…thank you again and I love your Movies…..keep on making them….

  354. Carol Valine Zarek

    Denzak did not say a word about Meryl Streeps speech…He just praised the sacrifice of soldiers. Do you think he approved Donald Trump’s mocking a disabled reporter. I don’t.

  355. Carol Valine Zarek

    Denzak did not say a word about Meryl Streeps speech…He just praised the sacrifice of soldiers. Do you think he approved Donald Trump’s mocking a disabled reporter. I don’t.
    I didn’t send this earlier. I think you are screening those who don’t approve Trump.

  356. I love Denzel. I totally agree Americans can and should vote for who they want.
    None the less, Mr. Trump did make fun of a disabled persons as well as some many other unconscionable things during the the run for office.
    As to Americans …. it is all of us whether we be Republican, Democrat, Independent,; young or old; black white or any other color; whatever faith or the lack thereof, gay lesbian big or transgendered. Every individual is what makes America great and should not be put down in order for one to become the leader of our nation.
    I say bravo to Meryl Streep. She is indeed an actress – but she also is a citizen of the United States of America.
    She has the right to stand up and share her heart- to perhaps be a voice for those too afraid to express those very feelings.

  357. I watched his expression during the awards and Streeps message … And I thought to myself , ” oh this is not sitting right with him “.
    Denzel is a gifted actor , and comes across as an honest man . I love how he puts it straight that ” it’s just a movie ” however the same average Americans who go out everyday to make in a year , 1/10th what most make for one movie , from the average Americans pocket … They should all be humbled . Because unless your a child of Hollywood , you didn’t start there . Always remember where you came from . Freedom of speech is a great freedom we all enjoy , however there’s a time and place for everything , and that was neither . She was awarded the life time achievement award .. Get up , be grateful , thank those responsible for helping get you there , and sit down . ” Be honest , Be brief , and Be seated ” . Good nite Meryl , always one of my favorite actresses … However , instead of being part of the continuing divide in our country , you might have thought about using your public time in the press and tv , to help heal the nation …to wish the incoming president well , who will have a whole cabinet of people to help him run the country , as every preceding president has . Remember , more people voted for trump then Clinton AND the Electoral College , x 2 … You went on to embellish on his enactment of a special needs person , however , I can’t get the pictures of Benghazi out of my head , tortured men , beaten to death . Why don’t you try and explain to their families why you think Hillary Clinton should be president ??? … Emails ???
    Richard Nixon resigned for ten minutes of Watergate recordings , and you even bothered to run knowing shared confidential information would follow you ?? You also used a bunch of peoples money and donations to fund your campaign …. He used his own . Let’s give him a chance . We just lived through 8 yrs of Obama
    Bullshit , we’ll surely survive 4 of Trump … Or maybe he’ll actually make America Great again , and live in Washingtin for 8 … Who knows ??
    Let’s not judge until he proves himself .
    Thanks for opportunity to share free speech 🙂
    God Bless America .

  358. Liberals are pissed because Americans woke up to their brainwashing tactics and we got tired of being told what to do


  360. Denzel Washington is not only a great actor but also a true American Patriot. He knows where the real world is at and who keeps it that way. It is not Hollywood.

  361. Thank you Denzel, for coming up front. We know that you are a straight up man. My wife and I like you in movies and always he is a good man. May God Bless you and your family.

  362. Glad to see that Hollywood still has some true Americans that have guts. Thank you Denzel for being one of those that is not afraid to say it the way it is. God Bless You.

  363. Denzel realizes who pays the box office tab!
    During McCarthyism it was the govt that banned the Communists in the industry…today it will be the fans.
    We don’t have to watch their movies and I’m glad I fell asleep during the golden globes before Streep came on…her and Streisand should move to a country that will tolerate them and take Rosie with them.
    Thanks Denzel!!!

  364. I thought it was very rude that she used this venue as her platform. The voting is done and it’s time to stop bashing America and the American people for exercising our right to vote for the person of our choice. They are looking like spoil children that didn’t get their way. Actors, actresses or Hollywood got a surprise..they don’t rule. They aren’t leading us around by the ring in our nose.
    This was a night of celebration and she made a mockery of it by turning it into a political agenda.

  365. Denzel is an AWESOME actor and man…I’ve been a fan of his for years and had great respect for him…but now more than ever!

