HAPPY ENDING: 230 Rioters Got A One Way Ticket To Prison And Got Liberals Furious!

We can not comprehend why protesters thought that they’d go through with assaulting the police officers and destroying property unpunished? We will never know that, but at least the punishment accrued.
As reported by The Daily Mail, the bulk of the 230 rioters arrested immediately after the violent riots occurred in Washington D.C. after the inauguration of Donald Trump, will be getting charged with felony rioting, as stated the federal prosecutors.

The concrete charge they’re going to be served with will present them with a fine of $25,000 and up to 10 years prison time.

The source of the charges is the hostile rampage that was orchestrated by thousands of protesters only couple of blocks away from the White House, and anti-Trump rioters were demolishing stores, windows, setting fire to cars, and attacking police officers with bricks.

As reported by WUSA 9, the bulk of those protesters that were arrested are due to show up in court on Saturday.

On top of that in McPherson Square loud clashes happened and in K Street, hundreds of protestors got their serving back giving the fact the police officers fired tear gas and drew their nightsticks in order to calm down the masked mob that disrupt peacefulness.

Do you support this outcome and the justice served to the rioters? Tell us in the comment section.


  1. They done the crime now do the time

  2. It’s way past time to start enforcing our laws again.

  3. This is exactly what they deserve. It’s a shame more of the rioters causing damage couldn’t have been arrested. I hope they serve a good long time.

  4. 100%! I question why this was not done earlier starting with the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

  5. It will serve them right. There is a difference between Peaceful Demonstrating and what happened there.

  6. Theresa Schroeder

    Yes! Lock them up! IT should not be allowed at all under any circumstances.

  7. Yes, punishment should be swift and hard!!

  8. time to clean up America. Get rid of these sons of bitches. Throw them all in jail. They’re just taking up space. They have no ambition or no self-worth. I think the word I’m looking for is total loser

  9. Give them the MAX !!! I agree whole heartily

  10. Enforce the laws!

  11. That is exactly what they deserve! Large fine to cover damages! Prison time for destruction of property and and violence to police officers!!!

  12. Absolutely. Way over due

  13. Lock em up and throw away the key!!!

  14. Protesting is fine.
    Rioting is criminal.
    They should try to find out who paid them to riot. Then haul their ass into court and have them pay for damages to property, medical bills, lost work time for the injured, court costs, plus fine and or prison time to fit the crime.
    If the financial support is from Soros revoke his citizenship and turn his sorry ass over to the Russian authorities.

  15. Yes yes yes

  16. The organizers and financiers of these riots should be rounded up and charged also.

  17. Absolutely support charges and prison time for destructive protester

  18. Yes rioting is not legal. They deserve what they get

  19. Yes! This is what should have been happening for the last eight years! If the first couple of riots had been handled like this instead of Obama coddling the poor babies the destructive riots would not have continued during the last eight years!!!


  21. Do the crime you do the time

  22. I think they get everything that’s coming to then they was like somebody tearing up there property I don’t care if you like the matter now you have to respect the office you want to act like a jackass when you get what you get



  25. about time thank you

  26. Yes, should become the rule of the USA.

  27. Yes l most. Certainly. Do..find out who put them up to this and imprisonment. Them also

  28. Anarchy cannot be tolerated for the oppressinon that follows it kills many innocent Citizens. Yes, the fines and incarceration will help stem the destruction/

  29. Yes, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  30. .Yes, they need to suffer the consequences of their actions.
    This behavior is the result of coddling children, unfortunately the persons who spoiled these young people will not be held responsible. Need to find the person who paid them to disrupt.

  31. Interrogate for names of other rioters and plea for reduced sentence but keep the felony charge.

  32. Willful distruction of property is criminal not protest

  33. Definetly agree with the charges and hope the culprits get the maximum. If these rioters are finally prosecuted maybe some of this nonsense will stop.

  34. Long overdue….you BLM clowns paying attention?

  35. I absolutely support prosecuting the protestors arrested to the fullest degree allowed by law. Enough is enough of this type of behavior.

  36. Send them to gitmo..asap..Madonna too.make a believer out of them and send a strong message to all.we the people will no longer put with this kind of behavior.

  37. Give them 10 yrs and a twenty five thousand dollar fine

  38. Yes yes yes…all I can say it’s about time we take action. Destruction of property has to stop.

  39. They made their choice to do wrong now they need to pay for their choices of disstruction. and disrespect to the police
    Yes they need to be accountable and pay

  40. Alot more of those little pricks should’ve been arrested!!!

  41. This is amazing, about time there are consequences fo destruction of property.

  42. Heck yea….its about time the pay for what they done. They are not above law and order.

  43. Absolutely! Throw the book at all of them. Need to teach these juvenile liberals a lesson. Live by all laws, not just the ones they like.

  44. They need to enforce the fines and punishment now. Not slap their hand and turn them loose.

  45. I’m am applauding this…It is about time that these thugs get what is coming to them. They are not PROTESTORS they are RIOTING and DESTROYING PROPERTY. Criminals…Plain and simple!

  46. Absolutely, and it it time to identify their source of funding and charge them too. We can terminate this nonsense if cut the head off the snake!!

  47. This crap that Obama allowed to go on,needs to stop! Throw those violent protesters in jail and fine them. It’s the only way they are going to learn. Make them pay heavily so the rest of the paid protesters will know that it isn’t worth it.

  48. Everyone of the Rioters that have been caught, should be prosecuted to the Maximum that the Law allows, along with the fines !!!

  49. Christian J Johannsen

    Yes…arrest them, charge them and set bail. If they can’t make bail, tough.

  50. If you are going to riot expect to go to jail . A protest is a peaceful gathering to voice your opinion . I
    . So be ready to go to jail if you get out of hand .best thing to happen I. A long time

  51. That’s the way it should have been in the first place. Thanks to obummer he let this country go mad and the thug animals knew the law wouldn’t be backed
    and supported by that administration. News to all the thugs who destroy property and disrespect or harm officers of the law, There’s a new sheriff in town. And they call him President Donald John Trump. Get on board or go to jail. Your choice cry baby snowflakes. I love it. GAME OVER!!!!!!!


  53. I agree. I also believe that they should serve 100% of the time that they get as prescribed by Law.

  54. It’s about time. Throw enough of these thugs in prison just might help put an end to this senseless behavior.

  55. Finally, rioters are caught arrested and indicted. Is George Soros going to bail them out or pay their fines for them too.

  56. Any protester that was arrested that gets government benefits,should lose their benefits for five years as punishment for what they did

  57. Yes they should be charged the maximum sentence and fine the maximum.

  58. Yes, they should get the maximum. Personally I feel that these thugs only want to destroy property and fight the police they have no agenda, and probably don’t care about the inauguration.

  59. Yes I do, they have no respect for any one, wearing masks so you don’t know who they are, it needs to stop, people work hard then they break out windows, burn cars, throw rocks & injure police officers, when they have too set in prison &: pay huge fines maybe they can change as all these March’s leave trash all over who do they think is going too pay for the cleanup, the taxpayer, if they want too March make them pay a $10,000 deposit for clean up.

  60. Yes, I do support it. They committed criminal acts, got to pay the price. What were they thinking? Do they think the people who paid them would get them out of it? I think you should also arrest the parents who raised them this way.

  61. If you can’t pay the,fine, don’t do the crime. It’s about time people pay for their actions that hurt innocent people, store owners and private property.

  62. You bet I approve lock them all up they flat out deserve it and while your locking them up get clinton and sorris as we all know there behind it with all the left wing Dems

  63. Well done, throw the book at them. I’m tired of all the disruption and destruction that hits the streets and businesses every time something happens that a few people don’t like. They need to grow up and take their punishment for what they’ve done. Obviously their parents never punished them for misbehaving when they were children so they will have to learn what that’s all about now. They should also have to do community service after they serve their jail terms and pay their fines. I’m sick and tired of all their crap.

  64. I am glad the rioters are getting Payback this is what the police have to do in order to get it under control when they see that people get arrested and have big fines and they have to go to jail for 10 years they won’t be doing it

  65. Absolutely, throw the book at them. They need to serve some hard time for endangering the public like that

  66. Absolutely need to reap the consequences for their actions. Throwing bricks is equivalent to attempted murder as they could kill someone. Setting fires, vandalism is at this level exceeds ant kind of protest and should be punished by law.

  67. 100% yes lock them up

  68. It’s about time that those people who are rioting and causing the damage and chaos finally get what they deserve. To bad they can’t fine or charge the group that did the woman’s March for the clean up charges with all the mess they left afterwards. It’s time for this country to come together and heal and grow to where we belong…the best of the best.

  69. Absolutely make them pay restitution as well. Jail time is definately warranted. This insanity and climate of anarchy needs to stop punish as the law provides.

  70. They should be fine n prison

  71. Justice for the wrong doing. Remember consequences for every action. Make sure they are truly charged and follow thru. Maybe then these idiots will see what happens as a result

  72. Yes freedom of speech doesn’t give anyone the right to damage and ruin the hard work of others. Trump will have these who think they are entitled to learn how to work and grow up.

  73. About time thugs and law breakers that call themselves protesters get a taste of true justice! Set a example to others what will happen with lawlessness! Would like to see this in other towns and cities! Take back our streets! Make them safe for regular citizens not anarchness!

  74. It is very appropriate, they need to learn that they dont always get their way and that actions get consequences.

  75. It’s about time for those rioters to get a dose of Justice,I hope they lose there welfare check and food stamps

  76. Awesome more should be going !!!

  77. Its about time these losers suffered the consequences for destruction of private property , throw them all in prison !!!!

  78. Hell yes tgey need to go to jail. They need to realize they have to pay for their stupidity. You cant go around assaulting police officers and trashing other peoples property and think its ok.

  79. Yes I think they need to go to jail and be made to pay back what they destroyed in a work program .I am sick of seeing thugs like this destroy people’s lives .its one thing to protest but when u go to destroying other people’s property and going against our police then something is truly wrong with these people .They have gone to far and it is not right .

  80. yes i agree, if those protesters commit crimes yes by all means prosecute them. keep them in check! if they get away with it the first time they will do it over and over again! they are no longer protesters when they commit crimes! make them pay!!

  81. It is fine and just that they were arrested and charged. Now how will it be followed through. To me it is more important to me for the authorities to find and arrest the Organizers. Things like THIS DO NOT JUST Happen. I am counting on Law and Order being restored in this country NOT LITAGATED. Not attorneys dealing and reducing charges for a win on their resume. That is the Swamp that needsDRAINED

  82. We only only garenteed peaceful protests by our Constitution…but to hurt people or damage property is illegal and those involved should suffer the cosequences of their actuons.

  83. Hell ya do the crime spent time as the old saying goes in my opinion if they don’t like the results of the new voted in president leave the USA it will not be as nice as they have now

  84. I absolutely support this outcome. It is to bad they couldn’t catch more of them. We could probably fill up a federal prison with the guilty ones. I hope the enjoy their vacation and I also hope that they have to do some hard manual labor while they are vacationing.

  85. Most definitely

  86. I sure hope this is true and if so then yes I am extremely happy they got what they deserved! It’s about time!

  87. I sure hope this is true and if so then yes I am extremely happy they got what they deserved! It’s about time!

  88. Long overdue,there are consequences for breaking the law!

  89. Hell ya, it’s long over due. They were not protesting, they were rioting, and the time is not to stop it, Obama encouraged it and loved it.
    This should not be tolerated. Second, it is illegal to cover your face, besides Halloween, costumes with faces covered are dangerous, and illegal as well. Heck, it could be a flipping suicide bomber, a friend of our Muslim president. He never one time asked them to stop after the election, and Hillary didn’t either. Over a million dollars in damage by the millenials in Washington and the others. Taxpayers are left to pick up the bill. Of course, their parents are held responsible for their college students’ behavior, I think they condoned it. Let this be a warning, we are not in Syria, Iran, Iraq, or anywhere in the Middle East, thank you God. Respect needs a come back!

  90. It’s about GDT the out of control rioters get pushed for Looting and destroying pvt property. My hat is off to the brave police officers who put there lives on the line everday to protect us.

  91. Yes, they should serve maximum time in jail & pay the fine.

  92. Yes I do they need to be made an example of what will happen to you if you destroy property of others if you cant demonstrate peacefully. We have the technology nowadays to see exactly who did what and I know there was enough others taking video of what was going on. The state should ask for any videos for the help in processing of the total charges for every individual.

