Only Several Weeks In The White House And Trump Managed To DO THIS – He’s SIMPLY AMAZING

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to build a wall that would stretch on the southern border and that he would cut illegal immigration. Just few months after he was inaugurated, and he already decreased the number of immigrants entering US, without even starting to build of the wall.

Perfect example for this is the Haitians seeking to get inside United States illegally. After half a year of humanitarian pause, former administration stated deporting Haitians, but ever since Trump took office, there is an even stronger policy.

Thousands of them are stuck in South American countries like Brazil and Chile. They were about to head north, but they got really bad news. So now, the number of immigrants at the migrant camps is decreasing.

Ever since President Donald Trump took office in January, the number of these immigrants seeking to enter our country dropped by 97 percent.

Joe Kasper said, “The fact that these numbers are not just down, but so significantly reduced, is a direct credit to the Trump administration. It shows what a message of enforcement first signals to the rest of the world and the extent to which the Obama administration’s policies were a problem.”

This is wonderful news for the current administration and for everybody else who takes the sovereignty of our nation seriously.

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