Sean Hannity Breaks Down On Twitter

Sean Hannity is nothing but a legend in the media industry and a very respectful and honorable man. He is so good that he bothers the leftists so everything they do and every action they take has only one purpose – to undermine him and lower his ratings.

You know how the liberals eat everything you serve them, so they big heads hooked onto the liberal media to make fake stories about him in order to bring him down. But that’s wrong on so many levels. Hannity earned his respect among the viewers and the fans by himself, so now he is part of the media elite.

When he began in this industry it was tough, but he worked so hard day and night to get himself on the level he is now. That’s why really people respect him; he earned his piece of bread with his own sweat. Apart from all of this, there was one guy, one man that Hannity loved, respected and honored because that man helped him a lot. That man is Roger Ailes, the founding CEO of Fox News who passed away at age of 77.

Just several hours ago, Sean Hannity took to Twitter to express his emotions and how hard he handles his long-time friend’s death.

In a series of tweets he even delivered a strict warning towards the liberal media.

Judging from the way he expressed his feelings on social media, Hannity seems broken down and he handles the news pretty hard. We are deeply sorry too to hear the news but life goes on.

Just like you, we hope that the mainstream media will show some respect and will finally show some classiness, even though we doubt that but it is worth a try.

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