  93. yes they should be arrested and charged ,that behavior has to be stopped.

  94. You bet I do. Protesting peacefully is fine, and I have absolutely no problem with that. But anyone that is literally protesting for any cause that does disruption to property, or injures other people, ( especially police officers ) should be prosicuted to the full extent of the law.

  95. They got what they deserve..finally these rioters are being punished…

  96. Yes, they should serve the maximum jail sentence & pay the fine also.

  97. .. yes, I’m in total agreement with the charges .. just hope there is no plea deal .. give them the maximum penalty.

  98. We have to give the rioters a charge of a felony because they went beyond protesting. Destroying property and throwing bricks at someone shows intent to kill with a weapon, and that’s a felony. We as a country have to say that this cannot happen here in our country, if we allow this type of rioting to happen our country will be tore down like we see happening in the biblical country, there streets,home and business are being taken over by the same type of people with mentality to destroy with no consequences! They broke the law and they need to be charged in what they did, it was beyond the scope of a peaceful protest.

  99. Absolutely jail time and big fines. Especially if they can determine who the leaders were.

  100. Absolutely… disrespect the law, harm others and destroy property, you should be held accountable.

  101. This is exactly what the police need to do. Follow thru with severe consequences for rioting , and it will make an impact, and they will slow down on this rioting.

  102. There is no good reason to damage and pillage businesses !
    A hefty fine, some jail time and restitution may deer these
    local terrorists!

  103. I think All the rioters need a DAMN good ads whipping and throw their stupid laxy asses in jail or prison with hard labor. There is no excuse for there stupid idiotic behaviour

  104. Ive voted democrat most of my life. But the last several years have been embarrassed by the democrats. I will never vote for another democrat for the rest of my life! Shameful behavior for years! These idiots don’t realize THEY ARE THE REASON WE ALL VOTED FOR TRUMP!

  105. It’s about time something is done to detour that type of behavior, please don’t let them go without a big money fine and jail time and make sure it gets out to the public

  106. Yes they need punishment!

  107. Absolutey should be charged, maybe people will start realizing that in the real Adult world actions have concequences. Private property destruction is enough, but to attack police.

  108. I was there and witnessed it. Damn right they need to be punished. After 8 years of Ovomit their time is up. Law and Order is back.

  109. Oh HELL yeah!!!! And those ‘wimen’ need to be handled too!!

    My wish was that the riotist THUGS would be charged with TERROR attacks, but I’ll settle with them being thrown in jail for 10 years. Thank you!!

  110. Love it. You pull shit like that you deserve the shit that comes with it. Do the crime do the time. Go trumptrain.

  111. I think anyone rioting and destroying private property, should be charged and put in jail, or deported one.

  112. 5 years in the pen & a $10,000 fine!

  113. Yes I do approve.. They need must pay for there crimes, that was not protest it was out n out criminal get em every last one of them

  114. I agree 100% with her resting and prosecuting these people they want to violently protest. They think they can tear up our country and not have any consequences. Look at Ferguson burned down the town , Did tremendous looting burning cars attacking police officers,and nobody got arrested nobody went to jail what a shame.

  115. Yes they all should get a way way ticket to Prison including Madonna and Ashley Judd..I all for it

  116. I’m a firm believer in karma they got what they deserved

  117. I am glad they will pay dearly for their crimes!! This was NOT protesting, this was disrespectful vandalism. Hope they are made to pay for ALL damages to those business owners and the limo company for the car that was destroyed

  118. yes I support what they did it’s about time they pay for their crimes they have got away with enough now it’s pay day thanks for doing the right thing mabe they will stop & think twice before they do it again

  119. All organized and participating rioters should do prison time. The planners, organizers and financial backers are nothing more than terrorists that should be in prison.
    Keep America safe from terrorism.

  120. Dc is federal land, therfore these are criminal felony federal charges that need to be handed down to these terrorists! Plain and simple!

  121. Yes they should be charged and convicted. Their actions were pointless and served no purpose but to disrupt and destroy. Nothing that they did would amount to anything and they as adults should have known it before they did what they did. Destroying property that doesn’t belong to you and attacking people who are trying to keep peace is less than childish behavior and they deserve to be punished.

  122. Make an example out of each and everyone of those that caused trouble , if u want to show ur against something,that’s fine but when u do damage and destroy things and hurt people , I must pay the price

  123. Yes I do. Protesting peaceful is one thing but destroying other people’s property is a crime. I’m happy they will have to pay for there crimes.

  124. About time the masked protestors got arrested. If they were an “honest” protestor, then why did they wear a
    mask? Any and all rioters, protestors, demonstrators, etc., that cause damage, set fire, or any harm to property of any kind deserve to go to jail and be fined to maximum as decreed legal by law.

  125. Yes people shouldn’t act like babies over something that they could have done better at election instead of rioting they should be praying for the new president I do hope he makes people who gets government assistance per in a bottle before they get it everyone

  126. If they stick to the law and the allowed punishment then possibly an example set by these people will cease the violence and speed our way to civility in the election of President Trump. We have much larger problems ot be solved without resulting to juvenile acts such as these. BUT to allow this many people to go unpunished, without spending time in jail, possibly losing their jobs and even more will make the NEXT protestors think that there are consequences to their actions, something that has been lacking in the previous president. We have much to much to get moving to solve the many problems we have so lets stop these typs of foolish activities and get to work on the nations business.

  127. By all means. When people destroy property, they crossed the line. They must be held accountable for their actions.

  128. GOOD, am so glad they were arrested. Some of these other rioters, before, should have been arrested too. Maybe IT will STOP, stupid people.

  129. If you destroy property that belongs to others – it should be mandatory that you pay for any damage and serve some time in jail to reflect on what you accomplished – it should not be the responsibility of taxpayers and insurance companies to pay out dollars for your rampage – Protest if you feel it is your right – your rights end when you destroy what is not yours to destroy.

  130. I think these folks should be sent to prison and find large fines and any of them that are committing these crimes that are on welfare should have the rights taken away for life .

  131. Yes, they should have to pay a fine and go to jail.

  132. As long as you follow thru…

  133. So happy to see this starting right after Trump was inaugurated.

  134. Lock them up and serve up hefty bail and fines. They all behaved so horribly and disrespectful. I can’t believe they thought they had the right to behave as such with no consequence.

  135. Because they have been getting away with ever since ferguson. Hope we are really finally putting an end to it!

  136. I beleive Trump has done the right thing prosecuting theses out of control idiots thinking they can do anything they want an not suffering the consequences. It’s a new day in America there will be law and order thank you president Trump !!! This is showing us protection for the people .President Trump
    The lawlessness of the last president/excuse me the total laziness of him was ever so inexcusable what a looser !!!

    Thank you president DONALD TRUMP !!!!!

  137. That is what should have happened. They deserve punishment. If you can not do the time, do not do the crime

  138. Absolutely. An officer was killed. Hopefully, the people involved with his death will draw life in prison. I have no tolerance for the entitled, hissy-fit rioters. They made a conscious decision to destroy and disrupt. Punishment is warranted.

  139. I want harsh, hard punishment for rioters. Minimum 25,000 dollar fine, 5,000 hours of community service, up to 10 years in federal prison.

  140. Yes and if this had been done in Ferguson it would have stopped there

  141. If they would do this every time there is a riot, riots would stop! Property damage is property damage and assault is assault whether it is due to a protest or not!

  142. I think more should’ve been arrested.
    It’s time to put a stop to the crap!
    To protest is our rite, to break and destroy is

  143. These pushy, violent protesters NEED to be arrested for assaulting the police, destruction of property and violence! Yes! Lock them up and keep them! This has to stop!!!

  144. Yes! We are so quick to judge..everyone but themselves

  145. They deserve exactly what anyone else would get for doing the same thing. They are not above the law and it’s about time they were shown that.

  146. Job job way to take your town back now put them in jail I am glad to pay for them to have room and board and 3 squares a day hope they enjoy it

  147. This should have happened ever since Ferguson, Mo. and Baltimore, Md. All the destruction that occurred in both cities was totally unnecessary. Both places had police brought up on charges but nothing for the riotors. Thank God, charges were unfounded. This was the beginning of the terrorist group known as BLM. These riotous need to be brought to court and
    They need to receive the full extent of the law. It probably will not stop the rioting,but at least there will be fewer out on the
    streets causing more distraction. Maybe some of them will wake up and not participate, who knows.

  148. They are getting what they deserve That showed no respect at all I am very pleased with what they are getting That you for getting these idiots off the street They are where they belong Maybe just maybe they won’t think it is so funny But some
    People just don’t have common sense

  149. Intentionally breaking the law and disregarding the rights and property of others is not deserving of no punishment. They were willing to be violent and expected us to tolerate their actions. We are a country of laws. They must be held accountable. They’re deserving of the penalty they receive.

  150. Violent law breaking rioters must be punished harshly by our courts innorder to stop this behaviour from occurring andceach time it happens make the punishment worse. You may protest peacefully without blocking traffic.

  151. It’s about time

  152. yes, they should loss their welfare and made to pay for every thing that was damaged. then after jail be on probations for at least 5 years. They are just paid fools for some one else. They should also be charged for tax evasion since we all know they are being paid.

  153. I hope this is true 😊😊😊

  154. They thought they wouldn’t be punished because the Obama bunch has allowed it for 8 years. In Missouri when they were trashing Ferguson Eric Holder called the governor and told them to have the state police and national guard to “stand down”. Saying “it’s only things”. People lost their lives savings when their businesses were looted and burned. After allowing this behavior for 8 years now their like a little kid who stayed at Grandma’s for a week and was allowed to do what they wanted then at home Mom and Dad enforced the rules. Temper tantrums.

  155. They were not protesters they were writers and every one of them that was there throwing bricks breaking Windows doing property damage setting cars on fire which by the way is arson and a felony unto itself all of them that were there should have been charged rounded up and set straight to jail until they could be arraigned it’s time to send a clear message rioting is not protesting you can protest peacefully respectfully and not break the law those who allow their hatred and their stupidity lead them to criminal acts are not protesting they are rioting and they should be charged with a felony they should be fined and imprisoned they are not above the laws of society they must be taught a hard lesson in life control yourself

  156. More of them needed to be arrested when they were destroying property.


  158. Absolutely, it is not acceptable to destroy others or destroy property.

  159. Put them too work and any money they make is used to pay for ALL the damage they made.

  160. If you do the crime then you must pay the price. Whatever the punishment is set fot these crimes then yes I agree. If you don’t like it then don’t do it. Its that easy.

  161. If they wouldnt riot and just protest then things would be fine but when they cross the line and those rioter have tested the waters and are loosing .which is fine there fine will help pay the cost of the destroyed property and will go also to the government money

  162. Ivebeen saying this for a long time, that they should have to pay a good fine & put in jail! If they don’t have any punishment , why not riot. This is way past time but I’m all for it! Thanks!

  163. So glad that the law is finally being enforced. Thank you for fullfilling this promise.

  164. Arrest and convict every single one of them. Felony rioting sounds good to me. I bet all of them have at least one if not more priors on their record so the 10yrs will apply.

  165. They got what they deserve,protesting is one thing but destroying property is another,throwing bricks at police officers could be used as a deadly weapon

  166. Life is hard. It’s really hard when your stupid.

  167. I %100 support whatever charges and punishments they get, should’ve gotten real jobs, instead of working for POS George Soros and company

  168. Yes. Rioting is not allowed by the Bill of Rights, therefore, it is a crime, too.

  169. I say it’s about time!!

  170. Mary Catherine McBride

    I, absolutely agree, the protesters deserve jail time.

  171. People have a right to Peaceful Protest, those that Riot and destroy property deserve arrest and prosecution, we have had enough of this lawlessness and it needs to stop !

  172. Put the wackos in prison. There was no reason for their action. PS add Moana to that list.

  173. They need to go after Clintons and soris who funded these protestors and seize their bank accounts.

  174. They broke the law so they deserve to pay the consequences of their actions.

  175. Yes have to make example to stop this they broke the law,, if I broke the law I would have to pay the consequences of my action.

  176. Yes they need jail..No slap on the hands..Chain an lock them up..


  178. It is about time something was done with these adults acting like criminals and bratty 5 year old brats that
    really need a swat on the butt and taken home sat in a chair and told what the right way to act is!!!!

