‘They are not happening’! Trump Just EXPOSED North Korea’s And China’s TRUE INTENTIONS! HE will NOT LET THEM HAPPEN!

As every single year, this one too, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un delivers a New Year’s address for the whole nation to hear.

The reason you wasn’t aware of this before now it is because President Obama has disregarded it on purpose.
But our new leader, Donald Trump is nothing like Barack Obama, thank Goodness. Instead being diplomatically correct and unwilling to subscribe to a conformist way of leading foreign affairs Trump addressed Kim Jong Un on Twitter, hater suck it up!

Kim Jong Un mentioned that his nation’s intercontinental ballistic missile program was almost done. And to that Trump didn’t stay silent!

Naturally, the same ones that dared to call the themselves able to predict that Hillary Clinton would become our president, and that a Trump triumph would mean, the stock market plugging, made obnoxious nots on Trump’s tweets, yet again.

The other side of the spectrum, Obama’s full blown ignoring the situation in North Korea failed to make America securer, or how did it turn out for the millions of people there who are literally starving to death under his rule? Pathetic people everywhere.

We sure hope the Trump’s lack off diplomatic correctness will end up revealing North Korea’s true colors regarding the belligerent boasts. This scenario is lookalike to one of Ronald Reagan’s call for the Soviet Union to “tear down” the Berlin Wall. Then, all the self titled experts said Reagan was risking World War III by delivering that particular speech. How did that turned out? Remember history always repeats itself!

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