Japanese Leader Just Met With Donald Trump And He Treated Him Different Than Obama!

If we can cherry pick the most annoying and pathetic thing regarding President Obama is the manner in which he is speaking about America overseas.

“Apology tour” is the adjective phrase concise enough to describe his quest over the past eight years where he goes around apologizing to other countries for all the outrageous things America has done since its conception.

Basically Obama cares more for the image we leave to irrelevant, to our well being, countries than doing the best thing for us.

For that Americans failed to applaud President Obama bowed to the emperor of Japan.

Take a look at the bow.

Now take a look at the reaction of the president of Japan to Trump’s victory.

As you can conclude from observing this, there is no bowing in sight.

What matters here is the respect that Japan has already expressed to Trump, without taking the bowing into account.


More to the fact, there are so many countries that came forward and said nice things about Trump and his success.

One thing is sure here Donald Trump is going to be a beast regarding foreign policy! And he will, most certainly, gain back the lost respect over the past eight years.

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Source: Young Cons