  179. I do agree with the punishment. Putting businesses and innocent people in harms way was uncalled for. Peaceful demonstrations is one thing but destroying property and hurting people is just wrong!

  180. Absolutely it is about time someone stood up to these thugs😄😄😄

  181. They were not peaceful protesting they were breaking the law and should be held accountable .


  183. This Rioting and Distruction Must be Stopped and Brought under Conrtol Quickly — A NO NON–SENSE APPROCH MUST BE TAKEN.

  184. Maybe this will send a message to ones that want to riot & cause mayhem, I hope the ACLU does not interfere. These people are getting mor & more braising as time goes on…during the Obama adminasration they were not held accountable …we must have order.

  185. Joyce Taylor-Smith

    Hope they got the sickos she hired the protesters.

  186. They deserve exactly that Prison and fine both.

  187. When they put Trump and some members of Congress in jail for real crimes I feel the system is unequal. Sendtrumptojail. Notourpresident.

  188. I wholeheartedly agree with is … we as Americans, by law, have the right to PEACEFUL protest. Not riots and attacking police officers. These people have gotten away with this kind of behavior for the past 8 years. So grateful this lawlessness is coming to an end. Thank you President Trump!!!!

  189. Good. Glad to see these idiots are finally getting what they deserve.

  190. Yes. Hang the unruly POS.

  191. Yes ! We need to get a grip on these kind of people, a big fine and prison time sounds like that might get a hand on these kind of people.
    A BIG fine and Prison TIME.

  192. Yes fines and pay for all the damage they caused and time in prison

  193. Lisbeth Noelle Rothe

    Thank God! George Soros should also be arrested and charged with inciting to riot due to his financial backing of the riots. He should be charged with treason, and sentenced to death!

  194. Commit a crime, do the time. It’s about time the idiots got their just desert. Give them the maximum.

  195. Hallelujah! It’s about time we served these criminals with a big old plate of consequence. The more we keep letting these destructive, masked, criminals get away with this type of crime, the more we will see if it! They need to know to expect the end results if they do it. Protesting is one thing. Rioting and causing property and bodily damage is completely different!

  196. Yes maybe they should say who paid them to root and cause trouble.

  197. Why should you need to ask if you can arrest someone that is braking the law. Here your Sign.

  198. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time! Act like an animal and get yourself put in a cage. You were all a disgrace to America. Not a very nice picture to send around the world.

  199. Lock them up and make them pay for damages!

  200. Yes I think it’s about time. Like they say do the crime do the time.
    This running rapid has to stop. We are not some third world country.
    Thank you.
    Dennis C. Krcek

  201. Yes they should go to prison if they attacked a y police officer… This needs to stop… Protest by speaking your mind not breaking windows, throwing bricks and burning things that don’t belong to you… People need to be taught respect for other people…. I didn’t riot when Obama won both times… I spoke my mind..
    All the vadolism is doing is raising insurance rates and raising prices…
    People need to stop and think…. Maybe we need to have a test on respect… If you can’t pass it you will have to repeat it till you can.. maybe that would stop some of this stuff….

  202. Every Country in the world would prosecute them.

  203. Most definitely .

  204. Riots should never have happened in the first place.

  205. lock them up and throw the key away.
    If you treat these people with the extreme hand of the law this will not happen again what you have to do now is go after the chief instigator namely George Soros Media Matters and his foundation.
    their address is
    Media Matters
    455 Massachusetts Avenue North West Washington DC 20001
    attention 6 floor – – – – this is where they train the mainstream media and many actors and actresses and entertainers on the 6th floor which is rented by Media Matters( George Soros )they have 14 illegal agencies and are all breaking laws from many independent theatrical entertainment and networking programs – – – theatrical and working unions – – – to the FCC itself – – –

  206. All of the protestors need to be locked up and fined. This is the United States of America . We are supposed be a civilized. Country and set an example for the world. All the protesters looked and sounded like bunch of raving idiots. Wake up America!

  207. Those found guilty should have a twelve foot pole shoved up their backsides, and it be erected along Pennsylvania Avenue where their bodies can slide down slowly and be left as a reminder to the next bunch that we’re tired of their sh!t.

  208. Yes 100 percent. They deserve it. Dumb assays.

  209. Any body dostroy property and assault police officers should get a won way ticket to prison.

  210. Charge them the maximum penalty so the rest of the world will think twice before ever doing this again!!!!! They MUST pay heavily!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  211. I most certainly do. These idiots have been getting away with rioting and getting away with it far too long. BLM should be next. Get tough with the punishments and you’ll start seeing this go away. Obama didn’t have the balls to do it. Gutless.

  212. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime! What makes them think they are special? They are common criminals and should be treated as such. THROW the BOOK at them,it’s time to teach people that because you didn’t get your way you can’t just go around destroying other people’s lives!

  213. There is a difference between rioters and protesters. Which one were they?

  214. Yes we need to exercise peaceful protest.Im tired of these people thinking they can be criminals and get no punishment.We had people Southern Illinois that their bus was attacked during visit to the Capitol .

  215. Yes I believe the punishment fits the Crime. I also believe these rioters have had it to easy for a long time, it is time they answer for there crime.

  216. Throw the book at those morons people need to know you can’t go around destroying other people’s lives just because you didn’t get your own way! That should be parenting 101! What is wrong with people?

  217. I just think what the short sighted headline this doesn’t represent Liberals (HAPPY ENDING: 230 Rioters Got A One Way Ticket To Prison And Got Liberals Furious) this kind of rhetoric is exactly what rallies these thugs to run like they do, no parental training.

  218. It is long overdue. Peaceful demonstrations not on roads are ok . They should never be threatening or harmful. When they get violent and destroy property or interfere with traffic it is a clearly criminal and should be punished.

  219. Yes, I believe in freedom of speech but not vandalism. They are using it as an excuse to commit violence. They do have to be stop, enough is enough. I am a peaceful person but we have to put our foot down sometime and I think now is the time. I am glad president Trump will support an enforce the laws unlike the previous administration.

  220. YES…I think the games are over…there SHOULD be consequences for the violence…the name calling…the assassination threats…bombings….rioting….We need to show respect and unity for our Country and it’s head office no matter who it is…PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP has been elected to that office fair and square and now it’s time to come together…behind him and help him MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  221. Throw the book at them! They’re only able to protest the fact they didn’t get their way! Nothing is going to change the outcome. Mr. Trump was going to be sworn in as President! These protestors have their head up their rectums! Send them to prison. Maybe then they’ll have time to consider all their wrongdoings! Stupidity running amuck!

  222. We have laws. Follow them or pay the consequences.

  223. Yes they should face the consequences of terrorism. This behavior is terrorism!

  224. Yes they need to go to jail for destroying property. Why Not? We can’t do that and get away with it. No difference

  225. Keep them locked up its losers like that, that are ruining our country. Let 250 pot dealers out to make room for them.

  226. And if they already have felony records, they’ll get more time.

  227. The Judge should hit them with the stiffish charge he can. Hopefully this will show others this is not Obama’s lax justice system of the last 8 year’s.

    • This is not Obama’s justice system. This is Trump’s and Pence’s justice system. Hit them hard to show you can’t get away with this.

  228. When any protester disobeys the law, cause damage to property, injure policy officers they deserve to go to jail and to pay for the damages that they have caused. That is the problem in America we don’t enforce the
    laws that we make to live in our democracy. We are way too lenient and liberal. If someone breaks the law they must pay the price, no excuses.

  229. The outcome was and will always be just. Ten years, no chance of early release, cut off welfare benefits, teach these morons a lesson they will never forget and dissuade other assholes from following suit.

  230. I believe that the rioters should be locked up for a long time and have to make restoration for all the damage they did. It’s about time that law and order was restored in this country!!!

  231. Absolutely, they have been doing this all over the country, against the police and against anything they feel aprópiate.
    One think is peaceful demonstration and another is to destroy personal property and put civilians and police on harms way.
    They should pay the price for destroying property and for anarchy.

  232. I totally agree with President TRUMP. Lock these thugs up. Maybe next time they’ll will think twice before throwing a brick at a police officer.

  233. Absolutely appropriate justice! Trump is now PRESIDENT Trump and nothing they can do will change that. To use that as a excuse to disturb the peace, riot, set fires, and attack law enforcement officers deserves whatever punishment the court sees fit!!!

  234. This is great they should go to jail

  235. Throw the boook at them‼

  236. Of course charges should happen.We are a land of law and order.Cannot assault or riot or set cars on fire or damage another’s property without consequences.Especially military or law enforcement

  237. Thank Gid something is finally being done to these animals! Took Trump to do it. Obama would have laughed it off. Not once did he acknowledge
    Rioting. Good Riddance!!!!!!

  238. Absolutely support their arrest!!! Wonder if any were ones Obama released?!!

  239. At the minimum they should get two years in Federal prison. On the other hand they should have been spending time in hospital prior to going to jail.

  240. Yes a felony is a felony and those who wish to commit these crimes need to be disciplined and punished for them. This is the only way that our country is ever going to be safe again is if discipline is put into place and they understand that they are going to be charged. This country is the way it is today because the previous administrations of late have been too lenient and have not protected the American people or our country.

  241. Yes send them all to jail

  242. Finally!!! Protesting is one thing. Rioting and endangering police and destroying property has to stop. The organizations sponsoring these terrorists should also be prosecuted

  243. I will be happy when they are charged with rioting, destruction of property, terrorism and I hope everyone of them gets at least 5 years in a federal prison. Protesting is legal, what these jerks done is illegal, this rioting has to stop, one of the reasons Trump was elected, Obama and Hillary support these actions.

  244. Protesting is a right. Rioting, attacking police officers, destroying property, disturbing the peace, and creating unsafe blockage of our roads are all crimes not protests.

  245. Finally. Destroying property and causing harm to police has to stop. Prosecute organizations funding these terrorists.

  246. Yes I agree. Should have happen long before now. They need to pay for their damage and spend time in jail.

  247. Now if you stand true to your word this would be wonderful, these kind of things have to stop and now.

  248. Perhaps it will curb the unreasonable and CRIMINAL behavior.

  249. Yes they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Destroying people’s property has nothing to do with freedom of speech. To march peacefully should be limited to certain hours of the day I think. I’m sure many businesses lost many $$$$ in sales on Saturday & Sunday where sales are allowed.

    They should also curtail the vulgarities they aspire too. So unnecessary and crude. It was disgusting seeing those women carrying or leading their children carrying filthy signs.

    God show them the correct way to speak their grievances.

  250. I agree. This has been going on much too long and the other administration did nothing. Fine them and give them 10 years. This was vandalism and terrorist actions,

  251. This is wonderful, now just stick to your word, this has to stop now.

  252. Oh hell yes! You are a protester until you block highways and start luteing and damaging businesses and fighting the police! Then you are a terrorist

  253. The fine & the time should be doubled. This Bull Shit has to be stopped. Our society has gotten to lax. We as a nation needs to stiffen up and make people accountable for their actions.

  254. Its a shame they didnt catch more,or could of arrested them all,This is a Must do, Some Citys in America had become a dangerous place to be or go through,and if they arent controlled some people will end up killing a dozen or more at a time,when they stop traffic and try to drag people from there Autos, they are asking to die,where I am from you would get killed for much less,and people are even afraid to go anywhere as long as these Vandals was getting away with in some cases Murder,I al for the Trump Administration using Lethal Force to contain any and all Riots ,Looting and Civil Disobedience and destruction of property.

  255. Christopher Caplena

    Yes they got what they deserve they have to obey the law and not attack police officers and vandalize stuff if they’re going to protest

  256. Its a shame they didnt catch more,or could of arrested them all,This is a Must do, Some Citys in America had become a dangerous place to be or go through,and if they arent controlled some people will end up killing a dozen or more at a time,when they stop traffic and try to drag people from there Autos, they are asking to die,where I am from you would get killed for much less,and people are even afraid to go anywhere as long as these Vandals was getting away with in some cases Murder,I am for the Trump Administration using Lethal Force to contain any and all Riots ,Looting and Civil Disobedience and destruction of property.

