Israel Withdraws Millions Out Of UN Funding After Anti-Settlement Vote!

Israel is not having it; let we tell you. Greatly unpleased with the overwhelming criticism in the United Nations from countries that hold absolutely no idea of what a human right is, America’s most adequate ally in the Middle East is withdrawing its contributions to the United National budget as a rebellion against a Security Council resolution the Obama administration let to pass.

This is how the elaboration got put in order for any sane person to get it “It is unreasonable for Israel to fund bodies that operate against us at the UN,” Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon stated in an on Sunday, according to the Times of Israel.

“We seek to stop the practice where the UN is used solely as a forum for unending attacks against Israel.”

Every country that is not blind of liberal domination will know the drill with this one. There isn’t a perfect country, naturally, but when a country like Saudi Arabia, which prohibits building churches and at times punishes Christians solely for their faith, heads the UN’s Council on Human Rights, Israel has every right to point out and act on the hypocrisy.

When the betrayal of the Obama administration came to be, condemning Israel for building new housing for Jews even parts of Jerusalem, Israel got to the point of even lesser will to work with the UN, and not mention give it even a penny.

Luckily, there is a bit sunshine in the cards soon for Jewish state, particularly in its relations with the United States. Not only for the fact that President-elect Donald Trump is the greatest supporter of Israel, the U.S. House of Representatives voted last week to condemn the Security Council resolution with an unprecedented 342-80 vote (with technically all of the opposite vote being from Democrats.)

We should mention that the U.N. Israel’s share of the U.N. budget is about $40 million wasn’t cut off completely, according to the Times of Israel, so the $6 million is quite the bul.

Put differently, it’s an expected revolt, by a sane and respected country, against the tyrants the Obama administration has all the time sided with for the two mandates.

As reported by Reuters, Israel has more U.N. revolted protest plans waiting to happen after Trump is sworn into office on Jan. 20. There is quite a chance that once Israel’s American ally has a new president, those plans might get canceled.

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