JUST IN: This Is The Whole List Of Line-Up Performers At The Trump’s Inauguration!

It has been reported that President-elect Donald Trump has had quite the difficulty to get performers for the inauguration, due to some artist like Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion turning him down because of their liberal background. Trump on the other hand stated it wasn’t Hollywood performers he wanted anyhow.

He is satisfied with the loving people being there at that is all we should focus on! However, President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural parade will be consisted of over 8,000 participants and 40 organizations, Boris Epshteyn, director of communications for the inaugural committee stated for Fox News.


Epshteyn stated the participants represent “the truly best of America.” He mentioned they hold in their rows representatives from the New York police department and the military too. Numerous veterans service organizations will also be included in the parade, as the The Hill reported.

Epshteyn segued to mention that it wasn’t a “summer jam concert” or Woodstock. The following are some of the performers that will appear: The Rockettes, all of whom will be volunteers, after others refused to perform. The Talledega Marching Tornadoes from the historically black Talledega College. Jackie Evancho, whose sales went up after she announced she would be attending.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Several different groups include a cross section in which number of college and high school bands, US Border Patrol Pipes & Drums, NYPD Emerald Society Pipes & Drums. We don’t need Hollywood, when we have the rest of America!

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  1. Could not be PROUDER of MY PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!!!!! For once in a long time the Inauguration and the White House in general will represent who we the” NOBODY Americans” really are and who we admire. It is NOT HOLLYWOOD and their crazy NARCISSISTIC, insatiable desire to always be in the spotlight and want to control and comment on everything in their sphere including politics which they have NO idea what Americans and real people want or represent. They have played roles being so many other people than who they are, that the real person they may have been does NOT exist anymore. We do not need role players in Washington, we need REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS TELL IT LIKE IT IS people… Thank you, Mr President, for taking them on. They do feel they are invincible!!!! It illudes me why their opinions matter, they have not helped Americans one bit, they are” entertainment” in the TV box and can be turned off.

  2. Go!!!!!!! Mr President……… I live near HOLLYWOOD and they are as phoney as can be imagined. Everything they do is to impress the audience, they are not even real people understanding real AMERICANS . They gave up being a real person with substanative ideas when they decided to play being every other person in the universe rather than themselves. They are simply entertainment and thats it. They have no idea of reality or of the reality the majority of us face on a daily basis. So ignore them and their numerous parties where they hold award shows to only congratulate themselves and tell each other how wonderful they are……… REALLY?????? Could not be happier that they have met someone who will take them on and decide they are not as necessary as they think they are to be present at EVERY PLACE THERE IS A TV camera or a MEDIA PERSON TO GIVE THEM VOICE. Thanks again

  3. No people living in a bubble, only real people!!! I love it!

  4. No people living in a bubble, only real people!!! I love it!

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