Terrifying Footage that needs to alarm the WEST: Is Beijing preparing for WAR?

No less than 10 ships and 10 jets did combat run training in Bohai Sea close to Korea.

Missiles blasted from China’s Soviet-built aircraft carrier during live-fire drills brings some tensions into the picture with US over military base on islands in South China Sea.

Beijing has begun its first ever live-fire drills using an aircraft carrier and fighter jets amid tensions over a military base on artificial islands in the South China Sea.

No less than 10 vessels and 10 aircraft engaged in combat training and fired guided missiles in the northeastern Bohai Sea close to Korea.

China’s constantly blooming military presence in the disputed South China Sea has triggered concerns with the US pointing out the negativities of its militarisation of maritime outposts and holding regular air and naval patrols to ensure freedom of navigation.

There is not a single country that claims in China’s hectic waterway of the Bohai Sea, but the drills come to bring new inconveniences over self-ruled Taiwan, following US President-elect Donald Trump’s recent telephone call with the island’s president that upset Beijing.

Warships and jets engaged in air-to-air, air-to-sea and sea-to-air combat drills that showed guided missiles, as reported by state broadcaster Chinese Central Television.

‘This is the first time an aircraft carrier squadron has performed drills with live ammunition and real troops,’ it stated.

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