Jason Chaffetz Will Be Saying ‘Goodbye’ To Congress Next Month

The website Politico reported that the Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz is about to officially announce on Thursday that he will be quitting the job before the congressional mandate actually ends, as it was learned by three sources that are informed of his plans.

Neither on Wednesday evening, nor on Thursday morning had Chaffetz wanted to respond the media demanding him to give remarks. Several sources assert that the Utah Representative will departure from his position on June 30.

The 50-year-old Chaffetz sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is the highest investigative body in the chamber. Lately, he summoned former FBI Director James Comey’s notes with subpoena, and called him to testify the next week before his panel.

Politico was told by Jason Chaffetz that the previous month he had started searching for a job outside the Congress. According to multiple sources in the Capitol, Chaffetz told his colleagues that he will take part on Fox News.

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