BUSTED! McCain Caught Wearing Medical Walking Boot On Uninjured Leg

A wedding photo shows that John McCain could be faking his injury. In his Twitter post, John McCain poses for a wedding photo with the boot on his left foot:

All other photos of the injured senator shows him with the boot on his right foot:

Reddit user gregorio74 did an analysis on the photos:

In the seated picture:
The boot is on his left leg.
He is wearing a pin on his lapel, which always goes on the left side.
The buttons on his dress shirt are on the right side of his shirt, which is where the buttons always are on men’s shirts.
His wife is wearing her wedding ring on her left hand, as expected.
His right hand does not have a wedding ring on, as expected (if it were a mirrored image it would).
This image is not reversed.

In the standing picture:
The boot is on his right foot.
The buttons on his jacket are on his right side, as they always are on a men’s jacket.
McCain always wears his wedding ring. Notice his right hand has no ring on it, as expected. If the image had been reversed, then that would be his left hand and it should have his wedding ring on it.
This image is not reversed.

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