  257. This will make people think twice if they know for certain they will be forced to pay real money and the certainty of serving real time in prison. If people know with certainty what is in store for them, this type of certainty, that this criminal behavior will no longer be tolerated, it will bring these people to realize that we have a new President in charge and he means what he says, and says what he means,

  258. I agree they should all(the rioters) should be held responsible for damages done. If they caused damage to property not rioting they would be held accountable. What’s the difference? They should all be heavily fined


  260. YES. I am glad they are punish for destroying property.

  261. The protesters should have to serve the time and pay the fine, that might let others know that the u.s. will not put up with rioting and destroying property anymore.

  262. Yes, I agree that they were jailed , fined, and a felony. This nonsense must end . It’s time for this violence to end . The law needs to be upheld .

  263. Please continue this action to get the word out it will not be tolerated.

  264. All of the so called protesters are nothing but rioters they should all be arrested and be charged with a felony

  265. It is time to show protestors they need to be
    Peaceful. It is too bad for them that the DNC probably tricked them all into going to the inauguration on the first place.

    I wonder if the DNC is paying for lawyers

  266. I agree with this 100%. It is about time someone did something.

  267. It is Z good start, but harsher sentences need to be required.. this action needs to stop and sending them to jail with no parole for 20 years. This gas to stop.

  268. It’s a same the rioters had no control over their actions, although they want the police to use kid gloves on them but the forces of evil must be stopped with force .
    We the people thank you police officers, ladies & gentlemen, for your dedications and the forceful actions to control a violent situation.
    . Bless you and your families!!

  269. These anarchists should not be given bail. They should go straight back to jail after the judge tells them their fate.

  270. Good enough of the destruction. They act like savages giving them the right to steal. They need to be charged and serve time.

  271. Mary Jane. Trifon

    Yes it’s about time

  272. Gloria jean Smith

    Yes, they need to know that is not how you handle your differences, riots serve nothing and people get hurt and property destroyed.

  273. Mary Jane. Trifon

    Yes it’s about time something is being done not a prostest

  274. Oklahoma Sunshine

    Yes I do support them being prosecuted. They need to experience the consequences of the damage they caused because it is the owners of the property they destroyed and the officers they assaulted that are the victims of their crimes.

  275. Without punish ,we can not stop the violence !

  276. I agree they were in crimals acts

  277. It’s time these obama/Soros lovers find out they will no longer be tolerated. I sincerely hope every one does jail time!

  278. ,about time to do something to those freaks

  279. I am so happy they are getting fined. Jail would be great and a plus😀

  280. Yes I support this outcome!

  281. Absolutely. It’s about time something is done about this. Hopefully it will make others stop and think before doing this. If someone destroys another’s property, they should pay. Violent acts deserve prison time and fines. Get them off the street, and protect our police officers.

  282. Violent protesters should be punished severely. It’s not okay for destroying property nor being disrespectful to our President just because he was not their choice. Be respectful!!!!

  283. It’s just about time to do something with those freaks

  284. Yes I do 1000%

  285. Absolutely they should be charged. This nonsense has to stop. Thankfully we don’t have to put up with this crap any longer. They destroyed property and deliberately compromised the safety of others in the area as well our police officers. I say give them the highest fine and longest prison time possible. Keep them off the streets. Maybe others will think twice before breaking the law.

  286. I support charging the rioters and making face the responsibility for their actions.

  287. Thank God, something is FINALLY BEING DONE ABOUT THESE IDIOTS….They have got away with too much of this bullshit, time to pull the ole plug and drain them with the rest of the SWAMP

  288. Absolutely that’s what should have been happening all along but Obama wouldn’t think of it because he encouraged it.

  289. Everett Woodworth

    I give full support to such actions in response this rioting. It is about time that such measures to suppress this rioting is taken.

  290. Absolutely thrilled these thugs are being appropriately dealt with!

  291. It is about time something is finally being done it show these idiots that this is NOT acceptable behavior …..

  292. Yes. It’s not special punishment. It’s standard for the behavior and demands just punishment.

  293. I support this action

  294. Absolutely, we have to return to respecting others.

  295. Yes, they should receive large fines and jail time. Lock them up for rioting and vjolence.

  296. Absolutely!!! Peaceful demonstrations are one thing, but what they were doing was way beyond demonstrating. It was malicious rioting!!!

  297. More people should of been arrested. I do agree with the law as long as they get prison time! Not just a few months but a couple of years. This was shameful behavior. Teach them a lesson so it doesn’t keep occurring.

  298. protest this one thing but total disregard for others safety and property should be dealt with according. Even if they are intellectually challenged

  299. I agree the adults are back in government. This childish behavior has gone on far to long. Time for a reality check … you don’t destroy property n assault people with repercussions.

  300. hope they get what they deserve

  301. It’s sounds good to me.. Obama helped create this mess too. He never wanted any protesters prosecuted! Those women weren’t worried about the sanctity of life! Now they can really be mad at Trump but it’s their fault! And stupidy for listening to Michael Moore and his Soros buddy

  302. Absolutely I support these people being thrown in jail

  303. He’ll yes. Stick to it

  304. They should lose certain privileges as well as fines, restitution , and time

  305. I love it. It is about we dish up punishment for people like this.

  306. They knew what they were doing. They disreguarded the laws and yes they should be punished I am tired of the unnessary roits and the disrespect for rhe property of others.

  307. Throw the book at them..Definitely prison time.set a precedent for these snow flakes that have to resort to violence instead of peacefully demonstrating there amendment rights…

  308. Yes I agree this is not protesting this is riotng

  309. gladys mcclintock

    Yes. I support locking up the rioters and fineing them. These marches have gotten out of control and then the taxpayers have to clean up the mess. It’s about time.

  310. Yes! Arrest them! Arrest Madonna too for making terrorists threats! Shown them losers they are not above the law and can’t threaten our President, his family and staff!

  311. Deserve everything they can throw at them. No pun intended lol

  312. Put them all in prison they are nothing but filth the lowest of low take away their welfare throw away the keys bunch of fucking libertards

  313. Lorine U Sotomayor

    Yes I support this. They had no right destroying businesses, vehicles and assaulting Police Officers. They have to know that all of that is against the law and the law applies to them as well as those “career felons”…they are NOT above the law!

  314. Absolutely it’s about time they got what they deserve! They can protest peacefully but it does not give them the right to destroy or burn other people’s property! Put them in jail and they can do all the protesting they want there. 👍👏🏼

  315. Yes, I agree with the punishment. There is a difference between peaceful protest and rioting.

  316. Jail time is most, but money compensation goes a long way… The laws need changes yo that effect.

  317. That’s good,our country has become devided with obama in office,all these people don’t even know what is going on,our President TRUMP is going to fix the mess that Obama has created if the American people will just give him a chance,if not you will go to jail,you can protest without destroying property and fighting police,if you want to protest do it right,all you are doing now is making things worse on your selfs,

  318. It’s about time people who do what they did truly needs to be punished! I for one am sick of the fact they destroy property and nothing is done about it! Just makes them think I can do what I want and nothing will come of it! Inexcusable!


  320. Yes it needs to stop

  321. I support sending all of them to prison. They have the right to protest, they don’t have right to destroy other people’s property or assault the police or President Trump supporters. I have no faith in the justice system making them pay a very harsh punishment. All I know for sure is that if it was me there they would throw the book at me!


  323. of course i support it . they were not protesting they were destroying property and committing battery to police .

  324. Yes, absolutely they should pay

  325. Absolutely support these arrests. All I can say is, “It’s about time”. This behavior has got to be stopped once and for all.

  326. It is about time. Law abiding citizens follow the law. These people have been getting away with terrible acts of crimes without penalties.

    Thank you President Trump

  327. It’s about time rioters, law breakers and all alike, are being held to answer the charges against each and every one of them. Not pleading out one, just answer the charges and pay whatever monies are due !


  329. Yes. Maximum sentencing. Stop calling terroists protestors.

  330. They broke the law and distroyed property punishment is to be carried out. It will continue if the law does nothing. $25,000.00 per person will help pay for the damage

  331. YES I think it’s GREAt and about time.

  332. Should have shot them as armed terrorists.

  333. Glad they will be charged with Felonies. 10 years is a good sentence. Trump said he would stop the Lawlessness in this Country. Let’s set a precedent and start right here. Next, go Arrest, Prosecute, and put in Prison MADONNA for making Terrorist Threats to Blow Up the White House by Bombing it, and thus making a Threat against the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Arrest her ASAP. This Anti Trump Celebrity Nonsense has got to Stop. Arrest Madonna and Jail her for Life.

  334. Yes indeed I do !! Do’t do the crime if you can’t do the time !!!

  335. Yes, I think that they should be arrested for destroying property and made to pay for it.. if they want to live in America.. Yes, and yes..

  336. They thought that they could get away with it because the BLM rioters never seem to get arrested.

  337. Yes they need to be held accountable for their actions. Obama has allowed rioting, steeling, destroying property for some time now. Now Trump is not going to allow this idiotic behavior and I am glad!

  338. Yes that was disgusting what’s wrong with these people

  339. Thanks for enforcing the law

  340. Yes they should. They all new better

  341. Way to go, they are having to face the consequences of their unlawful actions.

  342. It is so good to hear that those protesters will be jailed and fined heavily…they deserve it…thanks to the police force…good job !!

  343. Rioters should be fully prosecuted.

  344. Damn right they get what they deserve it am so sick of people acting like animals and thinking there is no consequences for their actions

  345. Fullest extent of the law! Make an example of them and this shit might stop!!

  346. I know they did not get half of the rioters that caused the damage to the store fronts of all the broken glass and whatever else was broken from the rioters. We need to show that they can’t just get away with the distruction they caused.

  347. This rant might be interesting if it was in English. You might want to go back to 5th grade grammar and start over from there.

  348. It’s time for them all to get the consequences due for their actions. Protect our police and President Trump.

  349. Yes! Some thought it was funny (the rioters)

  350. William Lee Justice

    It”s about time, we must get things under control if our country is ever going to unite & heal.

  351. Criminals for destruction of property and assaulting police officers. Lock them up and lose the key

  352. 100% agree. Arrest them all.

  353. YES! I’m glad justice will be served. If more people worked for a living rathter than have time to protest all illegat people could be replace in the fields in CA.

  354. Cynthia Boatright

    I think it is past time for the those thugs to be jailed. I also think that the business owners should be on the other side of those windows with their own bats and rocks. And make them eat em or wear em.

  355. Yes should be held accountable for their actions , restitution should be made too !

  356. Yes the rioters that issued violence-destroying properties and trying to hurt policeman should get the stiffest punishment and forced to work and pay the money for public and private property they destroyed

  357. Yes I favor punishment for rioting in our streets. This is nothing more than criminals having their way destroying and stealing from law abiding citizens. Charges should have been placed on them long before now.

  358. I also think they should be made to make restitution for all the damage they did. It wasn’t protesters it was rioters. Rioters are nothing but Homeland Terrorist. They should have thought about the outcome before they broke the first window or threw the first rock at the Police. They should be punished.

  359. We can exercise our freedom of speech if we do it in a peaceful manner. Smashing windows of establishments, setting fire to cars and hurting policemen is not freedom given to us. That’s already violating peace and order in our country. The people doing this has a different purpose , they just want to create chaos for no reason at all. Others kind of people need to be arrested and punished for their actions.

  360. I absolutely support it. Now put Madonna on a National
    Security Watch list and deport her. She has no business being
    Here spewing her hate.

  361. Yes they should be punished and should have been long before now. This stay out of jail card has been going on for to long. Time to end this and end it now.

  362. I agree 100%.., they need to be held accountable for their childish actions…

  363. Of course and so do all other law abiding citizens.

  364. Hell yes lock them up and throw away the key!!!

  365. Absolutely, throw everything you can at them!! Let the punishment fit the crimes!!!

  366. It is about time that these protestors get the message that destroying property and causing undue fear has consequences. Each action that we take in life, each choice we make sets forth our path. When we make wrong choices it needs to be stopped before we get the wrong message that destruction is okay.
    Establishing and setting a president that violence and destruction is not okay and that it will have personal consequences will leave an impression on the next generation that is watching. It will let people know that it is not okay to destroy your neighbours property. Maybe then, we can start to learn to respect the people in our own neighbourhood and when respect is established, start to work in unity.

  367. All rioters who destroy property and hurt others should be arrested and charged

  368. Yes, they don’t have to agree but should never the less show respect. We finally got a truly AMERICAN President who loves AMERICA …… and the commies behave like children.