  366. Hollywood thinks they are so much smarter than the average person who has to work for every dime they make.
    We blue collar workers to boycott Hollywood to show them who pays there over price wages for making movies.
    They are entitled to their opinions, but don’t think that us average Americans gives a rats ass on what they think.

  367. I love Denzel, he loves God. I am so glad he stood up for all Americans that want to see our country great again. Those that voted for Trump are not morans, we love our country and want our jobs back in our country. We want peace in our streets, our schools where they can be governed by local communities that knows what the parents, teachers and local government sees their needs.

  368. Denzel is a wise man and a class act !!!!

  369. Finally someone speaks out for the working class. Denzel, you are my hero.

  370. Its nice to see we have one person who knows the truth in Hollywood. Denzel is a great actor. There are still some people who speak the truth. Thank you Mr. Washington

  371. Leslie C Stevenson

    Denzel Washington has always been a man of God, a Patriot, and a great actor. He talks to tha people as a regular person not some one on the elitist bandwagon. He has influenced many people of all races with his honesty, and generosity. I will always have a hig regard for him. He walks the walk.

  372. Denzel, Truth Teller, much more than an actor ,he is good man, with knowledge , wisdom, and courage! Speaks out with boldness! Loved by the ones who respect his God given character! May 2017 be your Blessed year

  373. Thanks Mr. Denzel Washington, you are a very nice and polite and courteous man and know how the world turns and how “real people” live in the,”average world”. Thanks for stepping up for the silent behind the scene person.

  374. Thank you for your honesty and telling these puffed up people they would be nothing without the average American! I plan to stop seeing and paying to see their movies! Hope their pocket books hurt and they realize they are not the voice of America . Let them have to live in the real world 🌎, not fairytale land where they act. Actors need to stick to what they are good at ACTING!

  375. Right on! Good for you Denzil for speaking the truth. I have since investigated everything that she made comments about. She obviously had no clue as to what she was talking about.

  376. Thank you Denzel I’m 70 years old and cannot afford to retire. I believe a person like you see us who have worked all their lives and are grateful for what they have eveen if it’s not much. It’s because of many people like us that took hard earned money to enjoy the acting talents of many if them. Thank you for agreeing that we have FREEDOM to choose our president. May G-d bless you.

  377. Am very impressed by Denzel. Way to stand up and be counted….also, I happen to agree with him 100%…

  378. Love Denzel..thanks for letting me continue that sir..

  379. Everything that he stated is the absolute truth and you could see it written all over his face every time the camera panned across him love Denzel

  380. Denzel is so right … it’s sickening how they keep this negative shit talk .. I have lost respect for so many stars j use to live . Meryl tops it off now along with so many to name !! Let’s show them Trump .. Mske America Great Again and Plz make these idiots that we’re gonna move … MOVE ALREADY !!!

  381. I agree Denzel is right on. I don’t think is is very tasteful for Stars to get up and bash who the President elect is, after all the people spoke an

    Denzel is right on… Stars should get up and bash the American public for whom they voted for, America spoke and that is that Get Over It…

  382. So happy to hear Denzel Washington speak out against Meryl Streep’s appalling speech at the Golden Globes. I noticed the look on his face as she was speaking, and got the impression he was not in agreement with her.
    Meryl Streep’s disgusting display of disrespect toward our incoming president, with her vomit inducing spiel, is another example of the liberal lefts ignorant and whiny views regarding our country’s future. Ms. Streep and her ilk,( Jimmy Fallon and Hugh Laurie???? Isn’t he a Brit??) need to focus on what they do best– entertain us. They need to keep in mind that the people of this great country put them where they are and could just as easily ignore them. We don’t need entertainers trying to tell us who we should or shouldn’t vote for. We are intelligent, involved and caring individuals who chose our next president! Get over yourselves already! To use the podium for her warped political views was beneath her, and should be viewed as unacceptable. I wanted entertainment, not preaching. It’s time to move forward. Shame on you Meryl Streep.

  383. Finally some sanity for the elitists left wing Hollyweird, I pay these people for entertainment, not advice, you don’t live my life, you don’t worry about mortgage, groceries $ utilities, so please be quiet, entertain me but don’t lecture me, I have pastors and parents for that.

