First Daughter Ivanka Trump Led One Meeting At The White House While The President Was Absent

Ivanka Trump was the leader of a roundtable dedicated to human trafficking alongside members of Congress at the White House, while her father Donald Trump gave a commencement speech to cadets graduating from the US Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.

This meeting, that was composed of numerous Democrats and Republicans – in which House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy – appears to be one more indication of Ms Trump’s power in the administration.

As seen on the White House pool report, Mr Trump’s eldest daughter had a monologue for two whole minutes regarding the Trump administration’s aim to fight human trafficking in the US and throughout the world. “She noted that next week is Combatting Trafficking and Child Protection Week in Congress, during which lawmakers will present legislation tailored to this issue,” the report noted.

White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters stated the roundtable was a secondary deliberation to a meeting back in February between President Trump, Ms Trump and representatives from numerous organizations that are concerned with human trafficking.

“We’ve been conducting interagency meetings… as well as gathering recommendations from the academic, public and private sector,” since the meeting in February, Ms Trump said to those present.

She continued: “In 2016, there were over 8,000 cases reported to the National Human Trafficking hotline – a 35 percent increase from 2015.”

Back in November, via an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” right after the election, Ms Trump stated that she would not have any concrete and official role in her father’s administration.

“I’m going to be a daughter,” she said to CBS News’ Lesley Stahl. “But I’ve — I’ve said throughout the campaign that I am very passionate about certain issues. And that I want to fight for them.”

Ever since the inauguration back in January, Ms Trump has been quite the front woman of her father’s presidency, being a member in roundtable deliberations and having meetings with leaders from throughout the world.

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