  369. Yes. Only peaceful protesters should be allowed to go uncharged.

  370. Yes certainly not a peaceful protest if they break the law should be arrested for whatever charges are pertinent .

  371. sure do!

  372. They deserve to be prosecuted for criminal acts. No liberal that I know is furious over these arrests.

  373. katherine lindley

    heck yes, lock them all up. we have to stop this craziness.

  374. Absolutely they should get fined or jail time. Without any recourse, this will get worse and worse. I’m sure lots of people saw the rioters in Ferguson, et al, and figured they could do it also.

  375. They should have arrested a long time ago they have been doing it for years and walked away No more riots or rioters going free

  376. Peaceful protest is always welcome, but when you promote and create civil disobedience to the extent of injuring law enforcement, destruction of property and bodily injuries (if occurred), you are guilty and should be prosecuted.

  377. Obama gone and now there might be consequences. Max penalty is perfect to stop the bullsh*t.

  378. Patricia Gilkerson

    Absolutely, they should be charged. But why haven’t all the other rioters in different states for different reasons not been lockup and charged?

  379. Yes,hope they all get 10 years in prison and fined 250,000 dollars if they are here illegally deport them after their time in prison,if they are on government assistance cut them off for good.

  380. I sure due! No respect for the law or other peoples property.

  381. It’s about time they do something to them.they think they run the world.

  382. Damn right they should be charged!!

  383. Thr reason they think they can get away with blatenly destroying others properties is because for the last 8 yrs they have! Hopèfully that era is over. I really hope they
    ģo after the people who paid them to do it and put them in jail.

  384. Absolutely agree. They should not be given bail and should spend time in jail. This will put a warning out to others before they riot.

  385. It’s about time something is being done to these thugs. All of the protesting was uncalled for. Like it or not, Trump is our President. Police officers should be respected as they were in the past. What happened to this country? I’m 66 years old. I have never seen the disrespect that children have for teachers, police officers and even their own parents. It was never like that when I was growing up. People are really dressing “down” these days. You would never see a woman go visit someone in the hospital, go to church or work without wearing a dress & men were in suits. My children went to Catholic school. I asked a nun why they had to wear a dress all the time. She said, you dress like a lady, you’ll act like a lady.” I would love to see the “blue law” come back. Maybe families would stay home together or go to church. Too many people are working on Sundays & should be home with their family. As far as businesses go…….if they can’t make it in 6 days then they can’t make it at all.
    Quit slapping people on the wrist. Bring back capital punishment. Maybe there won’t be so many criminals.

  386. They deserve every bit of it.Now on to blm,they have gotten away with rioting,looting,burning for far to long. They have caused millions of dollars in damages and have cost at least one life by blocking the highways.

  387. No it is not nor will not be enough.

  388. Punishment should match each individual. Who of them have $25k? And 10 years sounds a bit excessive unless a police officer was hit with said bricks or spit upon. Those folks should receive the maximum sentence.

  389. No, It will not be enough!

  390. they should get community service while serving in prison, and be liable to re-emburse the merchants and anyone else whose property they destroyed. Underage? Then their parents will pay.

  391. It’s about time. This is Trump time not Obama’s time.

  392. It’s about time they took care of the rioters.

  393. ABSOLUTELY !!!!!

  394. Had it coming. Hope Sessions ensures justice is served. Publish their names, addresses and phone numbers. And the source of their income.

  395. I think those protesters should be charged and prosecuted on felony charges. This BullShit has gone on long enough. All protesters need to be charged

  396. Yes give them the maximum punishment prescribed by law. I want no mercy. Cut their welfare and all public benefits permanently. This is ridiculous to destroy others property and have no consequences.

  397. Michael Rudy Scherzinger

    Thankyou President Trump Sir for making 230 people responsible for their actions. This would NEVER have happened prior to Your taking office. This is a good start to: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.’
    Now I would like to see You have: Obama: The Muslim, Liar, Traitor, Hillary: The Liar, Traitor, & NEVER forget Jane Fonda: The Liar, Traitor, (Hanoi Hilton), arrested by Trey Gowdy & then tried by Judge Jeanine for TREASON. No matter the outcome of their trials this would continue on the road to: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.’ Former Member U.S. Army 67-69.

  398. It’s good to punish rioters, destroy ing public property is wrong. There should be a strong law concerning rioters.a person can be hurt and die.from evil people like rioters. And stronger laws hurting police. Our help and protectors. Should be forced to liberals causing any trouble beginning with rioters. The law should be tuff, for any liberals threatening our President, and Americans.

  399. Punish them severely but not that severely. Tax payers have to pick up the tab for their imprisonment….food…airconditioning….clothes…laundry..TV…BUT let the warning go out that in the future the sentences will be extremely severe and then stick to it. Those who stand on the highway and block traffic can be make to stand in a prison yard…….for 5 hours. No food….clothing.. air conditioning….laundry….CHEAP…. but beneficial.

  400. So glad we have law and order again they deserve everything they get

  401. Absolutely, not only unamerican but against the law

  402. With my whole heart, I believe that these destructive rioters are receiving a just punishment for their activities on the day of the Inaugutation. This behavior pattern is very serious,and let this set an example of what you can not do if you chose to protest. Thank you to the authorities who have planned ahead. We are proud of you. Law and Order must be the rule!

  403. About time we quit letting the crazies behave like animals

  404. Charge with treason too

  405. Yes, they should all serve time!

  406. Rioting is against the law. Anyone who pays for or participates in such riots where property is damaged and police lives are in jeopardy deserves punishment to the fullest extent of the law.

  407. You are making a mistake by using the word ,protesters , they are organized vandals , and set to cause trouble and destroy property ,, the same thing is happened before and will happen again ,,,,unless ,, Make them pay for the damage . and a jail term . You wont see anymore of that behavior in the future ,,,

  408. The rioters got what they deserved. I hope they throw the book at them. Round up Soros and charge him with inciting riots, as well. NOT every liberal is a criminal and out to cause trouble, but the ones that are, I have no sympathy for. This is the United States of America, and we’re better than this…or at least we could be. Our First Amendment protects free speech and protesting. It does NOT mean that we can go out and damage private property and throw bricks at our law enforcement officers. If Hillary had won the election, we would have lost our right to free speech. Globalization and a New World Order would have taken away our Constitution and civil rights. DON’T these liberals GET THAT??

  409. I’m glad we now have a president that don’t put up with bull crap .

  410. Absolutely agree, Add Madonna to the list, put her ass in jail too!

  411. If anyone else starts fires and destroys buildings they get a punishment

  412. They should have shot a bunch of em to make a point.

  413. When I was a teenager in the late 60sand early 70s, thats would have happened to us. Protesting is our right, destuction of property private or public is not. If they want to learn like I did so be it. GOODBYE. And I’m not against arresting congressmen or senators who incite others to do so.

  414. There should have been more arrests not just 230 people. Why wasn’t there more police to handle these thugs.

  415. I do agree some type of penalty should be in place. I agree with expression of your rights, but none of that gives you the right to destroy someone else’s property. No excuses. They wouldn’t want to go home to find that their homes or cars had been destroyed. It is just another form of lawlessness that has been allowed to propagate.

  416. Rioters should go to jail for destroying property and blocking streets

  417. I agree 100%!!! This was breaking the law in many
    respects! This was an insurrection and should not be
    tolerated !!!!

  418. Rioters should go to jail for destroying property and blocking streets!

  419. They all should be chartered with criminal Riotinga and fined $25,000 and spend thyme in Jail for their action !

  420. i think they should be punished to let american people know that breaking the law must stop by protesters.if they are not punished then it tell everyone in this protesting its ok to break the law and will repeat itself.so stop it quick so it will send a message to the people .

  421. its about time these people were dealt with and charges and i hope they get thr full punishment of the law!!

  422. Yes. They are criminals. When people break the law, they need to be punished.

  423. It’s about time these rioters/protesters got arrested for their criminal actions–give them maximum sentences👮

  424. Yes I do support this , why this was not protesting it
    Was rioting, when you are throwing bricks and turning
    Over cars , busting windows that not peaceful, had it
    Been my business these thugs done that I would have shot them, cause when you destroy something that I own
    And I have to fix it then your ass is mine . Not the cops . Then you are threatening me and mine then. Cause I would have been in my store to protect my shit , if it was my family
    Income, and I would not have been alone either, so yes
    There should be a law that states if you damage or burn
    Flags of our country, hurt our political leaders or police officers
    Cause any kind of caios like what happened with the new incoming president Donald Trump then yes bonds and prison time is required period.

  425. I think this is great. The reason this type of stuff is getting more frequent is
    because they have been getting by with it. The laws have not been enforced,
    and now they think this is the way to go.
    I am sure if this actually goes thru and some of these BIG NAMES get punished with everyone else these type of things will slow down real quick..

  426. They got what they deserved. The laws apply to ALL citizens regardless of party affiliation or sex or ethnicity.

  427. Prison time!
    They could have held any type of peaceful protest and true Americans would have honored their right to do so.
    Rioting? Due to? It was the perfect opportunity to destroy, steal and rampage like animals.
    They gave up their liberties when they chose to break the law, willingly and knowingly destroying property and livelihoods.
    Who will rebuild what was destroyed? I guarantee it won’t be those that were arrested.

  428. It was a riot not a demonstration it’s a big difference as the rioters are going to find out

  429. I think all of them should be hunted down and locked up

  430. Yes, I wholeheartedly support law enforcement! Why is this even a question? Actions have consequences . If you break the law, you usually get arrested or receive a citation, depending on the violation! I admit that in some instances, lately, lkawswere broken and law enforcement was ordered to stand down, why, I would love to know the answer to that myself!!!!

  431. Sounds like it got and of hand and was handled fairly by officers and agree with this type of fine &sentencing, if nothing gets done everyone is going to think that behavior is ok,&it’s not in my opion.riot like that should be a felony.

  432. Yes , maximum sentence for everybody. they must serve prison time and pay stiff fines, but should be on their permanent record the rest of their lives. If they do it again the sentences will be stiffer and they could be considered career rioters and face even harsher sentences. This must stop right now.

  433. I certainly do agree with the arrests and it should have been10 times more arrests. The burning and breaking in businesses was something if not stopped will continue to grow. Ignorant people need to get it through their heads there are consequences to destroying private property, burning and luteing! There actions are totally unexceptable and they must be shown they do this at their on risk.


  435. Thomas B McMurray

    About time! Now when do we put Madonna away!?

  436. Dura lex sed lex.

  437. Yes, I agree with putting the violent rioters in jail. They need to learn they can’t hurt people just because they disnt.get their own way.

  438. Violent riot should be punished with the full weight of the law

  439. Yes I support it. They deserve to go to jail and pay the fine. Can you charge them for stupidity to?

  440. It’s about. Time. What they did destroying property is unlawful. Lick them up. This has got to stop.

  441. Made typing mistake. Lock the uo

  442. its a law on the books that to wear a mask in the commission of a crime is a federal offense, these heroic punks need to be unmasked

  443. Lock them up for a long time and make them pay for all the damages

  444. They deserve what’s coming to them. People work their whole lives and than someone comes along and destroys everything they have worked so hard for. And on top of it what they want is the destruction of society. Legalized sin is still sin. Time to grow up people. This is life. We are expected to grow and learn.

  445. It’s time justice prevails. 10 years and fines should send a message that this behavior is unacceptable.

  446. Of course people who damage property should pay the consequences.

  447. They broke the law and should and hopefully will be punished and fined for their violent activities. Yes, the Constitution guarantees “peaceful Protest” but, this WAS NOT PEACEFUL AND, UNDER THE LAW CAN BE PROSECUTED. Julee Hamilton Champaign Illinois.

  448. they all should be arrested.
    is time for law and order and put order in the house. after eight years without oeder is time.

  449. Yes these have forgotten one thing Obama is not president any more. We have a new president that believes in law n order.

  450. They should lose their welfare, food stamps and do community service for two years.

  451. As best we can we need to catch and prosecute all who destroy property and take part in any hostility towards anyone. Don’t you have to have permits to March or Demonstrate ? Make those who obtain these permits also provide insurance or bonds for anything that is damaged or destroyed or injured during these marches.