  384. ;Denzel, you absolutely nailed. I myself am boycotting the NFL and Hollywood. They’re all over paid players and actorsmblin. It has been my pleasure to watch you’ve been .
    Many blessings to you Denzel@

  385. These self important actors and actresses are becoming harder and harder to abide. Nobody cares what they think, or what they do. We pay them to entertain us, not to be our role models. Most of them don’t even know who they are, and are definitely not comfortable in their own skin. How could they be? They have to be a different person each day! It’s a little like going to work in a state of schizophrenia. And why would anyone care about the opinion of an auditorium full of schizophrenics?

  386. I love Danzel all his movies are great I’m glad he stood up for us the working class. He is also a Godly man that I think is great I admire him so much for keeping his faith and caring for the less fortunate. Thank you Sir for all you do

  387. The camera panned to Denzel’s face during Streeps diatribe! The look was tragic and in total disagreement with the inappropriate rant of Ms. Spoiled Brat Hollywood! We don’t care what you think, Ms. Streep, if you think at all! Denzel is an amazing christian, God fearing, family man! God Bless you, Denzel..and thank you! You’re the real stuff! <3

  388. Bravo Mr. Washington, a brave and truthful man. The world has always had bully’s and I believe that there are a lot of those that consider themselves above others. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to have common sense. He is right the common people who keep this country rolling has had enough of the elitist. I believe that President Trump will do all in his power to bring our country back to being the country that it once was. I will say that is my beliefs and opinion, of which as an American I am entitled to. God Bless America!

  389. I have always been a devoted fan of Denzel Washington.
    He has made great movies. And his persona has always
    Come through as intelligent, concerned, and perceptive to
    Real life and its issues. He seems to be “the real deal!”
    He seems to be a man of his word and a seeker of truth.
    You do not see him associating with and being photographed
    in compromising situations. He appears to value
    Integrity! He is a positive role model for the upcoming
    Generation! BRAVO!

  390. Denzel Washington has always been a class act! I appreciate his respect for our Country and our military and I am so thankful to him for standing up to those who believe they are the Hollywood elite. All they have done is lowered their own popularity.

  391. I’ve always loved Denzel Washington’s work and what he stands for as a person. What he has said to the actors should be absorbed into their heads. Shame on Ms.Streep in forcong Americans to listen to her opinion upon our next POTUS. Why could she not just of received her award graciously and thank everyone? Every actor that gripes and acts like a common snowflake about our next POTUS will be not be receiving any of my hard earned money at the box office. Mr. Denzel , I will be going to see Fences.

  392. Donald Trump lost the popular vote by a considerable amount Americans wanted a change. He is not the be all end all and his treatment in the past of women, minorities, and anyone his ego doesn’t hold up to his golden standard he believes he holds have been way less than acceptable. When are all his family manufacturing jobs coming to America to make jobs he seems to be telling all other companies to do this why not set an example?

  393. I agree ith Denzel, I respect Merele Streep, but she was out of place using the opportunity to bash any elected official. Politics was not part of the occasion that eve. I think we should all help to bring this country together, rather then destroy it with such pettiness. There is a powerful quote as I remember from way back….”Divide and conquer”

  394. So right love this man because he gets it ,people need to stop , give the guy a chance everything he says or does ,CNN rips him to pieces ,stop stop stop

  395. Barbara, I wish that people like you would stop making blanket statements about all liberals or all republicans for that matter, it has gotten sickening and I am soooo tired of hearing about it from both sides, get over it and get on with life will ya

  396. When is Hollywood going to realize that the American people the common man are the ones who make them successful. They do not need to dictate to us their belieff or their thoughts. They are actors no different than us but live in another world of elitism, luxury and wealth. And then to use the platform of an awards show on national television makes me sick. I don’t give a crap what Meryl Streep thinks or the goofy people sitting in that audience as far as I concerned this should not even be broadcast on TV it is not worthy! I’m pretty sure they gave her that award so she would go on stage and make that rant.

  397. He’s nailed it and said what many are thinking. The host of people on facebook jumping on the Trump bashing bandwagon makes me sick. Why don’t they let him at least get into the Whitehouse before telling us all what he’s not going to do. I believe he’ll do a lot more for the American people than a lot of recent Presidents. With the actions of the secret service of late I’d be worried whose going to protect him from those who are obsessed with seeing him fail or worse.

  398. Denzel is an awesome actor, but he is also an awesome human being! He is so correct with his statement. So many of the actor are so far removed from what it’s like to be a “common” man, a single parent, a soldier with a family who has to use food stamps (yes, there are many), people who are working two or three part time jobs to pay bills when they used to work one…… We now have hope in a new president, and don’t need Meryl Streep or anyone else putting him down!!!!!

