Trey Of Pelosi: ‘She Is Mind-Numbingly Stupid’

Trey Gowdy works day and night for conservatives in this country and he has achieved so much until now, and there is yet to come more. Leftist in America are at a stage at the moment where it is dangerous for conservatives to practice their politics.

Just take a look at what the crazy liberals are doing to the First Family. They are literally standing there waiting for an opportunity to undermine them and get them out of the White House.

Moreover, there are some Democratic leaders that are interfering, like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who are ordering the mainstream media to make Trumps seem like they are destroying America.

But, it seems like they forgot about the past eight years, it was hell. Former president Barack Obama tried everything to change this country.

But Trey Gowdy will never let them forget what Barry did. He even appeared on Fox News and unloaded on Nancy Pelosi, calling her out of her lies. Take a look at the video below, even though it is old.

Gowdy said that the democrat is “mind-numbingly stupid.” She has proven so many times that she is not capable of leading, and what’s scarier, she is danger to lots of people in this country.

Conservatives were always aware that this woman is an absolute fraud. However, leftists still think that she is doing a good job. She went so many times to trash President Donald Trump and President George Bush.

That’s more than a proof what kind of a politician she is. Probably she is losing her mind, considering her age.

Trey Gowdy did a good job to call her live on television. Pelosi deserves this, so she cannot do the exact same thing again.

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(h/t World Politicus)