Trump’s Middle East: Saudis to Give Billions to Israel, Utterly Crush Hezbollah

When it comes to the Middle East, this is the kind of change President Donald Trump supporters have been waiting for.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, a source close to Saudi Arabia’s royal family said this week that the nation’s king, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, intends to step down next week and install his son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as his successor.

The source added that once in power, MBS (as he’s known) hopes to enlist the support of Israel to crush Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based Islamist group that acts as a proxy for Iran.

“MBS is convinced that he has to hit Iran and Hezbollah,” the source told the Daily Mail. “MBS’s plan is to start the fire in Lebanon, but he’s hoping to count on Israeli military backing. He has already promised Israel billions of dollars in direct financial aid if they agree.”

While the latter statement might sound like just an unsubstantiated rumor, even Hezbollah appears to be aware of MBS’s purported plans.

In a stunning statement late last week, Hezbollah’s secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah, accused Saudi Arabia of “inciting Israel to launch a war against Lebanon” and claimed the MBS “is ready to pay tens of billions of dollars to Israel for that,” according to the Israeli news outlet Ynetnews.

All this comes amid the skyrocketing of tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Saudi royal family specifically blames Iran for an attempt by Houthi rebels in Yemen earlier this month to strike the Saudi capital of Riyadh with a missile.

“The Coalition’s command considers the Iranian regime’s action in supplying the Houthi militias that it commands with these missiles to be a blatant violation of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions that prohibit nations from arming these militias,” the state-run Saudi Press Agency announced in a statement at the time.

By “coalition,” the agency meant the Saudi-led effort launched in 2015 to influence the ongoing Yemeni civil war in favor of Yemeni President President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.

“Further, Iran’s role and its direct command of its Houthi proxy in this matter constitutes a clear act of aggression that targets neighboring countries, and threatens peace and security in the region and globally,” the statement added.

“Therefore, the Coalition’s Command considers this a blatant act of military aggression by the Iranian regime, and could rise to be considered as an act of war against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Tensions are also on the rise between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, whose prime minister, Saad Hariri, suddenly resigned from his post earlier this month during a visit to Saudi Arabia, claiming his life was at risk because of Iran and Hezbollah.

“Speculation has swirled this week that Saudi Arabia is holding Hariri against his will after he said last Saturday in a televised address from the Saudi capital, Riyadh, that he was resigning,” CNN reported Monday.

“The remarks are likely to further rattle officials in Riyadh, who have denied forcing Hariri to resign or placing him under house arrest,” the report continued. “Hariri holds dual Lebanese-Saudi citizenship and has a residence in Riyadh.”

The BBC reported Saturday that Hariri had arrived in Paris “for talks” on the crisis sparked by his abrupt resignation. It said he would be returning to Lebanon shortly.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel continues to bloom, with Israel Defense Forces’ chief of staff Lt. General Gadi Eisenkot reportedly telling a Saudi Arabian newspaper that because of Trump’s influence, the chances of an alliance between Israel and Saudi are getting stronger, as reported by CNBC.

“With President Donald Trump, there is an opportunity for a new international alliance in the region and a major strategic plan to stop the Iranian threat,” he said. “We are ready to share intelligence (with Saudi Arabia) if necessary. There are many common interests between us.”

“Iran seeks to take control of the Middle East, creating a Shi’ite crescent from Lebanon to Iran, and then from the Gulf to the Red Sea,” he added. “We must prevent this from happening.”

Saudi Arabia openly aiding Israel? The regional Arab power taking on the anti-Amercan regime in Tehran and moving to crush the mullahs’ proxy army of terrorists in Lebanon and elsewhere?

It wouldn’t be happening if Hillary Clinton had been elected in 2016. But under the Trump administration, it appears to be happening now.

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