  399. Can I just say what a relief to find somebody who actually knows what theyre talking about on the web. You definitely know the way to bring an concern to light and make it essential. Additional people today have to read this and comprehend this side of the story. I cant think youre not additional popular since you surely have the gift.

  400. Who voted Streep in for the award? All it did was give her a platform to spew her hate for the choice made by the American people! Perhaps the award givers might want to reconsider since those same American people choose which movie/play/show to watch…or not !!

  401. Miriam D Gonzalez

    I like Denzel Washington as a person and as an actor. It takes guts to face up to Hollywood and let them know what they are doing isn’t that big a deal. It is called enterteinment, things we do when there is some time to relax. Their opinions mean absolutely nothing to me, because I use my own brain to make decisions. I haven’t watched the Osacars, the Golden Globes, etc., in years, and only go to the movies when I have something to learn from it. I do not need to be brainwashed, and will not allow it. That is a lesson I learned many years ago, when as a young teenager had to leave my country because of communism.

  402. I too like Denzel but I also like Meryl, they are people just like everyone else and are entitled to their opinions. Julie Healey has an interesting opinion, she has decided that since Denzel has the same opinion has her she will now watch all his movies, does that mean if he didn’t say anything she would not have made the effort? Barbara Noto’s opinion is if you don’t think just like her then you are a moron because why? Is it because her IQ is higher than anyone else? If so why didn’t she run for president? Why do some people feel that they have to insult others to get their point across? When you insult, swear or yell at people they stop listening or they think the things you say are invalid.

  403. It is time someone told them the truth! We don’t give a crap about their opinions. They are strictly there to entertain us at our whims. If I choose to see a movie, so be it. If I choose to listen to some music, so be it. If I decide I do not want to do either, so be it. We are the ones who decide who is a “star” and who isn’t. NOT THEM. And it is about time they realized that! If we decide not to watch anything more that Meryl Streep is in, she is no longer a commodity in Hollywood. If we decide not to buy any more of Katy Perry’s recordings, she is no longer a commodity either. These “elite” people better remember who butters their bread! WE DO! REMEMBER THAT YOU MORONS!

  404. The actors seem to not be aware of the fact that they are out entertainment, Nothing more and nothing less.

  405. I have always loved Denzel. I will never miss one of his movies again . Proud of you Denzel for saying saying what many Americans feel . Ms Streep an award ceremony is not the place to take a political stand . How about thanking the people who put you where you are today . You are a great actress but I don’t care a “rats ass “about your political views .

  406. Glad to see Denzel has his feet on the ground. He is so right… those Hollywoodites who think they can run this world just because they can read scripts and act out another’s view point are so delusional! It is amazing the size of their ego and the only place it cou nts is amonst their own…we, the people do NOT care! We will support you Denzel and the fact that you are a true American! God Bless You Always!

  407. You are right Denzel . I’m so tired of people treating Donald Trump like he is the bad guy. He is the only President-Elect we chose him and we believe in him to help get out of the mess we are in. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. We are sick of it!!!

  408. Sick and tired or the actors and actresses and sports figures and musicians thinking that they know more than ” We the People” do! I am boycotting anyone that keeps running their mouths about President elect Trump! Just don’t for get that people that voted for him also helped make you famous and wealthy! I admire Denzil Washington and will pay or buy any movie he is in! More conservative ‘s need to stand up and stand strong! And remember what goes around comes around!

  409. Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Hollywood really does need to stop grieving and continue doing the only things they are experts in and we all shall recover. Thank you Denzel

  410. Dear Hollywood celebrities,
    You exist for my entertainment. Some of you are great eye candy. Some of you can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes. Some of you can scare the crap out of me. Others make me laugh. But you all have one thing in common, you only have a place in my world to entertain me. That’s it.
    You make your living pretending to be someone else. Playing dress up like a 6 year old. You live
    in a make believe world in front of a camera. And often when you are away from one too. Your entire existence depends on my patronage.
    I’ll crank the organ grinder; you dance.
    I don’t really care where you stand on issues. Honestly, your stance matters far less to me than that of my neighbor. You see, you aren’t real. I turn off my TV or shut down my computer and you cease to exist in my world. Once I am done with you, I can put you back in your little box until I want you to entertain me again.
    I don’t care that you think the BP executives deserve the death penalty. But I bet you looked cute saying it.
    And you? Really? I’m supposed to care what the director of fluffy tripe made for gullible people thinks about global warming or gun control? Get back into your bubble. I’ll let you know when I’m in the mood for something blue and shiny.
    And I’m also supposed to care that you will leave this great country if Trump becomes president? Ha. Please don’t forget to close the door behind you. We’d like to reserve your seat for someone who loves this country and really wants to be here.
    Make me laugh, or cry. Scare me. But realize that the only words of yours that matter are scripted. I might agree with some of you from time to time, but it doesn’t matter. In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment
    So, shut your pie hole and dance, clown!”
    — Author unknown

