Mattis With A Bombshell On Obama

Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated that former president Barack Obama is mainly to be blamed as to why our American military is having a very hard time protection our nation.

According to a report posted by the Government Accountability Office, “The result of the current state of readiness is that military forces are not strong enough to protect vital U.S. national security interests from worldwide threats.”

Dennis Michael Lynch stated, “These are not small threats either; they include North Korea’s continued insistence on building a nuclear weapons program and Russia’s push into western Europe. Other than readiness, the GAO reports highlights for other areas of concern for the U.S. Military: threats in cyberspace, escalating costs of weapons and health care, and better management of its people and business practices.”

The report itself hints that the fact that our military was involved since 2001 in the Middle East, we have force our military. In addition, it suggests that a 2013 budget reduce by Trump’s predecessor not agreeing with Congress on a national budget has been a major reason to blame.

Mattis delivered this information on the meeting with Congress, stating, “No enemy in the field has done more to harm the readiness of our military than sequestration.”

Due to the budget reduces, the Air Force, can only field less than 50 percent of its forces. In effort to preserve full force more than 1,500 more pilots and 3,400 aircraft maintainers are required to help keep things running in an energetic way.
The Navy and Marines are dealing with comparable issues.

All of this can be blamed on one person, Barack Obama, selfishly could not agree to terms with Congress.

It’s frightening that he had let this to take place and that he did not concentrate on the much larger issues we could deal with in the future because of his lack of leadership.