  452. Consequences for your bad behavior? Hmm. Imagine that.

  453. Ansolutely, charge those rioters with maximum penaltu. The fact they think they can get away with destruction of property and assaulting people is all the more reason they should be prosecuted.
    Enough already of this bogus ‘free speech’ excuse.
    To the law enforcement that had to deal with these jerks: Great Job. I was praying none of you got hurt. Keep up the good work.

  454. I’ll believe it when i see them in jail.

  455. Yes, I agree with the police using force to get rioters under control. The rioters should be convicted and receive a stiff fine plus at least six months in jail. There has to be a example set that rioting is not the same as a peaceful demonstration.

  456. Yes, I believe any one that is destroying public property or endangering lives should be punished! That’s why we have laws to protect us from people that don’t respect life or others property!

  457. Got to get a handle on this garbage. In order to do that real punishment is required here, plus the cost of all of that, that was destroyed in the DC area. Plus punishment for their abuse of Police Officers, this can not be allowed.

  458. And rightly so and made to pay restitution, plus the costs for security, and policemen injuries. The want to play they should pay

  459. It’s about time these anarchists get what they deserve. That was not a protest, it was wonton destruction and raw assault. No one has a right to behave this way.

  460. Definitely! What they did was not a protest. It was a riot! It was an excuse to act like animals. Anyone who thinks that behavior was ok or justified, deserves to be thoroughly punished. Allowing this to go unpunished only validates what they did, and will make it worse next time they decide to “protest” something.

  461. It is about time. Nobody should be allowed to vandalize peoples property. Especially these innocent people who just happen to have a business or car in their path. You should take them all to jail. They are all thugs. And the ones covering their faces obviously know its wrong or why are they hiding behind a mask.

  462. Maybe if this was the charge during the Campaign, maybe, just maybe, the Protesters would have gotten the message earlier and thought twice before getting out there and destroying innocent store owners and civilians property. I doubt it though. “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”!

  463. Yes I love it should not get away with this shit

  464. It’s about time we protect the people of this country and the police. They absolutely should face the consequence of their behavior.

  465. yes they also should not be allowed to wear a mask or face covering so they can’t be Identified and there should be no bail until sentencing I believe in freedom of speech and protesting but friendly and not to disrupt everyday life that should be a crime

  466. Charge their financial supporters with RICO Violations.

  467. It’s about time.. PAST TIME, that these destructive rioters received just punishment for their crimes. Will Soros pay their $25,000 fine or will the DNC pay it?
    These rioters don’t even have a job, and most are probably drawing government assistance of some sort. That assistance should be cancelled immediately.

  468. They absolutely should be prosecuted.

  469. Yes I support it…give them the maximum punishment. Disgusting that rioters think they can destroy property and attack police officers and not pay. Obama has let them be above the law and has disrespected the law.

  470. I think they should get both fined and 10 years!!!

  471. YES- about time somebody stood up too them!!

  472. They should all serve hard time and have to pay for the damages.. they are criminals plain and simple.

  473. Penni Gaddy-Wells

    I support you hiring a new writer or proofreader because this article is barely readable. Journalism is dead.

  474. They were not protesters. They were opportunists, some taking money for their actions, some taking advantage of the circumstances. Either way, a message needs to be sent that criminal behavior will not be tolerated. Does this mean examples will be made?, sucks to be them.

  475. Absolutely support prison for every one of them. These rioters have got to know there WILL be consequences. No one has the right to destroy others property, attack Police officers and/or possibly escelate any situation. Or cause possible bodily harm or even death! YES… give them heavy prison time. Its time to set a presidence so others WILL KNOW!

  476. Hallelujah!!! Law and order does still exist in America. I am so pleased this happened I cant even explain it. The Constitution allows for PEACEFUL protests and demonstrations. Telling police officers to give rioters room to destroy property is the absolute most asinine thing I have ever heard.

  477. Good story, however it had so many typos and sentences didn’t make sense. If you are in need of a proofreader, I will gladly help out.

  478. If they did destruction answer injury to officer’s they deserve prison time

  479. No bail for these people, they are not repentive and will most assuredly do it again. They need to pay for damages on top of fine and jail time. See who bails them out, if they are repeat offenders stiffen the consequences.

  480. Penalty should be as harsh as possible and we need to let future protestors what to expect

  481. Absolutely. Control has been lost for the past two years and it’s time for law enforcement to protect us and take down people that are inciting unrest. To speak your opinion is your right, but to destroy property and cause harm to people around you is not acceptable.

  482. Yes I agree totally that these people need to be charged and punished. We all have the right to our opinions and to express them. However when it becomes violent and out of control these people are not expressing their opinion but are using this as an excuse to destroy property and attack others. Do they really think this will solve their issues? We real Americans watch and look at them as criminals.

  483. They have the right to protest, but not to riot, should be 3 years mandatory prison time, plus fines.

  484. They definitely deserve to be charged and pay fines for what they did. They DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THIS. Maybe it wi. Be a lesson to others that it is not right.

  485. It’s about time something was done about these thugs.

  486. Is is simple that if you do the crime you should do the time. I would also like to see anyone that paid any of these people to “protest” also be charged and jailed. I have seen comments from several that they would “hire” people to “protest” the election of President Trump. If someone did hire any that were arrested, then I think they should also be jailed and I don’t care who they are.

  487. I agree with the charges imposed on the rioters. PEACEFUL protesters are their rights but Destruction is unexceptionable! Probably should have been a lot more arrests made. Respect!!
    People, no matter Who they are, needs to know there are laws & no one is above it. There are consequences for breaking them!

  488. Yes, they should be charged.

  489. Great job about damn time

  490. Definitely. Also charge those who arranged for them to be there. Who pays for their lawyers – no public defenders for them. Pay their own fee and fines. No fines allowed to be paid by “foundations” so we know who is really behind the scenes.

  491. These people that riot have no sense of decency. They think they can get away with being themselves and being the lowest form of human being. They deserve the harshest punishment that the law has to offer. They are probably part of George Soros’s team of disobedience that he has been paying to do his dirty work.

  492. They absolutely should face that punishment. It’s long past time that destructive rioting will not be tolerated. Maybe this will start the end of it!!!

  493. Tired of the violence, it is criminal and she be punished. Maybe Hillary can be on their softball team..

  494. Only 230?
    There were upwards of 3 million protesters. That’s .000007%.

    And this is not coming from a liberal.

  495. The officers and district attornies have done THEIR jobs, now let’s see if a liberal judge lets them off with a slap on the wrist!

  496. Yes I wholeheartedly support the justice served. If they never learned as a child there are consequences for their action, they will learn it now. It also will make an example to the rest of the nation that we will not tolerate that kind of behavior ever.

  497. Yes destroying public property and assaulting police officers or any one else should be fined or punished in some fashion. no linency.

  498. Yes, people who break the law should be punished. assaulting PD or anyone else , throwing bricks thru windows, etc.

  499. Full support

  500. I fully approve of the punishment for these horrible acts

  501. My feeling is that those who disrupted the peace and terrorized the comunity, should be charged as TERRORISTS. Furthermore, with assault to Peace Officers with deadly weapon (bricks).

  502. Until there are very stringent and harsh penalties associated with this horrible rioting offense, these situations will continue… STAND UP to these rioters and show them huge penalties, including significant jail time! If they are locked up for a while they will change their behavior! Then we need to pray that the Lord will change their hearts…

  503. They were rioters, not demonstrators. They were not peaceful, they did not want people to hear them, they wanted to destroy and hurt. Criminals get prosecuted so let’s start with these and hopefully we will find more of the masked cowards.

  504. They should be charged.
    What they did was criminal.
    This business of using “frustration ” as an excuse for criminal activity doesn’t hold water.
    I’m in favor of peaceful demonstrations.
    However these were not peaceful and the thugs that were destroying property were these just to do what they did. Be thugs.

  505. Richard C Randerson


  506. The protester’s that violated the federal laws should receive the maximum penalty under the law . They potentially placed everyone attending the demonstration’s at risk of death , should they have started a massive RIOT ! Thus punishment should be for the maximum jail term and the maximum fine’s . Act now or the next demonstration will BEGIN as a DEADLY RIOT >

  507. Made all the vandal paid for the damages that they done
    and keep in jail until all paid for the damages , we have a
    new sheriff in Washington , the pusy is not more in the
    White House

  508. Elizabeth Anglemyer

    yes, they should not be allowed to cause damage like they did they only hurt their cause. I believe that they all should have to pay for the damage.

  509. Common sense. Why would these people get a pass for willful destruction of public and private property?!

  510. Good!!! It’s about time make people pay for their actions. People might start thinking twice!!! And if any are college students they should lose all state aid!!!

  511. I wonder if the deal they made with the clintons and soros is going to cover the cost of those fines, costs and damages! Lol or are they now left to cover their own expenses out of their hard earned wage? Lol lol !

  512. The police need to put all the rioters in jail and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. The days of ignoring our laws are past now that the Obama administration is gone. We are a country of law and order and that applies to all even the snowflake libtards that did not get their way!

  513. It’s about time that rioters realize that there will be consequences to their harmful actions….Bravo to passing that law.

  514. Yes, we can not accept this kind of behavior, so what they did not pick the President who was elected, there was a lot of people who did not like that Obama was selected for President. We did not like the things he did either, so deal with it. All protestors should get what they deserve,, Punishment. Yes we can not have that, nor put up with a kid’s throwing fits.

  515. I something should have been done a long time ago I instead of being instigated and letting them go in and just do what they please that should have been arrested and took him to jail then and the ones that instigated and then I get on Al Sharpton and all the rest of them that instigate riding should be all throne in jail

  516. I certainly support this process.. Anyone who destroys public and private property and assaults police officers or those in authority for ANY reason should be treated as a criminal and served justice to the fullest extent if the law.

  517. YES!n8 Years of Obama allowing BLM, and the moroms on the left to riot, burn, loot, , beat other citizens, and NOW finally a President who will do something about it! President Trump has done more in 3 days than Obama did in 8 miserable years. I hope they get every day of ten years.

  518. Respect for law and order and people’s personal and property rights must be restored. All protesters are not anarchists but all anarchists are protesters! Thank God there is a new sheriff in town to begin the restoration of civility.

  519. Deport the liberally insane Democrats and reduce crime by 90%. This would solve 80% of America’s problems.

  520. It’s time. Something is done about rioting and setting fires and destroying people’s property that some have worked hard for I think they should have to pay for everything they destroy even if it’s takes years.

  521. , George Soros and the DNC are the ones behind all this rioting, they paid these people to do as much damage in our country as they can. They’re non-americans and deserve everything that is given to them by the courts and it’s about time something was done about these Punks. Real Americans I’m tired of their garbage and that is a fact.

  522. OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    Compared to Obama’s ongoing over-permissive parental coddling, It’s time for the board of education to be applied…and law and order to resume.


  523. I think anyone caught rioting or burning the flag should do their prison sentance, then off to the military for 4 years!

  524. Absolutely! Rioters hurt business’, the people and property. In addition to the fines, these criminals must pay reparations for the property destroyed. They have no “right” to disrupt my travel, my business or destroy property not belonging to them.

  525. We been waiting a long time for justice for rioters! They been causing havoc all over the country destroying n beating ppl up! Burning the flag and looting in some places!

  526. this is a darn good start. they have to start realizing they cannot get away with hurting nice people and destroying property that people have worked hard to build

  527. Yes, I totally agree! It is about time we have a President with guts to clean up and stop this kind of rediclous behavior. H e is already MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Americans must give him a chance and support him!

  528. It is about time we had some “Law and Order”, and holding the rioters accountable for their actions. It has been a long time coming, and very welcome! The rioters have gotten by with too much for too long!!!!!!!!!

  529. Yes!!! It’s about time that justice is done!

  530. Yes! It’s about time there are consequences!

  531. It is about time that these people get what they should have long ago. They are so used to getting away with breaking into stores,robbing,destroying ,property and injuring people it is now time to pay up.

  532. All those idiot rioters should be in jail.

  533. If it’s against the law to riot and smash windows, cars, burn, and all else that was against the law, yes you pay the price… That is why we have laws to protect the rights of the people …. It’s about time someone stepped up and with held the law, protesters have bullied their way across America and got away with it for years, and WHY. you don’t have a reason to carry on just because you don’t get you own way, and some enjoy wrecking peoples lives by trashing and looting for their own gain, to many people lives have been destroyed from this evil and now you wonder”Should they be punished” are you kidding me, that is exactly how far America has lost control of this fine Country. and yes if you set fire to a building it is Arson, is Arson a crime?? Of course it is, how about smashing windows?Looting? harming others? and the list goes on. Do I support Justice , you bet I do…..I don’t know why it is even asked, someone wrote laws I thought they applied to EVERYONE

  534. These riots have went on far too long. They should be punished by prison. They. Need to learn there are consequences you have to pay for breaking the law.