  411. I agree with Denzel about the actors and actresses that think they are better then the average person and that are angry because Hilliary did not make it for president.. The people are ready for a change and voted for whom they hope will get that change. The real people like farmers, policemen and women, firemen and women, factory workers, veterans etc. Have had enough and are ready to bring our country back to what it once was. The average person has more class in their little finger then the so called rich, high class people have in their whole body. Anyone who is not happy in our country can pack their bags and leave, no one will miss them. God bless the USA.

  412. Finally somebody gets it!! Thank you Denzel. For understanding and seeing the truth. I’m not sure if we will ever get past the insults and hate here. I hope so.. What I believe is that this went just a little too far. Too many people have died or been seriously hurt, for absolutely no reason at all.. I find that to be very sad..

    what I know for sure: Hollywood will not ever be the same to the supporters. It’s heartbreaking to witness the behavior of some of my favorite celebrities. Hopefully in time we will be able to move on..

    I so thankful for Denzel Washington. He is truly loved by all Americans. Well, actually Denzel is loved all over the world

    “He is simply the best”!

  413. It’s refreshing to hear the truth coming from an actor. Nicole Kidman has also spoken out also and said that we ought to give Trump a chance.

  414. thank you thank you thank you Denzel…..thought most of Hollywood was stupid 2 want another 8 years of entitlement….glad 2 see some actors have a brain & know how 2 use it!

  415. Thank you Denzel Washington for speaking out for the everyday American.Without us Ms.Streep would not be famous and rich.I have a new respect for you.All the stars that are aligned with the widespread corruption that has allowed them the priviledge they enjoy are going to pay the price by losing the fame and credibility they now enjoy.The people are waking up and won’t support their films and celebrity anymore. They would know that if they actually were in touch with real America.You are one of the real heroes emerging and all that are waking up to the huge bullet we all just dodged when Hillary lost the election fair and square know who those heroes are.Thank You again for your courage to speak out.There is hope for us all now.

  416. Finally get to hear from a Hollywood star that isn’t bashing Trump. So tired of Hollywood bullying everyone and thinking Hillary is so great. Have they all forgotten all the lies she has told? It’s about time someone stood up and said what everyone else is thinking. Thank you Denzel!!!

  417. Denzel is right on the money ! I for one am one of those hardworking Americans, and when I decide to watch an awards show like the Oscars, or Golden Globe, I have a reasonable expectation that the honorees DO NOT have the right to spew whatever political message they desire to a captive audience! Say thank you and GET THE HELL OUT !

  418. Denzel has always been one of my most favorite actors. He is wonderful at it and most importantly he is wonderful as a human being. I would pay the price of a ticketo see him in anything. Truth is I rarely pay the price to see any one in bollywood. I’m very selective. My group from Hollywood is quite small. Truth be known, I think hollywood.will probaby feel the big stING from a lot of us. Americans.

  419. Now that is the kind of mettle we want to hear…if Hollywood is to speak up about anything beyond their acting profession. Let actors act. Let politicians politic. Let the people evaluate both at box-office and polling stations respectively.

  420. Denzel Washington is a classy gentleman who admires and honors our millitary. He is a great actor but is so much more than that. I love all his movies and, guess what, you can watch it, knowing he is a great guy without having to separate the actor from the person. Thank you, Denzel. You just may be the voice we lost when John Wayne left us.

  421. This gets respect. We buy the tickets man. At least you know we’re out here…

  422. Thank you Denzel Washington !! You are an awesome actor and person. I love your movies and will continue to watch them. You are so right, it’s a movie and not putting your life on the line in Iraq to serve your country. Yes it’s a privilege to be chosen as one of the greatest and to achieve what you have done. God Bless you and keep up your great work !!

