Breaking! DOJ Disassembled The Transgender Bathroom Rules


Segueing after the fact that Jeff Sessions has officially been confirmed as Attorney General, he is now able to start using the Justice Department for some positive deeds. What is the DoJ’s priority move? To start off utterly disregarding the transgender bathrooms rules that were set by the Obama administration. …

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Ben Carson Drops Explanation On Gender Identity!

Ben Carson doesn’t hold himself from saying whatever comes to his mind. His words are always corresponding with his thoughts and beliefs. In an interview, Katie Couric asked the neurosurgeon about his opinion on gender identity. So, you don’t have to be a doctor to differ men from women. It’s …

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Look What Obama’s Professor Has Just Said !

TMZ accidently met a professor who taught Barack and Michele Obama, and asked him several question. His response went wild on the internet and shocked the whole nation. The constitutional law professor from Harvard, Charles Ogletree taught both Michelle and Barack Obama, and he said that Michelle was the star …

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Bernie Sanders Humiliated CNN – They Have Instantly Cut Him Off

On Friday, in an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Bernie Sanders facetiously called CNN “fake news,” and was instantly cut off the program. Geez! This occurred when a video was shown to Sanders where Donald Trump denies that he has heard of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s supposed talks with …

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A Petition Has Been Released So George Soros Can Be Arrested

A White House petition has been made so an International Arrest Warrant can be issued for billionaire George Soros. For only a couple of weeks the petition has received around 11,500 signatures. Even though the numbers are pretty huge, it still needs about 88,500 signatures by February 20, 2017 to …

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Donald Trump: ‘Our Legal System Is Broken’


President Donald Trump went on Twitter early Saturday morning to make quite the statement about his attacks the judiciary, saying that “our legal system is broken.” Our legal system is broken! "77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries." (WT) SO DANGEROUS! — Donald …

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