  535. Yes I support it, they should be held accountable for their actions, as well as the ones behind the scenes that put them up to it.

  536. Yes, they should be punished. What were they rioting against? Was any ones rights violated or thrown in prison or killed? No nothing happened at all like that, they just didn’t like the outcome of what so many law abiding people wanted and they decided to disrupt and destroy because either they were paid to or they think their way is right and nobody else matters. So to those criminals I say you want to play you got to pay.

  537. Give them all maximum sentences and fines , it’s what they deserve !! Put an end to all this Obama teaching !!! Peaceful protests are one thing and they are ok , but destroying property and hurting people is an entirely different thing and has to be stopped !!

  538. They’ll be the Belle’s of the Ball at the Saturday Night Sock Hop and “Hide the Weasel” night.

  539. Yes, and they should pay for what they destroyed!!!

  540. It’s about time someone has taken charge of this lawlessness! Throwing the book at them for the destruction they caused is about to become a reality for them. I support our Police Officers and all they do for the community, so now, let them do their job and keep supporting them.

  541. I think those cretins are getting what they obviously earned. But, I take exception to the characterization that “thousands” of the protesters were involved in the disruption caused by these idiots. It was plain to see, that it was a handful of thugs who participated in the destruction of Starbucks, the vast majority had no hand in that violence. Quit trying to rile people with more “fake news”. Report the facts, no more, no less.

  542. So glad to see the rioters have to pay the hard way for rioting and destroying property! It will be a hard lesson learned but when you play you have to pay! Those who were paid to do the rioting did not come out ahead!

  543. We are trying to make America Great, a peaceful country. What they did is shame. They have the right to protest, but not ruin it it by burning, hurting the police breaking the law. They truly deserve punishment.

  544. Yes I do about time these criminals go to jail. They aren’t protesters they are violent criminals. Also anyone making threats to kill or blow up the White House should also arrested and charged joking or not

  545. I absolutely agree. These people that were rioting need to grow up and get over their loss. Others had to do it for the last 8 yrs, and we didn’t do any rioting about it.
    We don’t always get our way in life so you just have to deal with it and move on. Not destroy other’s property. I am sure they would be blowing a gasket if someone was destroying their property.

  546. Hell ryes I support punishing them. There is no excuse for their rioting behaviors. Fines and prison sentences are overdue. George Soros and his son should also be punished as they are encouraging this behavior. He should not be immune to prosecution. Throw the book at all of those involved. The

  547. This is a given! These thugs probably didn’t even vote. They saw a chance to riot and maybe get some “trophys” from their thug action. Lock them up!!!!

  548. I agree they should be punished and fined for the damage and assaulting of the Police Officials.

  549. I totally agree with them being prosecuted. They change who they are when they change from ‘Peaceful Protesters’ to ‘Rioting Lunatics’ that have little to no regard for lives and properties they harm. Whenever protesters start out by hiding behind masks etc. it’s time to hook them up and haul them off so that the peaceful protesters voices can be heard.

  550. Pay for damages and serve time for police assaults

  551. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Throw away the key !

  552. I am so happy to hear they will be prosecuted! We have to stand up to ALL terrorist, and I consider them terrorist!

  553. Some people are just plain dumb. Peaceful protests are a fundamental right in America and I support the rights of individuals to join others in peaceful protests against the government. Our government is corrupt and there should be protests. The fact that we have a corrupt government doesn’t give protesters the right to vandalize other citizens property or commit arson or assault other citizens and the police.

    I don’t agree with the snowflakes who are protesting against Trump but they certainly have the right to get together and express their opinions peacefully which they did àccording to most media accounts. But the ones who rioted the day before should do jail time.

  554. The poor fella who took 3 pictures inside of an outdated submarine. So the ritoters shouldn be overlooked??? And Madonna makes speech saying she was thinking of blowing up the White House. Treason??!

  555. If they actually do get time, I support it totally. Where do these people get off on destroying property and hurting others because they didn’t get their little pansy ways. Throw them in with hardened criminals and let the chips fall where they may. I’m 70 years old and never in my life have I seen such trash and I’m not talking about the garbage thrown on the street. Back in the day they probably would have been shot on site and nobody would have given a damn. Shame we can’t do that now.

  556. Prosecute to fullest extent of the law

  557. YESSSS!!!!!

  558. Fist off win that is going on there are considered terrorist and should be treated as such .


  560. they should be prosecuted to the fullest intent of the law.

  561. Peaceful protest is one thing…Destroying property, and assaulting civilians, police etc. is another. I find it ironic that they run around holding signs that say “Love Trumps Hate”, and yet they are the most hate filled, violent mobs I’ve seen.. such hypocrites. I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is America, not Iran.

  562. Yes, these people should be punished to the full extent of the law.

  563. I think the punishment should be more and restatuion for damage.

  564. They should have been shot for rioting end of story.

  565. Yes they should be prosecuted. Just letting them go just encourages the violence and destruction. I feel that some of them are
    getting paid to cause chaos.

  566. Yes. Yes yes……give stiffer pentalties and fines. Maybe the word will spread and change some peoples minds about destruction of property.

  567. Absolutely Yes! Throw the book at them! Harm punishment will deter crime.

  568. Yes i agree. It is about time. Maybenif there is a punishment behind their crimes, they will thing twice about destroying other peoples property.

  569. It’s about time people realize destroying other people’s property is a crime. Every one of them deserve to spend time in jail and LARGE finds like your imposing on them. And if there family is on welfare that also should be taken away from them. Maybe next time if there family suffers also thy will think twice before letting there idiot kids got do this kind of distruction.

  570. Absolutely refreshing and way overdue.
    The Women’s march, (although i have no clue why it was staged, and didn’t hear a consistent reason for it), was conducted peacefully, although some of the signs i saw were pretty vulgar. The thugs in this as well as the rest of the riots that have occurred across the nation, are not doing anything except exercising their destructive idiocy. They accomplish nothing possitive, and they detract from any legitimate demonstration or protest. They break the law, and until this incident, it seems they do so with impunity. It is high time they paid the consequences for the crimes they so boldly commit. Bravo for the Law Enforcement people who ran these worthless thugs in, and Bravo to the Federal Prosecutor who has pledged to prosecute these thugs to the full extent of the law.

  571. I support the police in this matter.

  572. Charge them to the fullest extent of the law!

  573. It’s about time they get what they deserve,no one has the right to destroy anyone else’s property and they should pay for the damage the made

  574. Definitely. As Baretta used to say “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” Or actions have consequences. They did the crime, now its time for the consequences.

  575. Of course , the only thing guarnteed is free speech , anything more , ooops , is not free , lol gd job finally

  576. Totally agree! Wishing they had arrested those that thought it was funny to light girl’s hair in fire, pick fights with Trump Supporters and that threw “liquid” on people walking into Insugural Ball… However, this is better than nothing! They deserved to be arrested & charged!!

  577. Yes I do support the outcome and the justice served, personally I think they’ll get off easy.


    they threatened our president plus doing the damage to the stores and cars plusassulted our officers.they should go to prison for any of these things

  579. Nancy Schobert Bates

    Yes the rioters that did not just March and were distructive. Should all. Be arrested , charged with felonies and if ANY are on public assistance of any kind …their benefits should immediately be DENIED

  580. Yes I do!! It is one thing to protest peacefully but another to destroy property and endanger lives of others including police.

  581. Yes I support it

  582. I support it.

  583. I absolutely approve. Why should the non-violent public have to pay the bill for their rioting. breaking windows, setting fires, injuring police and other public members. I hope they get the fullest extent of the law.

  584. They got what they asked for .They wanted to be noticed so there . Don’t let them wiggle out of their punishmet

  585. Don’t let them wiggle out of their punishment .

  586. Yes all people involved should be paying for cleaning up and repairs they showed their behind s . Some say they did to be on t.v. how studip is that

  587. They deserve every bit they got coming

  588. Yes I support the charges. In my opinion, they are the correct charges brought against them. They are not protesters, they are thug criminals. Good Job!

  589. Justice has been served….keep up the good work.

  590. Yes it is time that blacks in this country understand that its not the American way to smash windows and steal merchandise just because you have a protest. Just because Obama turned his head, doesn’t mean the rest of Americans will.

  591. YES They deserve what they get. Long enough has the criminal broken the law and expected no punishment . There were enough cameras to show who did and didn’t do wrong.

  592. Rioting is domestic terrorism and those who choose to participate in criminal activity must be held accountable. If not, riots will only continue to get worse and potentially lead to more diar consequences. Destruction of property is a crime. Physical abuse toward fellow humans is a crime. Riotous activity should not be tolerated.

  593. Prosecute the SOBs. They need to pay for what they did. Break the Law pay the price

  594. This is long overdue and I totally gree with t! Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!

  595. Absolutely, they need to be treated as domestic terrorists.

  596. I pray they make models out of them so hopefully the rest if the idiots will get an awakening! I only pray! Thank you to our police that they are able to do their jobs now. Thank you President Trump!

  597. Lock all of their liberal moron asses up. They deserve everything they get!!

  598. Yes, that is what they deserve! I was there that day, I was going to watch the parade in the enclosed area, but when I saw guys with masks on, and then one got chased by a service officer, I decided to get the heck out of Dodge, intimidating people is not cool! Civilized societies do not put up with that type of behavior.

  599. i dont know why this has not been done in past roits they deserve every thing you can giv them

  600. I definitely believe they should be prosecuted and pay for their crimes. Vandalism is a crime. I am glad to see something done about this problem that is getting out of hand in America.

  601. I think they should also be arrested for threatenti g the President of the United States Life. They were trying to get to him to do him harm!!’

  602. These people need imprisoned!

  603. I think it is only fair. You can’t break the law and not be punished.

  604. I absolutely support it! I always wondered why this hadn’t happened sooner. There should be no exceptions made for law breakers. They deserve a just punishment for their illegal actions!

  605. I am an American citizen that agrees with the punishment of all rioters that destroy property or hurt people. They should also be prosecuted for burning our flag that my family has fought for. I believe instead of building more jails and prisons they should be put in the military and sent to the front lines where they can kill and destroy people who deserve their hate and anger. Why should some angry person get away with destroying property that may have taken someone years to obtain.
    It is way past time, 8 years in fact, that this kind of action should have been taken.


  606. Absolutely! They are breaking the law and need to find out what happens to law breakers. What makes them so special that they can ignore the law?

  607. I think they all need at least one year jail time and $50K fine.

  608. Yes , its time they are forced to respect the laws and learn proper protocols.

  609. Yes they shouldn’t get away with it.

  610. If these people are given prison sentences, those who look up to them as heroes will see them in a new light. Chances are their fans will have forgotten all about them and will have moved on to some new college fad long before these people are released. Then they will be felons for the rest of their lives, a terrible price to pay. May others observe this and think twice about rioting. There is much to do to get this country back on track, and we have no time to waste dealing with those who choose to express their opinions through vandalism and violence.

  611. Book them. Fine them. Lock them up. Make them take an etiquette course.

  612. They deserve this.

  613. Yes, these rioters need to pay for all the damage done and serve years in prison. While in prison they need to be placed on a chain gang and be forced to clean up their mess. Others thinking that rioting and destroying property is fun just may think twice before engaging in such activity.

  614. Yes I do agree with this something has to be done about this rioting and causing damage to property and attacking the police officers. There has to be consequences

  615. It is about time that the law has stepped up and taken a hand in this type of behavior. For the last administration to condon the lawlessness and encourage people to thumb their noses at the law and destroy property of others and get away with it……I like what has shown up just a couple of days after the new administration took hold! Boy….are some people really going to be pissed off. YEEEE-HAWW !!

  616. If they have a mask on they should go to jail for a long time

  617. Elizabeth Monteagudo

    Abdolutely, I totally support this, so it will put an end to this mad behavior and lawlessness!!!!!

    There’s simply no excuse for people to act in such a destructive and violent manner and imposing this punishment then they’ll think twice before they go and destroy public and private property.