  423. Thank you Danzel❤ Finally some common sense is spoken. We must come together as a nation. God bless you sir 🙏❤

  424. I love this man Denzel Washington, & aftercwhat he has said about Hollywood I love him even more.
    It is very rare to get an exceptionally talented actor who also has a brain & is modest.
    Indeed sir a delightful person

  425. Mr. Denzel Washington is a true patriot and a distinguished gentleman. Thank you for your movies and your patronage. You are admired by many, many people. Thank you for your honesty. May God bless you always!

  426. Denzel spoke his true sentiments & so did Meryl. What’s so different? Only that some agree with him & others agree with her! Who are being the spoiled brats? Depends on who you ask!! Its a free country, were ALL entitled to our own personal opinions!! Nough said!!!

  427. Does anyone remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks? Get over it already. Keep bad mouthing our, yes Meryl, our President and see where it gets you. Come on people, deal with your loss, give him a chance. If he screws up you can say I told you so. We’ve been saying it for 8 years under Obama but it got us no where.

  428. Denzel Washington has always been one of the most talented actors to ever appear on the silver screen , and the fact that he is his own man and shows his respect for the everyday common working man makes his opinion much more important and believable ! Keep making the high quality movies that you are noted for , Denzel Washington is certainly a man’s man .

  429. Maarten Herman van Gent

    Losers always accuse others.
    Winners tale the loss and come back strong.
    I learned this from my American basketball players in Europe.

  430. So much respect for this man. It isn’t easy to do what he has done. It is NOT courageous to stand up in front of a bunch of like minded people and echo what they think but THIS is courageous!

  431. A good man who has not got lost in the fantasy world he is surrounded by. His brain heart and soul ate still working not just his mouth

  432. GOD BLESS YOU DENZEL, people who call them selfs movie stars are in a fairytale world, they need to Realize they are a star because we chose to go to see their movies, just like we chose Our President Elect. He won so let the United States Of AMERICA Become Great Again!


  434. Well said Denzel work hard every day 45 yrs still do may have made a million by now, to be able to do so in six months or so and enjoying it and given awards. Be thankful and don’t judge people.

  435. Thank you Denzel for supporting our President and our Country. I was thoroughly disgusted and will not watch another Awards.

  436. Finally a celebrity says it like it is. So refreshing. Never thought I would hear this coming from an actor in Hollywood. The rest of Hollywood needs to take a page out of his book and realize they can not tell us what to think or how we should vote. Not in their job description.

  437. It is about time that the Hollywood elitists get their faces slapped. They so forget that they were once just another face in the crowd before they became famous and doing the very jobs that the Joe Sixpacks do everyday to make the Hollywood crowds life better. Just remember that the Deplorables put you where you are and they can take you down as well. They will stop seeing movies, buying movies, music and any other product Hollywood turns out. Pride comes before the fall and Hollywood is going to fall hard if they don’t change their ways and stop bullying the rest of the country who pays for their luxuries. There was a time when actors didn’t tell what their political affiliation was for fear people would not see their movies and make them rich. Now, actors and musicians think they are all that and a bag of chips and are not afraid they will lose their wealth if they state who they will support politically. Guess again. It all comes down to the money. I say let’s hit them where it counts in their wallets.

  438. That is so hypocritical! Donald Trump IS an elitist! Don’t people who support him get that? He is exactly what you thought you were voting against. He has no clue what it’s like to be middle class or struggle.

  439. Obviously Denzel was allowed to live in the Big House! Sock It Too all those nasty field hands……

  440. Kathleen Burmaster

    I agree with Denzel Washington. Just exactly who do these actors think they are talking to. We Americans who chose to support and vote for Mr. Trump can not be swayed by your insults and disrespect for Mr. Trump the Constitution of the United States of American. This is for real— not a movie.

  441. Robert W. Devlin II

    Denzel hit the nail square on the head! It’s one thing to face blamks that make a loud noise and hit nothing. It’s another COMPLETELY different thing to face bullets that make little noise and destroy arms, legs, and lives. Our country has over 150 years of progress destroyed in a fraction of that time. The American people choose a repairman, Support him is his task of rebuilding this Country.

