The United States is perhaps the greatest budget filling member of the United Nations, and at times when Democrats are all for funding the institution, many others doubt the adequate possibilities of defunding measures, and offer an alternative solution, far more applicable and that is to leave the institution.

The U.S. to this day is the largest financial contributor to the U.N., paying for, according to National Review, no less than 22 percent of the constantly operating budget, and up to 30 percent of the even more consuming peacekeeping budget. Still, after holding the facts, Democrats are certain in their belief that to oppose any defunding plans is the best solution.

However, every try to do so would fail miserably and end up hurting Republicans who would push for the measure. Andrew McCarthy, as many others, have offered a far more applicable idea and that is for the U.S. to leave the U.N. Basically, denying our annual $3 billion payment would achieve almost nothing. Defunding measures are not sustainable no matter what the U.N. does. On top of that almost every other U.N. official are just as “progressive” as any other obnoxious liberal.

Even without that, the humanitarian aspect sucks too. The U.S. is directly through the U.N. supporting principle narrative far from those we stand for here. The elitist pro-Islamic and never rational deals in the organization should be a reason enough to leave. So why bother pouring enormous amounts of money into the worst and most irrelevant and ineffective organization that lost its purpose altogether?

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