  618. They broke the law and were lawfully arrested and the DA has decided on the charges they will be tried for. They got exactly what they asked for so I am okay with that. Hopefully all the insurance company’s that will have to pay to make the repairs will be at the trials to ask for firm retribution and punishment.

  619. I am ESTATIC that something is FINALLY being done with these violent felons!

  620. Yes, I do believe they should be made accountable for their actions. We NEVER saw this kind of violence & rioting when Obama was made President…Trump wants to make America great again & these idiots want to destroy him for it?? What are they thinking?? They all need to get a LIFE!!!!

  621. Yes they should be punished for what they did! Not right what they did. They can’t expect to cause all this trouble and hurt police officers and destory private property without paying for what they did! Need to set example that this will not be tolerated ! They should have to pay for their conduct!!!

  622. This is a start. Lack of accountability in our society today is the reason our country faces the struggles we see today.
    It started when we allowed Corporal punishment to be taken out of our schools. Students learned there was no reason to fear the teachers. Did we really expect kids to be afraid of detention or expulsion?
    Then we let government interfere with the pledge of allegiance and students learned that patriotism was unimportant.
    Along the way we as a society decided that all kids should be rewarded for their effort. Trophies for everyone, kids learned that it didn’t matter how hard they tried the reward was going to be the same.
    The result? A couple of decades after we lose Corporal punishment we have a generation of pathetic cry babies descending upon the workforce and what do they find? They discover that they were lied to all along they actually have to put forth some effort in order to be recognized and be rewarded.
    As a parent I understand the impulse to protect our children from everything we can. But, as a parent I can also say that it is not always best. Our youth has to learn the hard lessons early when the consequences are small. An example would be how to deal with bullies. In grade school it is better to get in a couple of fights , (worst case a bloody nose) than to be completely sheltered until they are an adult and don’t know how to deal with the threat,and they either become the victim of a more serious assault or loose their mind and go postal and bring a gun to work and start shooting people.
    Point is learning how to be accountable for our decisions/actions at an early age is the key to correcting the path of our society. It is up to parents to instill the moral compass in their children that will guide society. We also need to learn how to accept other people’s opinions even if we don’t agree with them. But that is a whole other soap box.

  623. Absolutely, I support fining and especially imprissonment for a significant time so they can think about consequences of they actions.

  624. I think that all who disrespected our President and destroyed anything should be held accountable for there actions!

  625. Kathleen Donnelly

    It is about time!! These were paid performers, not legit protesters. Protesters are out to sway public opinion. Time spent in jail is time not spent fulfilling their purpose
    We al know G. Soros is behind all this. His purpose is to create so much chaos that the government collapses, & martial law is needed. Then, the “New World Order” can come to fruition.
    Sound crazy? I thought so, too. Then, I checked it out.

  626. Absolutely doing the right thing by upholding peace and law. I would expect nothing less. They were out of control , so law has to control out of control people .simple, don’t make it complicated .I would expect to be arrested for these acts.

  627. I definitely think they should get prison time! If they don’t, there will be more of this sort of thing. It has to be stopped now before things get any worse.

  628. You got it…

  629. You bet I support them getting put away. They thought they could get away with it bc they were backed by who ever paid them. Also bc the majority of the blacks in other cities have gotten away with it. I think anytime people are rioting and destroying property they should be thrown in jail. Then maybe it will stop.

  630. Yes I agree for the punishment. Riots of such magnitude in no way represent the vast protestors. The freedom to assemble and protest differences is a right. To destroy stand on freeways is a scene that is not a right.
    I pray for Americans to realize we the people have become divided now is time to unite and grow together. I pray President Trump to be blessed in all the great he does and wishes to do for America and her people.

  631. Fed up with destructive behavior

    It’s about time people were arrested for rioting. The last administration did nothing but practically praise people for this behavior. Let’s hope this administration stays tough. People need to respect other people and their property, not loot, burn and harm people.

  632. They deserve that punishment let them know they broke the law

  633. I think they all should get the max punishment because it was all uncalled damage and I would find out who paid them or the one that started it all

  634. Yes i do theres a difference in protesting and rioting. Trump supporters wouldnt have done that. If they dont wanna be herr move

  635. Yes they should be punished n justice should be served..

  636. For decades I have heard that rioting is ‘sexy.’ Sexy or not, when did it NOT become a crime to destroy the property of another? Clearly, it IS a crime to destroy the property of another. What happened to the simple, easily understood values of the American people? Those values that I grew up with and the majority of Americans honored? Abuse of power. Power corrupts. My father was working on a construction project in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The Japanese bombed Dutch Harbor on their way to Pearl Harbor. The powers that be in Washington, D.C. ignored the SOS messages from Alaska and did nothing to prevent the carnage that followed. My father said the U.S.saw a way to get into the war – world War II to be exact.

    The American People have ALWAYS paid the price… and always will.

    I was a young adult when observing that the media ‘looked the other way’ rather than reveal and condemn J.F.K.’s affairs. Why have we forgiven Bill Clinton’s lies, affairs and cover-ups? We have been the ‘victims’ of corruption at every level. Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

    As well-intentioned as our new President is, will he be able to ‘drain the swamp.’ Of course not.
    But if given the chance, he will try.

  637. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve read something that’s good —- If it Happens !
    I hope they all go to Jail. But they probably won’t.!

  638. It’s about time these people got punished.

    Freedom of speech and peaceful demonstrations are one thing. Destroying property that doesn’t belong to you, not to mention endangering lives of police and others should be a punishable offense

  639. Good job! They will be duly punished for breaking the law!!!!

  640. Yes! True Americans and Christians should support their new President no matter how they voted. God Bless America and President Trump!

  641. You have the right to protested but not the right to destory others property. You chose to destroy or harm police you deserve to be held accountable 😡

  642. All I I can say is it’s about time!!!

  643. No matter what they are protesting, if they are violent and attacking anyone, destroying property or causing harm in any way, shape or form, they deserve the harshest punishment that the law can impose on them.

  644. That’s the way it should be! Protesting doesn’t give anyone the right to harm others or other people’s property! They can. E seen and heard without resorting to distruction. I’m surprised this has be allowed for the past 8 years!

  645. I am ABSOLITELY, TOTALLY WITHOUT RESERVATION, in agreement with these legal consequences. This has to be squelched NOW or it will become the norm. It seems too many do not have a conscience that speaks to common decency, so if this needs to be imprinted in their minds, do so. Then, maybe the heart will learn to beat to a different drum!

  646. YES, bring back law and order. Protest without property or bodily damage.

  647. I think the rioting in the past 3 years was either sanctioned by Obama or he refused to charge at any time any of the rioting, no matter what it pertained to. As they have said before, “there’s a new sherif in town and his name is Trump. He doesn’t stand for rioting.” Let the punishment fit the crime.

  648. The rioters deserve fullest extent of of punishment afforded by law since the rioting by each was a personal choice and they each should be accountable to the laws governing their actions.
    if you choose to destroy other peoples property.,you shoulder pay for replacement and take punishment afforded by the laws

  649. It’s about time that these violent protester get the punishment that they deserve. I agree with charging them with a felony. After all, what they did is a felony crime and they should serve time and fines for what they did.

  650. Through the book at them.

  651. It about time There is no need for this kind of trouble in the US a.

  652. I agree, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. assaulting a police officer should never be accepted, neither should destroying others property.

  653. Good they deserved every bit coming to them acting like spoiled immature brats and distroying other people property. Give them the max sentence and make an example out of them. This has to stop. This younger generation are ruining things for others.

    God bless America and president Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  654. Support it? I would have helped put them in police cars if I could have been there.

  655. Since Osama Obama the gutless traitor and his cronies in DOJ no longer control this country, these pieces of scum will get their just dues. We finally have someone who will enforce the laws of this grew country and not worry whether it is politically correct or not.

  656. We are allowed to peacefully protest in this country but anarchy is very dangerous and can lead to death.These actions should never ever be undertook by anyone and not face the full consequences of the law.criminality must be punished to deter this kind of behavior in the future.

  657. Yes we do not need this type of behavior in the USA. It is not good for our country. Bring back law and order

  658. Absolutely agree! These trouble makers have gotten away with this type activity for wayyyyy too long!

  659. Definitely Agree

  660. Yes, peaceful protesting I can support, but what these people did was not protesting, nor is what they did freedom of speech. They were terrorist and should be treated in that manner.

    Also, the Hollywood stars that incited this should be charged and fined,for it as well.

  661. They all deserve prison time. So many people got away with things like this when Obama was in office, but it is time to end any tolerance for this type of behavior. I hope they get the maximum penalty, so that others planning to duplicate this behavior will think twice.

  662. Definitely. If the rioters and wild demonstrators hear of this, maybe it will deter some of the senseless mess that’s been going on. This is not “freedom of speech” but outright uncontrolled tantrums of those not getting their way.

  663. Hell yes they all should be charged with domestic terrorism. It’s no wonder children today act the same way. That 10 year old boy should also be punished with juvenile jail for a couple weeks and follow up with community cleanups.

  664. It’s a new day in America. Hooray !!

  665. Their fines hopefully will go to the people that suffered monetary losses

  666. It’s about time…make an example of them!

  667. Sentence them; throw away the key.

  668. Yes I agree they should be punished. If I had attacked the police , started fires, And destroyed property. I would be in jail. They deserve to go to jail and be fined

  669. I totally agree if you are fighting Police Officers and destroying property you are committing a felony. So it is time to serve the time! Get some of the nuts off the street!

  670. Like the old saw says: “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the time.” You are NOT immune to prosecution because of being young and stupid.

  671. So glad they are. Arresting violent protestors and fining them. $ back for the police and homeland security. Safer Streets for all

  672. Safer Streets. Bad guys in jail. Make them go to Anger Management Classes

  673. I’m in agreement that they are dangerous to everyone. Burning Cars, destroying property and attacking the law enforcment is terrorist attacks and so charge them accordingly. This needs to stop. LOCK them up and make them pay for the damage.

  674. Yes all of them should serve time arrested for a felony . At least 60 days , this will help curve disruption.

  675. Yes supportthis. If u destoy things the u should arrested. We need to the a stand. This out of control. Now go thur with the charges.

  676. They absolutely should be arrested and charged for this needless destruction and assault on officers!!

  677. Yes they deserve to be arrested and prosecuted. Thus should have all ready been happening the past years

  678. Oh, YES I DO!!! It is about time these stinking people pay for what they are doing. Don’t forget to END their welfare and food stamps, too! NOW, go out and put Madonna in the slammer, too!!!

  679. LOCK them up!…Punish them with out food & water for 30 days at a time!

  680. Enforce the laws. Yes they should be held accountable.

  681. Charge them and no plea deals !

  682. It’s about time these punks suffer the consequences of their actions, most of them probably never have because of the bleeding heart liberals. So don’t let them walk away free and clear.

  683. Yes, they deserve that punishment and I hope they stick it to everyone of them. They need to grow up and quit acting like spoiled brats. Hope they all get the maximum punishment.

  684. Yes! They should go to prison for rioting!!!

  685. Yes, they all should be punished to the fulledt extent of the law.

  686. I think that it is the only thing to do. If you keep letting people get away with this kind of destruction,where will it end? It will just keep getting worse and worse because of no consequences. In the end, nobody wins.

  687. I do ‘ I’m so tired of this shit . Follow the law that we have ‘ the’re, there all you have to do is enforce them

  688. Bout time with these idiots rioting and destroy property, they need to learn respect with hitting their pockets and time in jail. Want to riot go to jail

  689. I’m glad there going to be held accountable!!!! If you’re going to protest it should be done peacefully, violence should never be condoned. It seems like protests always end in violence, why??? It confuses me!!

  690. I think they should be heavily fined and given a jail sentence. Make them learn that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated in America.

  691. Lock them up and throw away the key! It’s well past time to stop this Liberal temper tantrum like a bunch of 5 yrs Olds! It is not ok to destroy other people’s property in the name of protesting! It’s called vandalism!

  692. I was wondering if any of the so called protestors, rioters, would be arrested. Am happy to see that many of them were. They should be charged and made to be pay for the damages they did. They should get the maximum jail time allowed by law and appropriate fines. Kudos to our DC Police.

  693. it’s about time, criminals should be arrested with jail time and fined and pay for all damage cost.