  442. Thank you!!! Your loyalty will be rewarded!!! May you be blessed richly!!

  443. Thank you, Mr. Washington! I stopped watching award shows years ago because I felt it was discrimination against non-celebrities to allow political beliefs of actors, singers etc a bully pulpit without giving equal time to opposition. Frankly I don’t care what celebrities think if a politician, a party, a law, current events, what brand of cleaning products, etc. I am intelligent enough to form my own opinions.

    That being said, as citizens, celebrities should be allowed to express their views…just not in these venues. People tune in to see the attire, see who wins what and get samples of songs and movies or shows that they otherwise may miss.

  444. Thank you Denzel!! We hardworking Americans get ttired of the rich actors lecturing the people who pay to see their movies!

    Without us, those same actors would not be living in a Hollywood mansion, being driven by a chauffeur, or vacation in a foreign country.

    Your daddy raised you rught, Denel!! GOD BLESS HIM AND YOU!!

  445. Rebecca j. Taylor

    Thank you Denzil! These idiots your named forgot how the average American helped make them rich! I will boycott all these brats. Love everything you’ve ever been involved in!!!

  446. There’s only one thing actors like Streep understands…. the numbers at the box office. They receive millions of dollars for acting silly and think that gives them the right to tell me how to feel and think. She has only the same rights that I have….no more and no less. But I do have those rights. I guess if one play acts long enough they believe in their own omnipotence. I can only speak my piece in one way…be selective in buying those theater tickets.

  447. This article is utter and complete bullshit. Idiots.

  448. Denzal God bless you. We are Americans at a time when our country needs to have a man of God as our leader There are evil leaders out there Destroyers.. We need to let the hand of God work for all of us. Praying instead of fighting.. We’re on the same team. Let’s connect not separate..

  449. Worship only one God! Those in Hollywood are not my God. My God works in my life daily. He saved me. He loves me. He guides me daily by his Word. Hollywood has nothing to offer me.

  450. Finally one with sense .

  451. I’m so proud to hear someone speak out for middle American. We don’t make millions and live in glass houses. We live in houses made of sticks and stones. We work first shift, second shift, and third shift for a very minute amount of money. We are not dumb and stupid, we are a lot smarter than what we are given credit for. Just because they don’t like who won, don’t think you know what’s best for us. Just because we aren’t actors, doesn’t mean we can’t think and make good decisions. Shame on all these entertainers who have acted like they have against all of us.

  452. Mr Washington take a bow first as a human being because u are a genuine one. Hate will destroy this country because it is at a level that I have never witnessed and I’m not a youngster. When does it stop ? When do the real privilege stop thinking they are the ones that know best and we must be shamed for our choices? NO they have crossed the line.

  453. Thank you Denzel! The raw truth is so welcome.

  454. Finally some had the balls to stand up for thoes people that would not be making movie is us Americans didn’t go see them it’s time to bring the US together and stop all this nonsense we are the little people you have been walking all over. I can’t believe you people don’t respect us but yet you want our respect . I still think it is so bad just because you have money and Mose of us don’t thank you Denzel And God Bless you.

  455. Mr. Washington is not only correct, he is also a man of faith, and an AMERICAN. God bless him ❤

  456. So glad to hear this from Denzel. I haven’t gone to a movie since Meryl Strepp’s first rant. My husband and I would go about twice a month. No more. I am completely turned off to Hollywood. Will have to rethink what to do about Denzel’s movies. So proud of him.

  457. Love him. The Liberal Arts group need to realize “WE MADE THEM GREAT”.They have none NOTHING to make AMERICA GREAT. Thank you Denzel for remembering who “brought you to the dance”

  458. Love him. The Liberal Arts group need to realize “WE MADE THEM GREAT”.They have done NOTHING to make AMERICA GREAT. Thank you Denzel for remembering who “brought you to the dance”

  459. Denzel not only spoke the truth, but pointed out that for some time the rest of America was sleeping at the wheel, while Big Pharma, aka Clintons’ and Obama are trying to overthrow the current regime we have in Washington. Having worked in the government myself I know first hand that things have to change, and their is a new sheriff in town. So everybody put on your big boy pants and get over it. Those in the entertainment business that said they were going to move if Trump got elected, MOVE>!!!!

  460. He is right. I still remember when Barbara Streisand started getting political. I was just a kid and it was the biggest turn-off ever. Lewis Black said it best – “I’m Bobo the clown.” The way these people misbehave – some just to get a headline – marks them as the stupidest people this society has to offer. Make movies and tv shows and beyond that please just shut up.

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