President Trump Will Stay In One Of The Safest Hotel Rooms In Israel!

As reported by the Daily Mail, President Donald Trump’s first trip overseas will be to the complex Middle East, so naturally, security will be the main focal point for our commander in chief.

His destination number two will be Israel and the president will be staying one night in one of the safest rooms on this planet – a bomb-proof, bullet-proof, poison gas-proof $5,700-a-night hotel suite that could survive a rocket-propelled grenade or even the utter destruction of the building, NBC News reported today.

Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, will be staying at the presidential suite of the King David Hotel in central Jerusalem on Monday night

Firstly, Trump will get in Saudi Arabia on Saturday. He will be in the desert kingdom for couple of days, within which he will meet with King Salman and other Gulf leaders as well.

After that, on Monday, Trump will segue his trip and go to Israel, where he will meet the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and go around Jerusalem.

Following that, on Monday night, he will be staying at the luxurious King David Hotel in the center of Jerusalem, where his room has been specially prepared, as said by the hotel’s operations manager.

‘The presidential suites have independent air conditioning in case of a gas attack and are built to withstand a RPG [rocket-propelled grenade],’ Sheldon Ritz stated.

‘But still the US is bringing rocket-proof glass to put in front of the window.’

Ritz stated that for that night, the hotel will be made to resemble a ‘mini White House’ that is ready for any potential attack.

‘If the whole hotel blows up the suite will come down in one piece, so maybe a few broken bones, but they will be alive,’ he stated.

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