Terry Branstad’s Nomination Advanced By Senate – Awaiting Confirmation Next Week

On Thursday, the Senate voted to advance President Donald Trump’s nomination for ambassador to China, scheduling a confirmation vote for the next week. It is expected from the Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad to be important lieutenant to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who needed to head to China to discuss the North Korea’s nuclear weapon threats.

During the confirmation hearing, Branstad told Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “I will work tirelessly to represent America and her citizens to the best of my ability. I will champion American interests in China with as much fervor and dedication as I have championed Iowa’s interests during my more than 22 years as governor.”

His job would include getting involved on a larger range of problems with one of the biggest economies in the world. China has the biggest role as a trade partner or adversary in economic disputes. Moreover, its economy is so strong it drove a military buildup and combative foreign policy. This country declared sovereignty rights over much of the South China Sea, strengthened by making artificial islands that where military forces can be accommodated.

Trump’s pick will be working with China and its leader who he met for the first time back in 1985, when Xi Jinping went to Iowa participating in a agriculture delegation.

Branstad said, “A connection was made and a friendship was founded. To this day, President Xi still speaks fondly of Iowa and the hospitality he enjoyed there so many years ago. If confirmed, I hope to use my unique position as an “old friend” of President Xi and a trusted confidant of President Trump to positively influence the U.S.-China relationship.”

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